Enjoy secure chat with Q‑municate, our customizable instant messaging tool

Q‑municate is a white label messaging app with high‑quality peer‑to‑peer and group messaging, along with file sharing. Built on the QuickBlox UI kits, it offers a clean and intuitive UI design, innovative AI technology, high performance, and security and scalability.

Q-Municate QuickBlox

Enjoy smarter and more dynamic conversations with an AI‑enhanced customizable messaging app

  • AI‑powered translation ensures that your messages are accurately translated in real‑time, fostering seamless communication across diverse languages.
  • Rephrase messages into different styles or tones, such as “professional” or “casual” with just a simple touch of the screen.
  • AI Answer Assist leverages the power of OpenAI to provide instant responses to questions in the chat.
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Who needs a customizable chat service?


Create private communication platforms for your doctors, nurses, or anyone in your clinic, restricting access to authorized users.


Banks and Corporations

Create a secure internal communication platform for confidential conversations. Our software can be deployed within your own hosting environment.



Link Q‑municate to your employee directory and create your own internal messaging app for employee communication.



Link together students, teachers, classes, and schools in private member based communities.


eCommerce & Marketplaces

Add members of your marketplace in one place, connecting buyers and sellers in a dedicated team.


Why businesses choose our white label instant messenger

Security & Privacy QuickBlox

Security & Privacy

Security and encryption by design to ensure private messages between users. On‑premise hosting available for those who prefer to keep their data in‑house.

Customization QuickBlox


Tailor our white label chat app to reflect your brand identity. Modify the UI to create the user experience you want.

Cross-platform QuickBlox


Seamlessly integrate with iOS and Android devices, as well as web desktop platforms, ensuring that you're always connected, no matter where you are.

Support QuickBlox


Offered with an SLA to ensure reliability and performance. Our dedicated support options ensure that any issues are addressed promptly.

Ready to Ship QuickBlox

Ready to Ship

This customizable chat tool is ready to be rebranded and used today, saving you valuable time and resources.

Scalability QuickBlox


Flexible cloud hosting options available to support scalability. Dedicated server setup combines the scalability of cloud and security of owning your server.

How our feature‑rich customizable messaging tool can enhance your communication

  • User Authorization

    Secure authentication using phone numbers

  • Chat Creation and Management

    Create private and group chats, add or remove members in group chat, set and edit group chat names and images, and delete chats.

  • Real‑time Messaging

    Send text and voice messages, share images, files, and videos.

  • AI Enhancements

    Translate and rephrase messages and receive answer assistance from OpenAI for enhanced communication.

  • Consistent UI Experience

    Can be used across all major platforms including web, iOS, and Android.


Join the AI Revolution

The future of communication is here, and QuickBlox AI solutions are at the forefront helping to reshape the way we connect, engage, and collaborate.

It’s time to unleash the potential of AI in your communication landscape. Elevate your conversations today!

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