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Improving Hiring Efficiency: How AI Video Recruitment Platforms Drive Results

Gail M.
21 Sep 2023
AI Video recruitment app

Finding the right talent quickly and efficiently is crucial for a company’s success. Traditional hiring processes often involve countless hours of sifting through resumes, conducting initial phone screens, and coordinating in-person interviews. According to recent data, the average cost to hire a new employee is nearly $4,700, while it takes on average 44 days to make a new hire. However, advances in technology, particularly AI, promises innovative tools and methods for the way we approach hiring.

Enter AI-powered video recruitment, which has revolutionized the hiring process by leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance various aspects of recruitment. In this blog post, we’ll explore how AI-powered video recruitment platforms are driving results and transforming the way organizations hire top talent.

The Evolution of Hiring

Historically, the hiring process has been a manual and time-consuming endeavor. Recruiters and hiring managers had to rely heavily on resumes and interviews to make hiring decisions. This process often led to biased decisions, lengthy time-to-fill rates, and increased costs. However, with AI video recruitment implementation, a paradigm shift has occurred, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize their hiring strategies.

Covid played a significant role in intensifying employers’ commitment to the use of video recruitment tools. During the pandemic, 82 percent of employers polled adopted virtual interviews for candidates, and an overwhelming 93 percent of those expressed their intention to continue with virtual interviews as a part of their recruitment process. In fact the video recruitment market continues to grow. Estimated to be worth roughly $250m in 2022, it is expected to grow to almost $892m by 2030.

How do we account for this blooming popularity in video recruitment?

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The Power of AI in Video Recruitment

Using virtual interviews via video offers a plethora of benefits, but adding AI technology to the mix creates even greater incentives to adopt this technology. AI video recruitment platforms leverage machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze video interviews. They also offer a host of additional AI-powered features, like video transcription services and in-app AI assistants.

An increasing number of HR and recruitment companies are turning to AI video platforms as an integral part of their hiring process. According to one survey, 65% of recruiters currently use AI in the recruitment process. While 35% of recruiters identify AI as the most important development shaping their approach to talent recruitment and how they make hiring decisions.

Let’s look more closely at the key benefits of AI video recruitment tools for both candidates and employers:

1. Enhanced Screening and Shortlisting
One of the most significant advantages of AI video recruitment platforms is their ability to quickly screen and shortlist candidates. Instead of manually reviewing resumes, recruiters can ask candidates to record video responses to specific questions. AI algorithms then analyze these responses, evaluating factors such as communication skills, confidence, and relevant experience. This approach not only saves time but also ensures a more comprehensive assessment of candidates’ qualifications.

2. Reducing Bias
Bias in hiring has long been a concern, leading to underrepresented groups being overlooked. AI video recruitment platforms aim to mitigate bias by focusing solely on the content of the candidate’s responses rather than their personal characteristics. This promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace and ensures that the best candidates are selected based on merit.

3. Task Automation
Integrated AI features can save valuable time and resources. AI-powered transcription and summarization allows the content of videos to be easily reviewed, documented, and shared with others. Many AI video platforms also offer in-app virtual assistants that can answer candidate questions, or conduct the initial interviews.

4. Improved Candidate Experience
From the candidate’s perspective, AI video recruitment platforms offer a more convenient and flexible interview process. Candidates can complete video interviews at their own pace, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly in-person interviews. They can get their questions answered quickly by in-app AI assistants. Such features not only saves candidates time and money but also creates a positive impression of the hiring company.

5. Predictive Analytics
AI-powered platforms can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends in successful hires. This data-driven approach enables organizations to refine their hiring criteria and identify the qualities and skills that lead to long-term employee success.

6. Cost Savings
Reducing the time-to-fill rates, eliminating travel expenses for in-person interviews, and automating administrative tasks all contribute to significant cost savings for organizations using AI video recruitment platforms. These savings can be reinvested in other critical areas of talent acquisition.

Real-World Results

Several organizations have already witnessed remarkable improvements in their hiring processes after implementing AI video recruitment platforms. They have reported shorter time-to-fill rates, reduced turnover, and increased diversity in their talent pools. In a survey of recruiters conducted by Zippia, the following results were found:

  • 86.1% of recruiters using AI say it speeds up the hiring process.
  • 41% of recruiters believe AI provides valuable insights during the recruitment process.
  • 44% of recruiters cite ”saving time” as the top reason for their implementation of AI recruitment.
  • This same survey calculated that AI recruitment can reduce cost-per-hire by up to 30%.

AI Video Recruitment Implementation

AI video recruitment platforms are transforming the way organizations hire talent. Q-Consultation offers a white label video recruitment platform for organizations wishing to use their own company branded, customized recruitment tool. The platform offers recordable video chat, instant messaging and a host of AI features including transcription, summarization, and an in-app AI virtual assistant. With this easy-to-integrate and customizable video recruitment solution, implementing AI video recruitment has never been more straightforward. Contact us to learn more.

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