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Robust, secure, customizable communication solution. Dedicated support and uptime guarantees. Host Anywhere.


White label instant messaging, group chat, voice and video calling functions


Add white label chat & communication features in your application(s) and website.

Embed instant messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, notifications, and other powerful features with just a few lines of code.


Create your own messenger app.

There are lots of ways to integrate chat and calling features in your website or application. Comprehensive SDKs, code samples, and APIs with cross platform coverage together with our team’s dedicated support make for easy integration.

White label chat application


Q-municate is an out-of-the-box messaging app for iOS, Android, and the web. Access the application source code to modify and configure the messenger application according to your needs.

chat-messaging phone push-notifications

Q-municate offers real-time chat, notifications, audio & video calling. Connect your customers, congregations, and communities with Q-municate.

whatsapp q-municate skype

Expand your business by introducing a chat messenger with WhatsApp and Skype type communication features.

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Q-municate is customizable to your business needs by your developers or our professional services team.

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Premium features



quick setup

Quick Setup

data migration

Data migration

custom idenity provider

Custom Identity Provider

piece of mind

Piece of Mind

Enterprise customers receive Premium Support for peace of mind. Our network operations team provides server monitoring, configuration management, and service issue resolution. The team maintains and supports your communication infrastructure with uptime guaranteed under a Software Level Agreement (SLA). We assist with integration, scalability, and security providing you with your own Account Manager who will ensure that you get the most out of your cloud communication infrastructure.



Secure GDPR-compliant communication solutions for ecommerce, financial, healthcare, and regulated enterprises. We can strengthen the security of your system, configuring your system according to the requirements of your own security team and the best international security practices.

security features-1

Security Features

  • Additional encryption
  • Virus scanner
  • Extended monitoring
  • Graylog + OSSEC
custom setup

Custom Infrastructure Setups

hipaa complaince-1

HIPAA Compliance

high availability

High Availability / Disaster Recovery (HADR) Options


Private Communication

private network

Do you require your own communication network with high security and/or no access to the cloud or even the Internet? Not a problem. QuickBlox can support you.

Remote, highly-regulated, or ultra secure organizations, businesses or events can have real-time communication too. Add instant messaging, file-sharing, voice & video calling to your own closed network.

Use our SKDs and APIs to add communication to your internal devices and websites.

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Comprehensive communication hosting solutions for the Enterprise


We can run QuickBlox communication software for you in your own virtual private cloud or in a dedicated QuickBlox cloud. Alternatively, the software can be deployed to your own data center/on premise.


We support customers with sensitive information or regulated data that have specific hosting requirements.


Regardless of where the software is deployed you can relax knowing that all options are GDPR compliant, granting you full data ownership and user privacy.

Choose which hosting option suits you best

Shared Server account
  • Hosted on QuickBlox’s multi-tenant secure server
  • Free registration
  • Automatic updates
  • Basic messaging and calling features starting from free plan
  • Easy upgrade to higher limits and plans
Dedicated Cloud host
  • Hosted on Customer’s dedicated cloud account
  • Quick installation and free data migration
  • Maintenance by QuickBlox team under SLA
  • Control of your user data and backend software updates
  • Prioretized Enterprise support and Premium features
On-Permise host
  • Host on your own local server
  • Extended data protection
  • Accesible only to Customer’s internal DevOps team
  • Implementation and troubleshooting support provided by QuickBlox
  • No data limits whatsoever

Host your application on a complete server-side infrastructure.

Your own dedicted communications cloud

Set up at the Hosting Provider and geographic location of your choice.


Trusted by many

  • «Irish Police (Garda). We found Quickblox an excellent platform for our service, and are delighted with the result. The technology is very good and the team behind it are excellent. I have no reservations about recommending them.»

    Phonovation used QuickBlox to build the Missing Persons Alert app to help Irish Police officers instantly receive updates on missing children.

    Gavin Carpenter

    Director, Phonovation

  • The QuickBlox team has got a unique ability to turn things round at short notice and to produce first class output, always willing to go beyond the call of duty by supporting us on strategic activities, whilst not losing the tactical problems that need to be solved. Highly recommended.

    Sam has worked at CTO level roles at Capgemini, Cisco and EMC.

    Sam Chong

    CTO, Capgemini

  • The QuickBlox team has been professional throughout the project working productively with our MDM team and passing external security audit. Their efforts made possible the quality delivery of the enterprise grade mobile applications and cloud backend ready for massive production use.

    Unilever uses QuickBlox for its employee directory application for iOS, Android...

    Chris Rice

    Project Coordinator, Unilever

  • QuickBlox: This is an excellent system. We’ve used it on several occasions and QuickBlox, is one of the best, most effective solutions I have used. Great product!

    Rob has produced numerous apps for Paramount, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox titles using the Chat, Location and Data features of QuickBlox.

    Rob Hollocks

    Producer, New Wave Entertainment

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