On‑Premises Solutions for Optimal Privacy

Do you require your own private communication network with high security and/or no access to the cloud or even the Internet? Do you deal with highly sensitive data that needs to be stored locally? Is your industry tightly regulated and required to follow compliance?

Not a problem. QuickBlox on‑premises solution can support your needs.

Key Benefits

On‑premises installation enables you to enjoy the rich functionality of QuickBlox software while ensuring the highest level of security.

QuickBlox Data storage

Your choice for where data is stored and processed

Your data center can be located wherever you need.

QuickBlox control

Full server and data control

We will assist with server configuration and administration, but you will enjoy complete control over your system and maintain 100 percent privacy.

QuickBlox security

Enhanced Security

By deploying our software into your own dedicated server and/or privately owned cloud you remove the need for any third party to have physical or remote access to your servers. As you maintain total control of your infrastructure, only you and your recipients can access system data.

QuickBlox regulatory

Regulatory compliance

On‑premises hosting is ideally suited to those that are in tightly regulated countries and industries such as healthcare and finance that are required by law to have their infrastructure hosted locally and/or in а specific country or geographic location.

QuickBlox software secure on Your server

QuickBlox is the preferred choice for tightly regulated industries and geographies that are required to store data locally.

Shield QuickBlox

An on‑premise instant messaging platform in healthcare ensures that internal communications remain secure and patient trust is enhanced. Medical staff and their patients can discuss lab results, diagnosis, and treatment plans via chat or video‑calling in the full confidence that the content of their private conversations remain secure and protected from interlopers.

With an on‑premise chat solution, financial advisers can share documents, send text messages, and provide remote consultations without having to worry about compromising their customer’s privacy. On‑premise installation guarantees the bank’s complete ownership and control of data and communication as well as their compliance with data processing requirements.

Bank Secure QuickBlox

If you operate in a country with strong data protection laws or government oversight build an on‑premise messaging app to ensure all data remains within your country’s borders and out‑of‑reach of third parties. Enable your users to send text, voice messages, and media rich files with a communication solution that stores data locally and complies with legal requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by on‑premises?

On-premises (also referred to as on premise and on prem) is when software is deployed and managed from within a company, on the company’s own hardware and physical server, data center, and/or virtual machine.

Why choose on‑premises?

If the need for data control and security is a major concern for your company, and/or if your company already has their own private server infrastructure you may want to choose an on‑premises solution. This deployment model removes the need for any third party service provider, enabling an organization to enjoy sole ownership and control of their data.

Who chooses on‑premises?

Government agencies and large corporations, like finance and healthcare, that deal with highly sensitive information, or countries that have requirements to store data locally often choose an on‑premises installation.

See how we have supported global banks with an on‑premises solution.

What’s the difference between on‑premises and private cloud?

With on‑premises, an enterprise will run software and store data in an infrastructure located within its own premises. With a private cloud, an enterprise will run their application in a dedicated cloud‑based environment, supplied by a third party. It is ‘private’ because it is a dedicated environment with resources provided and customized solely for the needs of the enterprise.

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