QuickBlox is a platform of choice for healthcare businesses worldwide, from large corporates storing millions of records of US health insurance customers to small startups introducing innovative mHealth technologies.

Quikblox app

Each enterprise package of QuickBlox is installed on a dedicated server. You may choose to host on premises, with your hosting provider or with AWS managed by QuickBlox on your behalf.

  • Retain full ownership, access and control of your data
  • Better security
  • Higher performance
Quickblox on the premises

QuickBlox has been used in many HIPAA compliant projects and we have full expertise in the area to advise you on: HIPAA compliant hosting configuration.

  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and Network Access Agreement (NAA)
  • Best practices on minimising sensitive data exposure
  • Data encryption
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You get a complete high-quality video calling infrastructure including mobile optimised SDK for your iOS and Android apps, Javascript SDK and server infrastructure (signalling, TURN server, billing, stats) as well as code samples. Features include:

  • 1:1 calls
  • Group calls
  • Screen sharing and collaboration

You may enable/disable QuickBlox T&S features for your patient safety and monitoring processes.

  • Chat history archiving and removal
  • Chat history output into Kafka queue for external archiving or analysis
  • Manual chat moderation via admin panel
  • Automated chat moderation via regular expressions
Quickblox on the premises

Integrate messaging into your existing workflow. QuickBlox Users API makes it easy to connect to your existing user authentication mechanism.

  • No extra login for messaging - chat user created behind the scenes
  • Keep your existing users database and auth mechanisms
  • No need to pass personal data to QuickBlox
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Custom Objects API covers custom business logic scenarios simplifying integration with your processes.

  • Create custom data structures tied with chat dialogs
  • Retrieve chat dialogs by patient / department, group, filter by custom key value with just 1 API call
  • Run complex search/sort/manage queries
quickblox devices

Our data and communication modules universally cover a wide range of healthcare applications, field tested in many successful projects.

Your project will enjoy the benefits of ready out-of-the box solution combined with wide possibilities for customisation. Integration with existing systems is easy. InfoSec and compliance requirements of security, patient data protection and HIPAA compliance are taken care of.


Book a free, no obligations call from our Cloud Communications Engineer to evaluate whether QuickBlox is a fit for your project, discuss infrastructure configuration and provide a license and hosting costs estimate.

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