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Does your business or organization require a robust means for internal communication? Are you looking to keep your community connected via video calls, voice calls and/or chat? Do you need a messenger app like Whatspp or Facebook messenger, but are concerned about security and customization? Q-municate offers the solution.

What is Q‑Municate?

Q‑Municate is our fully customizable secure messenger application that comes with a ton of communication features. Our cross‑platform app works natively on iOS or android devices, as well as web desktop platforms to enable you to communicate everywhere.

Key features

High‑quality peer‑to‑peer and group messaging, voice calls, video calls built using the latest chat APIs & video calling SDKs and powered by WebRTC technology.

The app supports private messaging, one‑to‑one and group chat, video messages, photo messages, and voice messages, file sharing, content storage, screen‑sharing, alerts, and push notifications.

Clean simple UI / UX making it easy to navigate.

You can manage users by creating private chats and groups with whoever you want in the network with status messages and chat history.

Security and encryption feature with privacy by design, including encrypted data and encrypted connections for private messages between users.

Integrate this mobile messaging app with your existing user‑management system. End users can also register via their mobile phone (SMS) or social networking accounts.

QuickBlox key features

Powered by QuickBlox

Q‑Municate is built on the QuickBlox platform. It is offered as SAAS license or as a one‑off source code purchase. You can use Q‑Municate with full support and with any QuickBlox plan that suits your business needs.

Benefits of QuickBlox

QuickBlox hippa-gdpr

GDPR and HIPAA compliant

QuickBlox hosting

Secure cloud or on-premise hosting with message backups

QuickBlox sla

Customer SLA and dedicated support options

QuickBlox customizable

White‑label rebranding and small UI customizations included in the price

QuickBlox chat-integration

Utilize our professional services team for more complex app customizations to meet your unique business needs

QuickBlox chat-features

Existing QuickBlox customers can easily add a ready messaging app for all their users

Who needs Q‑Municate?

Our feature rich secure messaging app that provides instant messaging and voice and video chat has a wide applicability of use cases.

QuickBlox Healthcare


You can use the ready Q‑Municate messenger app to create private communication platforms for your doctors, nurses or anyone working in your hospital or clinic. You can restrict access to authorized users, so that users can be exclusive to your own user community.

QuickBlox finance

Banks and Corporations

Link Q‑Municate to your intranet / employee directory and create your own internal messaging app for employee communication. Ensure employees communicate with one another in controlled user groups. Control sensitive information and communication.

QuickBlox government


Q‑Municate can be used by any branch of government that wishes to connect their staff, such as an internal communication platform for a security service. Since QuickBlox can be deployed to any private cloud (on the enterprise plan), it is now possible to have both app front end and server communication under your local control.

QuickBlox education


Link together students, teachers, classes, and schools in private member based communities.

QuickBlox ecommers

eCommerce & Marketplaces

Add the members of your marketplace in one place, connect buyers and sellers, connect your sales team to customers in a dedicated network.

QuickBlox social

Social Networks, Communities, and Churches

Link all the members of your social network, interest groups, and your congregation in the same network. Enable real time content sharing & communication within your network.

Why Q-Municate?

QuickBlox save time

Save time

Need a dedicated messaging app for your company or organization in a Covid‑19 world? Don’t hire a large team and spend months or even years developing from scratch.

QuickBlox pay

Save costs

Building a ready messenger app is expensive. Using our out‑of‑the‑box app saves on costs when compared to developing your own app.

QuickBlox reporting

No license restriction

Once you receive the source code, you can use it for your commercial activity immediately.

QuickBlox security

Security & scalability

Quickblox offers a variety of hosting options, within their own managed cloud, with a cloud provider of your choice, or on premise. Dedicated server setups combine the scalability of cloud and security of owning your servers.

QuickBlox storage

Get your messenger application today

We deliver the application & source code in days so you can rapidly start deploying your app to the iTunes store or Google Play and provide an uptime guarantee and SLA and support.

Additional Services for Customers

QuickBlox integrate

Need extra features or a custom build? The QuickBlox professional services team knows all about how to make a messenger app. They can support your product needs with customization built to your exact specifications. Whether you want to make a private messenger app of your own, build a social network, or need help with integration to your existing corporate solution, we’re here to help.

Learn more
QuickBlox messaging

Add features like those seen in popular messenger apps like secret chat or destructing messages or create your own unique messaging experience.

QuickBlox secure-communication

For security‑conscious organizations, the app can be configured according to the security requirements of your info-security team

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