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QuickBlox for Business

Robust, secure, customizable communication solutions. Quickblox software is designed for businesses dedicated to improving their customers’ experience.


Cloud communications on Your servers

With QuickBlox, enterprises are not restricted to host software on our managed cloud infrastructure (although they can if they want). Host where you want in a geo-location and with a cloud provider that best suits your needs while we support the services.


QuickBlox Cloud

in a dedicated QuickBlox cloud

QuickBlox saas

in your own virtual cloud

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HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliant

in an encrypted server

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QuickBlox On-Premise

in your own data center

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Enterprises deliver seamless communication solutions with QuickBlox

QickBlox white labeling

Deliver real-time communication to your customers and employees

Embed instant messaging, voice and video calling, video conferencing, file sharing, notifications, and other powerful collaboration features into your website or application(s) with just a few lines of code.

Rely on our resources to build powerful apps

Comprehensive SDKs, APIs, code samples, together with rich documentation and our team’s dedicated support make for easy integration and means you can build communication applications faster.

Scale with ease

Cross-platform communication SDKs and APIs, a robust back-end platform, and comprehensive hosting options means QuickBlox software is designed to scale with your business needs.

Businesses build with confidence when they build with QuickBlox

Security & compliance

QuickBlox secure communication

A communication backend built on an encrypted platform means we take the stress out of delivering secure and private communication.

QuickBlox hippa

We offer GDPR-compliant and HIPAA-compliant communication solutions for healthcare, finance and other regulated enterprises.

QuickBlox security team

We work closely with your info security team to ensure you have all the security features you need and can offer additional enhancements like:

  • Virus scanning
  • Intrusion Detection
  • SSO / Authentication Options supporting your existing systems — manage your users securely
  • High Availability / Disaster Recovery (HADR) Options
  • API Gateway for additional security control

Enterprise level support and services

QuickBlox support

24/7 support for peace of mind

Enterprises enjoy dedicated support and uptime guarantees with QuickBlox. Our DevOps team takes full responsibility for software installation, data migration, 24/7 monitoring, software upgrades, and issue resolution. Our high-quality technical assistance is offered under SLA so you can be sure of prioritised support. Furthermore, our customers benefit from a personal account manager and web admin panel.

QuickBlox professional services

Professional services to enhance your app

As communication experts, QuickBlox’s professional services team can deliver custom communication experiences for your business to satisfy your detailed and varied requirements and use cases. We provide end-to-end design, development, and delivery to get your ideas into production and into your users’ hands.

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Enhance your business communications with QuickBlox ready solutions

QuickBlox Q-municate

White label chat application

Q-municate is an out-of-the-box messaging app for iOS, Android, and the web. Connect your customers and/or employees by introducing a chat messenger with WhatsApp and Skype like communication features including real-time chat, notifications, and audio & video calling. Access the application source code to modify and configure the messenger application according to your needs.

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QuickBlox Q-consultation

White label virtual waiting room & teleconsultation application

Q-Consultation provides a virtual waiting room with teleconsultation that can be easily integrated into your existing communication solution. Customize the app to meet your specific use case requirements and company brand. Q-Consultation is relevant for numerous use cases including doctor-patient remote communication, private teaching sessions, customer support services, HR recruitment interviews, and more. Access to source code available.

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QuickBlox Enterprise Plans designed with businesses in mind

We offer Enterprise Plans which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

We deploy and manage software in the QuickBlox cloud, or often more importantly for enterprises — directly into your own private cloud, or on-premise in your own data center granting you optimal control and security of users and data.

We offer additional HIPAA compliance on top of the Enterprise instance and various security add-ons.

We configure the size of the instance according to your requirements and can scale up and down as required ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

Enterprise Plan benefits:
QuickBlox onpremise cloud

Provisioning and configuration of server resources in customer’s own hosting environment or preferred cloud provider — AWS/GCP/AliCloud/Azure/Oracle, Digital Ocean and others

  • QuickBlox setup

    IInstallation of the software and needed components

  • QuickBlox accessible

    Personal web admin panel

  • QuickBlox ticketing portal

    Enterprise support with direct support contacts & Ticketing Portal

  • QuickBlox customization

    API customization

  • QuickBlox storage

    Secure data retention, storage, and back-ups

  • QuickBlox SLA

    Service Level Agreement (SLA) & uptime guarantee

  • QuickBlox migration

    Migration of all data and users to a dedicated and scalable environment.

  • QuickBlox chat integration

    Developer integration support to get you started

  • QuickBlox support

    Personal Support manager

  • QuickBlox data security

    Data security and encryption

  • QuickBlox reporting


  • QuickBlox save time

    We don’t charge per minute. Commercials all packaged up in easy, transparent monthly licence fee(s).

Trusted by many

  • «Irish Police (Garda). We found Quickblox an excellent platform for our service, and are delighted with the result. The technology is very good and the team behind it are excellent. I have no reservations about recommending them.»

    Phonovation used QuickBlox to build the Missing Persons Alert app to help Irish Police officers instantly receive updates on missing children.

    Gavin Carpenter

    Director, Phonovation

  • The QuickBlox team has got a unique ability to turn things round at short notice and to produce first class output, always willing to go beyond the call of duty by supporting us on strategic activities, whilst not losing the tactical problems that need to be solved. Highly recommended.

    Sam has worked at CTO level roles at Capgemini, Cisco and EMC.

    Sam Chong

    CTO, Capgemini

  • The QuickBlox team has been professional throughout the project working productively with our MDM team and passing external security audit. Their efforts made possible the quality delivery of the enterprise grade mobile applications and cloud backend ready for massive production use.

    Unilever uses QuickBlox for its employee directory application for iOS, Android...

    Chris Rice

    Project Coordinator, Unilever

  • QuickBlox: This is an excellent system. We’ve used it on several occasions and QuickBlox, is one of the best, most effective solutions I have used. Great product!

    Rob has produced numerous apps for Paramount, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox titles using the Chat, Location and Data features of QuickBlox.

    Rob Hollocks

    Producer, New Wave Entertainment

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FAQ: Enterprise

Do you provide enterprise video conferencing solutions?

Yes, we do. QuickBlox enterprise video conferencing is built on WebRTC which guarantees secure HD video & voice calls to satisfy all your business needs.

We offer a ready video consultation solution (Q-consultation) that can be customized.

Speak with one of our consultants now to discover how your business can get the best out of our enterprise video conferencing software.

How secure is your enterprise chat software?

We understand the need of enterprises for safe and secure communications, that’s why our enterprise chat software is built on top of an encrypted platform. We also offer an array of security enhancements, plus you can choose to have our enterprise live chat software deployed directly into your own dedicated cloud account or on-premises. Contact us now to discover more about how we ensure enterprise-grade chat security.

Where are enterprise communication solutions hosted?

Typically our enterprise customers prefer to host their chat application with their own preferred cloud provider, while relying on us for a fully managed service.

We also offer on-premises deployment.

What is the Enterprise Plan?

Our Enterprise Plan is a comprehensive plan designed for businesses that provides full access to our communication platform (with instant messaging, group chat, peer to peer and multiparty voice & video calling/conferencing, plus additional features) as well as access to hosting, security, compliance, SLA and technical support.

Speak to one of our consultants now to find out more about the benefits of becoming an enterprise customer.

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