HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Our healthcare communication solutions are designed with HIPAA compliance in mind. Build and deliver powerful HIPAA chat apps in the full confidence that sensitive ePHI remains secure and compliance requirements are satisfied.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) sets national standards for safeguarding protected health information (PHI). Any business that collects, stores, or transmits PHI is required to comply with HIPAA physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. Failure to do so can result in compromised patient data and hefty penalties for the involved party.

Why QuickBlox?

Baa QuickBlox

Experienced in Healthcare

We are experienced working with the Healthcare industry and HealthTech. We provide HIPAA compliant hosting solutions configured for enhanced data privacy and in accordance with HIPAA security rules.

Patient Data QuickBlox

Host Anywhere

We understand your need for data security that’s why we deploy our software wherever you need, including in your own cloud account with a hosting provider of your choice so that sensitive PHI remains firmly in your ownership and control.

Enterprise Ready QuickBlox

Enterprise Ready

We build enterprise ready solutions. Our skilled DevOps team can provide an array of software tools, integrations, and configurations to ensure enterprise grade security and support for your HIPAA compliant solution.

QuickBlox HIPAA Compliant Hosting Solutions

The easiest way to satisfy HIPAA requirements is to partner with a HIPAA compliant communication solutions provider, like QuickBlox. We have a solid history providing enterprise solutions for healthcare.

Key Features

Choice Hipaa Cloud QuickBlox

Your choice of HIPAA Compliant Cloud

Software can be deployed to your preferred hosting environment including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. We configure your dedicated instance so that it meets HIPAA-compliant hosting requirements. QuickBlox can also host for you in our own HIPAA compliant account.

Encrypted QuickBlox

Fully Encrypted Server Configuration

With QuickBlox, data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We offer full encryption of user databases, files/content, and connections which means ePHI, communication history, and user data is safe and secure.

Customizable QuickBlox

Customization of Software to support HIPAA Technical Safeguards

Our back-end platform can be customized to support numerous security features, e.g.

  • access control via unique usernames and passwords to prevent unauthorized access
  • person or entity authentication tools such as two-factor authentication
  • anonymous sessions with automatic logoff procedures
SLA QuickBlox

A Fully Managed Service

Our Enterprise Plan provides a fully managed service with dedicated maintenance and real-time monitoring. We offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with uptime guarantee.

Cloud Solutions QuickBlox

Provision of Business Associate Agreement

We provide our healthcare customers with a BAA. By signing this agreement we demonstrate our knowledge of HIPAA compliance rules and our experience with supporting compliant healthcare communication solutions.

Advanced Features

We offer an array of data protection tools to safeguard your instance without your data ever leaving your server

HADR QuickBlox

High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR)

  • HA/DR keeps your applications running in the event of any system issues, so your users never lose messaging and calling functionalities.
  • A High Availability solution replicates your communication infrastructure to ensure constant availability. This is ideal for critical business solutions like healthcare.
  • Our Disaster Recovery plan provides full backup management to ensure that sensitive data can be fully recovered in the worst case scenario of interrupted or compromised services.
Security Standards QuickBlox

Software integration for enhanced security standards

  • Diligent monitoring of your cloud environment with Graylog, a log storage and management tool that allows your engineers to easily manage logs and structured analytical data all in one place.
  • Intrusion detection with OSSEC, a host-based system that performs log analysis, integrity checking, registry monitoring, rootlet detection, time-based alerting, and active response.
  • Virus scanning software to automatically scan, tag, and notify you of infected files and malware.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) to securely control web traffic, blocking spam bots from consuming resources, skewing metrics, and causing downtime on your healthcare communication application.

HIPAA Compliant Video Hosting

Connect patients and doctors together with HIPAA compliant audio & video calling and video conferencing, built on WebRTC and available with the QuickBlox HIPAA Enterprise Plan

HIPAA compliant video conferencing

Dedicated TURN Server

Dedicated WebRTC video calling traffic relay server for video calling through firewalls, bypassing NAT, and connecting geographically dispersed users.

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HIPAA video conference hosting

Dedicated Conference Server

We offer HIPAA video conference hosting with a dedicated conference server. Enjoy high quality conference calls for multiple simultaneous users on a service server that you control.

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QuickBlox Recording

Conference Call Recording

Conference call recording functionality to save your video conferences. Enables you to store, access, and share video healthcare communications securely on your dedicated server.

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Q-Consultation QuickBlox

Telehealth Ready Solution: Q‑Consultation

We offer a HIPAA compliant virtual waiting room with tele-consultation app. Fully customizable, packed with features, and works on any device and the web.

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HIPAA Compliant Hosting Plans

QuickBlox provides a range of plans depending on the size of your organization and budget. All our HIPAA plans provide full data encryption and come with a Business Associates Agreement.

HIPAA (Shared) Cloud Plan (starts at $399/mo)

Suitable for smaller organizations for POCs (proof of concept) and MVP (minimal viable product) use-cases that require data encryption but have a limited budget.

  • Software is hosted on our QuickBlox AWS multi-tenant shared server
  • Total user limit: 5000
  • File size limit: 50 MB
  • Support by ticketing system

HIPAA Enterprise Plan (starts at $899/mo)

Suitable for production services granting the customer complete control over their user data, customization, technical support, and SLA.

  • Can be hosted on QuickBlox’s own managed cloud account or in customer’s own cloud account with preferred cloud service provider including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and others.
  • Personal Account Manager, SLA with uptime guarantee
  • Optional Add-ons:
    • - High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) solution
    • - Security enhancements (e.g. Graylog, OSSEC)
    • - Dedicated Turn server, Conference call server

HIPAA On-Premises

Suitable for organizations who desire optimal security, require communications to remain within their own private network, and who have their own DevOps and on-premises data center.

  • Hosted on your own dedicated servers in your privately owned data center
  • Granting you total control of your ePHI and chat history

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting

There are a variety of cloud hosting providers that offer HIPAA compliant environments. QuickBlox can deploy software with anyone of these and more:

Amazon AWS QuickBlox
Oracle QuickBlox
HB QuickBlox
Google Cloud QuickBlox
Azure QuickBlox
Hetzner QuickBlox

Hosting with one of these cloud providers does not guarantee HIPAA compliance. You also need to ensure your application and software meet the safeguards outlined in the HIPAA security rule.

Work with a partner like QuickBlox to make sure you’re covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIPAA compliant hosting?

Any digital healthcare application that contains ePHI needs to be hosted on a cloud infrastructure that complies with the technical, administrative, and physical safeguards outlined by HIPAA. These safeguards are designed to protect the integrity of the data and to control who has access to this data. HIPAA compliant hosting requirements include encrypted data in transit and storage, access controls, person or entity authentication tools, and more.

Who needs HIPAA compliance?

Healthcare providers — referred to as the «covered entity» — must comply with HIPAA, but equally their «business associates» who come into contact with patient data when providing services to a healthcare organization are also covered by this legislation. This means any cloud service provider, CPaaS provider, or medical app developer who are in any way involved in storing, processes, or transmitting PHI, are considered a ’business associate’ and must comply with HIPAA.

What is PHI and ePHI?

Any medical data that contains individually identifiable health information about a patient (e.g. name, address, date of birth, social security number) is referred to as protected health information (PHI), or when stored electronically ePHI. There is an abundance of medical records including bills from doctors, emails, MRI scans, blood test results etc that fall under the rubric of PHI/ePHI.

How much does HIPAA compliant hosting cost?

The need for additional security enhancements such as database encryption and software customization for extra monitoring & intrusion detection means a higher cost for HIPAA compliant hosting. Encrypted HIPAA hosting on our shared cloud starts at $399/mo.

Which cloud providers are HIPAA compliant?

There are several cloud hosting providers who provide an infrastructure that can be HIPAA compliant (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure), however, you are still responsible for configuring your software to satisfy the HIPAA security rule. Check to see if the cloud provider will sign a BAA agreement and choose a service provider like QuickBlox who can ensure a HIPAA compliant solution.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Penalties depend on the severity of the breach, whether it was intentional or not. They range from $100 to $50,000 per breach.

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