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Flexible and Secure Hosting

QuickBlox offers a flexible range of cloud and on-premise hosting options. Regardless of where the software is deployed you can relax knowing that all options are GDPR and HIPAA compliant, granting you full data ownership and user privacy.

Host our software wherever you need

We can set up a variety of installations depending on your particular technical and regulatory needs. No matter what type of installation you choose, QuickBlox ensures the security of your enterprise data.

QuickBlox can be deployed:


On-premise, on your own private server / data center


On your own cloud account set up with a 3rd party hosting provider of your choice


On the QuickBlox cloud created and dedicated to your enterprise only



For those highly regulated industries and organizations like banking, healthcare, and government, on-premise deployment guarantees you 100% security of data and peace of mind. As our software is delivered straight to your own servers or company-owned cloud, removing any need for 3rd parties, you can be sure that only you and your customers have access to data.

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We can run QuickBlox communication software in your own virtual machine (VMs) on a public or private cloud with your preferred hosting provider, or in a dedicated QuickBlox cloud. Both options offer a high level of security and are fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant. We provide complete management and are responsible for 24/7 operational functionality.

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HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

We offer our healthcare customers several HIPAA compliant hosting solutions: on our shared cloud, as a dedicated instance on a QuickBlox managed cloud, as a fully managed service on the customer’s own cloud account, or on-premises. We offer data encryption, additional security add‑ons, provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), and more.

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Multi-Tenant Shared Cloud


Don’t want to pay the full cost while you are still in development stages? We understand.

Sign up for one of our subscription plans hosted on a multi-tenant shared cloud where you can enjoy access to messaging and calling features with ticket based support until you are ready to upgrade

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Choosing the right hosting environment

We understand that one size does not fit all that’s why QuickBlox offers a range of hosting solutions. For the best solution that fits your needs speak to a representative

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  • Supported Features
    • Cloud Hosting
    • QuickBlox Cloud
    • Your own Public/Private Cloud
  • On-premise
  • Depending on the geographical region you require, we may be able to set up a QuickBlox managed account in another region/with another cloud hosting provider.
  • Supported with certain cloud providers.
  • Depends on the complexity of your infrastructure and installation.
  • As agreed with your DevOps / info-security team.

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