Real-time Chat for Social Networks & Community Apps

Easily build advanced communication features into your app with a customizable chat and messaging API. Foster connections, leverage engagement, and retain real-time conversations on your platform.

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Build a Highly Engaged Audience to Improve User Retention

Improve engagement and retention numbers while your users interact with each other in real-time and share audio, video files, GIFs, etc. on your platform. The best part is, your developers need not spend months writing code from scratch to achieve this. Our feature-rich APIs and SDKs will do the job for you while reducing the turnaround time and investment to half.

Increase Community Conversations

Use in-app messaging to connect people who share similar interests and increase conversations to deliver inimitable user-to-user experience.

Offer Individual & Group Chat

Give options for one-to-one as well as group chat so the users can address individual members of a group or the whole group.

Boost Real-Time Interactions

Streamline conversations to connect your users 24/7, both online and offline. It’s a cakewalk with real-time messaging SDKs and API.

Flexible Voice, Video & Chat

Grow intimate communities by engaging your users with a variety of features including real-time messaging, high quality voice and video calling.

Rich & Interactive Media Sharing

Allow your users to share gifs, images, documents, and audio and video files so they do not switch to any third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, or Discord.

Monitor and Moderate Conversations

End-to-end encryption and built-in safety controls ensure data privacy and build users’ confidence, thereby creating more conversations on your platform.

Want to be more creative, interactive, and fun than an average conversation app?

Build trust in your community with feature-rich APIs and SDKs

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Interactive Experience

Enhance engagement and user retention with real-time communication features while creating interactive experiences for your community.

  • Real‑time chat messaging
  • Live and offline messages
  • Message delivery status and typing indicator
  • User Activity Status
  • Push and in‑app notifications (e.g. new message alerts, community announcements)
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Immersive Communication

Enrich communication experiences by integrating high quality voice and video calling features into your platform and see your user base grow to millions.

  • 1:1 audio and video calls
  • Group audio and video calls (up to 4 users)
  • Recordable group conference calls
  • Screen sharing features
  • Video-streaming
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Advanced Chat Features

Connect users privately and in groups using multi-messaging channels to keep conversations going and build a highly engaged community.

  • Group chat
  • Public chat
  • One-to-one Private chat
  • File sharing - any type of file including voice & video messages (e.g. gifs, images, photos, documents)
  • Dynamic messaging - add embeddable links and buttons
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Simplified User Management

Make use of cutting-edge user management tools to moderate and enhance communication between users.

  • Create user registration and login
  • Detect and ban fraudulent users
  • Prevent unauthorized access to customer’s personal data
  • Create filters for inappropriate content and profanity
  • Link messaging history to user’s profile

Are you working on a social, community or communication app like Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack, Reddit or MySpace?

Focus on the Branding, Promotion, and Revenue while we take care of building your online community.

Why QuickBlox?

Why do some social media apps and online communities thrive while others fail? Secure communication and the availability of top-notch real-time communication features play a crucial role. Quickblox empowers apps worldwide with easy-to-integrate chat and messaging features. Our APIs can help you build a scalable and highly engaging social platform as per your unique product requirements.

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Fully customizable software for social networking and community apps- can be tailored to your business needs.

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For enterprises we have additional services including a dedicated server, extra security layer, and support.

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Rich documentation, 24X7 support, flexible pricing for every stage of business growth.

Trusted by Devs & Social Networking Apps Worldwide

Several online communities and social media apps are using our software currently to boost user engagement on their platform. Over 30,000 software developers and organizations worldwide use QuickBlox messaging API, creating 75 million streams of chats per day.


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Customize Everything to Build Your Dream Product.

Our advanced SDKs scale as your business grows, and can be customized to create 100% custom in-app messaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build a private chat app with QuickBlox?

Our software is built on an encrypted platform so you can be sure all conversations remain confidential. Also, with QuickBlox, you are free to host your social networking app on your own server with your preferred cloud provider, granting you more control over customer data and chat history.

Does QuickBlox provide tools for chat moderation?

Whatever you build, whether a social networking app or online dating platform, we have the tools to help keep chat conversations safe. Our Trust & Safety features identifies, flags, and masks inappropriate words and phrases and blocks messages, and supports user bans.

What advanced features can I add to my social networking app?

QuickBlox chat API supports an array of advanced features that can elevate any social networking or dating app, e.g. push notifications so users know when someone contacted them when they were offline, file-sharing for the easy exchange of photos, documents, and voice & video messages, the ability to create user profiles and contact lists, badge counters to know how many unread messages you have and so much more. A QuickBlox consultant would be happy to talk you through the options.

How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

Prices vary considerably based on a variety of factors. But if you use QuickBlox ready-made chat and video API and SDKs, rather than code from scratch you will save substantially on time, resources, and costs.

Register for an account now and check out our free chat SDKs and free chat API to get started. We offer a free basic plan so that you can test out your idea and then we support your migration to one of our subscription plans when your app is ready to launch. Check out pricing here and speak to one of our consultants to learn how we support startups.

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