Push Notifications

Friendly reminders to your customers about your service and brand

QuickBlox provides simple and powerful push notification capabilities to keep users engaged. Improve your current business processes with real-time alerts, badge counters, and notifications.

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Reach users immediately with real‑time notifications

Whether you are notifying users about upcoming appointments, discounted prices, account balances, sporting scores, or anything else, push notifications offer an effective tool to contact users directly, prompting them to action.

Keep users connected even when apps are closed

Timely alerts encourage inactive users to return to your app to access information or complete a transaction, enhancing app usage, conversion, and customer loyalty.

Deliver notifications across platforms and locations

Maximize your reach by sending timely messages to all your users regardless of which Apple or Android mobile device they use.

Ensure relevant notifications to targeted audiences

You can deliver targeted content to a specific user or an entire user group to re‑capture their interest and encourage app re‑engagement.

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Push notifications enhance your App whatever your use case

Healthcare use cases

Timely alerts contribute to more positive outcomes in healthcare.Push notifications accomplish a wide variety of tasks in telemedicine apps, reminding patients of upcoming appointments and alerting them of the availability of test results.

Push notifications allow you to provide on‑going care. Sending patients timely reminders of when they need to take medication, log their progress, or renew prescriptions help them adhere to treatment plans outside of the doctor’s office.

Banking & finance use case

Send alerts to create easy convenient banking. In addition to alerting customers of bank balances, deposits, or suspicious account activity, push notifications can guide customers through various banking transactions.

Push notifications boost customer confidence in your brand.Whether your customer is opening a bank account, applying for a loan, or setting up a commercial trade, sending personalised notifications along the way builds trust. Notifying them when steps have been completed or further action is required keeps customers informed of where they are in the process, allowing them to feel supported and making them less likely to abandon a transaction mid‑way.

E‑commerce use case

Push notifications help drive sales in E‑commerce. Strategically planned notifications help convert website visitors into active buyers. Grab their attention with attractive offers to sign up for an account, complete a purchase, or revisit your online store. Re‑engage distracted customers who have abandoned their cart with timely reminders to review and purchase.

Timely alerts improve your customer support. Keeping your customers informed, via push notifications, about purchases, cancellations, shipments, deliveries, and refunds, builds confidence in your service and makes it more likely you will have return customers.

Education & Coaching use case

Communicate with your students in real‑time to improve learning outcomes. Push notifications alert students of upcoming deadlines, class schedules, and the release of test scores. Help them keep on top of their learning when they are learning remotely.

Boost the effectiveness of your coaching/fitness app with motivational notifications. Fitness apps that set tasks for their users can use notifications to remind clients to track their progress and to motivate them to keep going. Sending congratulatory alerts when goals have been achieved enhances the user’s positive experience with an app bolstering the likelihood of further engagement.

Social networking use case

Push notifications connect users to online social networks even when they’re offline. Notifications enhance social networking apps by keeping people connected even when their apps are inactive. Use push notifications and/or a badge icon to alert users when they have new messages, mentions in threads, or when someone has checked out their profile.

Key features

  • Offline messages are the best solution to get your messages delivered even if your recipient is offline.

  • Messages queue enables sending notifications instantly or to push them in a message queue according to a specific time or date.

  • Notifications by user tags enable sending notifications to specific user groups defined by tags.

  • Recurring notifications allow setting a time interval so that the message will be repeated automatically by the server.

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FAQ: Push Notifications

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are an automated message sent by an application to a user when the application is not open. They provide a way to re-engage your customer, initiate a call to action, and to keep users connected even when their app is closed down.

Is QuickBlox a push notification provider?

Yes. QuickBlox provides SDKs and code samples that enable developers to build apps that can receive push notifications.

What is the Apple Push notification Service?

The Apple push notification service is a cloud service created by Apple Inc that allows third-party app developers to send notifications to applications installed on Apple devices. QuickBlox iOS SDK supports the implementation of a push notification service for Apple. You need to ensure that your app is configured properly and registered with the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

Does QuickBlox support iOS VoIP push notifications?

Yes, QuickBlox supports both APNS and APNS VoIP push notification types for iOS platform.

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) notifications are a type of push notification for Apple devices used for calling services that display the system call interface to the user. Generally speaking, VoIP notifications have higher priority and inform the device through a VoIP notification of an incoming call event. Apples does not allow every app to use VoIP notifications, instead it is allowed in specific categories like calling apps or medical apps etc. Please see QuickBlox documentation for more detail.

Do your push notifications work cross-platform?

Yes. With QuickBlox you can add push notifications to native Android and iOS apps and into cross-platform apps built with React Native and Flutter.

What is the price for setting up a push notification service?

There is no additional cost associated with using QuickBlox SDKs to implement a push notification service. Just register for an account and start using our software for free today.

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