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Gail M.Content Writer & Marketing Manager

Gail MacLeitch Ph.D, a former academic and passionate writer, has 5 years experience as the Content Writer & Marketing Manager at Quickblox. As a writer at Quickblox, Gail actively explores new trends and emerging technologies. She has a particular interest in investigating how communication technology can enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes, as well as how digital communication can be delivered within a HIPAA framework. Similarly she explores the data privacy needs of banking and finance. Her interest in secure communications has led her to produce several blogs on this topic.

Working closely with the development team at QuickBlox, she writes about their latest product releases and helpful articles explaining the technology behind the software they build including her publications in Hackernoon.

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QuickBlox 2023 Recap

QuickBlox 2023 Recap

Gail M.
28 Dec 2023
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