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Everything you need to know when choosing a teletherapy platform

Anton Dyachenko
19 Jun 2020
Teletherapy platform

We are going through a most challenging time, and the world around us is changing fast. The pandemic brought significant attention to the telemedicine. The development of teletherapy apps and platforms can effectively improve communication between providers and patients moreover enhance the management of hospital workflows. Telemedicine software has the entire match with our new environment of social distancing and limited resources.

Teletherapy platforms help patients describe their symptoms, exchange secure messages, and wait for their video consultation with the doctor. Therefore, telemedicine software is experiencing a significant boom now within both healthcare systems and private practices.

QuickBlox recognizes teletherapy apps one of the major trends in telemedicine services since it benefits accessibility to health care, improving the quality and efficiency of medical treatment, and patient engagement. That’s why we aim to provide solutions for the successful implementation of teletherapy services in the healthcare environment.

How to choose teletherapy platform services

Businesses need to encourage their clients that they know how to properly manage telemedicine and comply with the best practices in this sector.

The first thing to consider is that you cannot just use any regular video chat software! Most video conferencing options, like Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts, don’t meet the security needs of telemedicine due to HIPAA concerns. Conference providers may be unsafe concerning personal data. Also, to practice online therapy, a doctor must be confident that a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform protects the client’s privacy. He must specify the place of work and sign a BAA with the platform. We recommend patients to visit the telehealth app website and check the data protection information, before scheduling a consultation.

Required teletherapy platform features

  • HIPAA-compliance
  • Any telehealth software must meet HIPAA privacy and security rules. These rules ensure data privacy and security for protecting sensitive medical data. To develop a HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform, the team should take proper security steps, including encrypted data transmission, peer-to-peer secure network connections, and unique user identification, among other protocols.

  • Screen-sharing
  • Screen Sharing enables enhanced collaboration between the patient and doctor, thus ensuring in-depth remote consultation. The platform space should allow viewing of pdf versions of worksheets, flashcards, slides, or photos for therapy.

  • Video Conferences and Chatting
  • The features of video conferencing or chatting should be implemented to connect with the patients directly to diagnose and provide consultations. This enables face-to-face interactions with high-quality video and audio. Both clients and clinicians can communicate remotely in real-time over a secured internet connection. They also can exchange text-based messages, which ensures better engagement.

    All these features can be easily set up with QuickBlox APIs and SDKs. It ensures both clinicians and patients have the best experience possible, without spending lots of time and money on managing the teletherapy app development.

  • Symptom Checker
  • This feature can guide patients through questions to help both the clinician and patients better understand their health issues. It provides a quick and accurate health assessment. It also stores the patient’s history in the teletherapy app.

  • Scheduling
  • Scheduling offers all the flexibility and functionality needed for both in-office and telehealth services.

  • Reminders and Push notifications
  • Push notifications keep patients engaged and introduce better health management. Notifying the patient and healthcare providers in a particular situation ensures the doctor-patient interaction is more productive. The app will be able to send reminders for the patient to take medicine, and the doctor will be able to monitor the progress of the treatment efficiently.
    QuickBlox offers the integration of push notification to the telehealth app and its customization when needed.

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Teletherapy software should be able to function correctly with medical billing software platforms to ensure flexible billing options for patients and insurers. This feature allows payments made effortless and on time.

Your options with QuickBlox

QuickBlox helps develop a teletherapy platform that provides high-quality, affordable medical care to patients, adapted for your business needs. QuickBlox’s cloud infrastructure supports flexible scalability and seamless cross-platform integration.

We offer the following options for you to provide teletherapy services instantly:

  1. Enterprise Plan – build your solution
  2. With Enterprise Plan, you get our Messaging, Audio/Video Calling API & SDK with fully customizable features to manage your secure telehealth app.

    Enterprise Plan suits best for both large-scale and small businesses requiring customization, high-quality technical support, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance. It is specially created for those who want more control over data and security.

    QuickBlox is flexible and compatible with Android, iOS, and Web Applications, which can also be managed by the QuickBlox team. Also, extra add-ons and 3rd-party integrations can be developed for your use case.

  3. HIPAA plan – build your solution
  4. It is a cheaper option due to sharing the server with other telemedicine apps. The HIPAA Cloud plan follows the guidelines defined by HIPAA regulatory to prevent medical record information data breaches. A HIPAA compliant server is necessary for storing, transferring, reading, displaying, or otherwise accessing any form of data that contains individually identifiable Protected Health Information (PHI).

    HIPAA Cloud plan could be an excellent option to start your teletherapy app.

    Along with HIPAA Cloud Plan, you will get:

    – Lots of APIs and Code Sample to help integrate all your communication needs;

    – iOS, Android & Web SDKs.

  5. Q-consultation – customizable, ready platform
  6. Q-Consultation is a complete suite of client and doctor Web app to create a virtual waiting room experience for any possible use cases. Q-Consultation solution allows launching a system for remote doctor-patient treatment together with administrative staff or nurses managing the patient queue.

    Built using our QuickBlox communication infrastructure, Q-Consultation is your out-of-the-box set of applications in your business offering hosted on a secure, scalable, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant backend. We offer these ready apps together with support and enterprise-ready features for you. Flexible pricing option suggests secure payment for Q-consultation in the form of a per-seat subscription model or monthly as a SAAS license.


QuickBlox HIPAA compliant telemedicine solutions establish relations between the clinic and the patient, empowering doctors with remote consultations and better client engagement. It allows managing and providing telemedicine care for patients across the full width of the patient-provider connection. Follow HIPAA, GDPR, and PHI regulations and develop online medical services that will help to provide health care in the difficult conditions faced by the world.

Contact us now to see how QuickBlox can simplify your teletherapy practice.

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