Communication Features

Build feature-rich communication apps that engage users and drive business. Quickblox offers a powerful tool kit of easy-to-use APIs and native and hybrid SDKs that enable real-time communication. Designed to work across multi-platforms, our chat, voice, and video calling functionality allows you to deliver seamless communication guaranteeing a positive user experience.


QuickBlox out-of-the-box communication features


Engage multiple users effortlessly and at once by creating public and private groups in real-time chats. Enable friends, teams, or members of projects to connect instantly, ensuring faster interaction, while saving the chat history for future reference.

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QuickBlox voice video
QuickBlox voice video

Voice and video calling

Reach people anywhere and at anytime using video call integration. Add high-quality, low latency video and voice calls to your apps in a snap.

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Video conferencing

Experience captivating video conferences. Our APIs and SDKs provide endless opportunity to deliver the perfect user experience for you and your customers.

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QuickBlox conference
QuickBlox push

Push notifications

Notify users of new messages when they are offline in chat to keep people engaged 24/7. You can notify your target audience about discounts, deals, instructions, alerts, and reminders in one go, creating positive experiences that build trust and brand loyalty.

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QuickBlox video-calling and chat APIs and SDKs means you can develop secure scalable apps in less time and with less cost, without sacrificing quality.


Ease of use

Our easy-to-use APIs and SDKs means you can effortlessly add communication to any application. Our code samples, rich documentation, and built-in support with paid plans provides additional integration support.

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Cost and time efficient

Because our communication tool kit is available today, there’s no need to wait months to build your own in-house application from scratch. Get up and running now.



Don’t compromise on style or substance. Our software is fully customizable. Add feature enhancements and alter the design to develop an application specifically suited to the needs of your business and customers. Utilize our professional services team for more complex customization.

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Our software is designed to scale alongside your business. Rely on QuickBlox functionality to meet the demands of your growing user base. Want to start off with in-app chat only, then expand to include video-calling later down the road? No problem. Our communication features can be added piecemeal as and when it suits your business model and budget.



Our software is specifically designed for multi-platforms ensuring that your app packed with our features will run with the same high performance on any device and in any browser.

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