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Quikblox app

Quickblox enables messaging, video and voice communication between you and your client.

Quickblox enables you to provide notification of fraud alerts, payment reminder or product launch to existing users with.

Quickblox can be hosted locally at your data center to provide better data control and support millions of users without investments in back-office functions.

Ready-to-use messaging apps for both internal and external users

Take advantage of Quickblox's open source and cross platform messaging apps, Q-municate, to improve communication internally and externally.

Case Studies

app chat quikblox

Unique Features


Quickblox can be installed locally in your own data center to provide both data control and security


Wide customization options make QuickBlox highly flexible and adaptable to your business needs


QuickBlox solution can be easily scaled out to match the growth of your business over time


Book a free, no obligations call from our Cloud Communications Engineer to evaluate whether QuickBlox is a fit for your project, discuss infrastructure configuration and provide a license and hosting costs estimate.

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