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A feature rich communication solution for teachers and trainers alike. Create break-out sessions for learners to collaborate in small groups, run one-to-one tutorials or coaching sessions where you can share your screen and send media-rich files, stream coaching sessions to larger groups, and set-up atomatic reminders for homework deadlines or class schedules. With Quickblox, the options for innovative remote learning are endless.

Why QuickBlox?

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Engage user interest and improve learning outcomes

Quickblox’s rich functionality allows you to create multiple options to dynamically engage your learners and clients. Seamlessly move between one-to-one or group settings using a combination of messaging, audio, or video features to provide clear instruction, arouse interest, and generate discussion. Screen sharing, secure file sharing, in-app chat and video provide a host of ways to create interactive learning experiences.

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Deliver a personalized learning experience

Utilize QuickBlox communication features to personalize your client or student’s learning experience. Meet their individual needs by engaging them in private one-to-one sessions, provide prompt and personalized support via live chat, voice, and video, and send them individualized reminders and alerts to enhance learning outcomes.

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Monitor user participation

Track and analyze your student or client’s activity with automatic attendance and participation logs. Increase their engagement by sending personalized trigger messages, such as appointment reminders, deadline alerts, or homework prompts.

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A versatile platform for modern learning

Reach your clients / students in a virtual classroom on the web, or on their phone on the go. QuickBlox offers a flexible communication solution that can be tailored to meet your needs. Integrate our features into your pre-existing E-learning platform, or build a new app on our backend with our ready-to-use APIs and SDKs built for iOS, android and javascript.

Ready-to-use APIs and SDKs for education, coaching, and training apps

QuickBlox real-time

Real‑time messaging

Add real-time messaging to educational and coaching/training apps to create responsive and personalised learning experiences.

  • Real‑time chat messaging
  • Live and offline messages
  • Message delivery status and typing indicator
  • User presence
  • Push and in‑app notifications (e.g. assignments and appointment reminders, test score alerts)
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Audio & video call

Increase learner interest and participation through the use of multi-channel voice and video calling.

  • 1:1 audio and video calls
  • Group audio and video calls (up to 4 users)
  • Recordable group conference calls
  • Screen sharing features
  • Video-streaming
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Chat features

Easy to use in-app messaging to connect parties and enhance learning experiences.

  • 1-1 private chat
  • Group chat
  • Public chat
  • File sharing - any type of file including voice & video messages (e.g. reading materials, assignments, invoices, schedules)
  • Dynamic messaging - add embeddable links and buttons
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QuickBlox education-user-management
QuickBlox user-management

User management

Utilize QuickBlox user management tools to moderate and enhance communication between users.

  • Create user registration and login
  • Track attendance and participation
  • Prevent unauthorized access to customer’s personal data
  • Schedule session with teacher/trainer
  • Send assignments, work-out schedules, teaching documents etc.
  • Link assessed assignments to user profile

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