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Introducing SmartChat Assistant

  • Train with your custom data
  • Build in minutes
  • Embed on any website or app
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Create Smart AI Chatbots in Minutes

  • Customized AI chatbots that speak the language of your industry

    Train SmartChat Assistant with your own knowledge base.

    Upload diverse data sources including PDFs, TXT, DOCX, and Web Links.

    Access analytics to improve your knowledge base.

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  • Seamless integration into ANY website or application

    User-friendly setup process, which doesn’t require technical expertise.

    Intuitive dashboard interface for efficient management.

    SmartChat widget for seamless and rapid deployment.

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  • Enable your AI chatbots with flexible responses

    SmartChat Assistant can be pre-set to redirect unanswered questions to OpenAI, or seamlessly forward questions to a human agent.

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Choose Your Account

Chat Services + AI Assistant

Suitable for people looking to build chat functionality and integrate AI Assistants.

Includes SDKs, APIs, Chat UI Kits, and SmartChat Assistant. Start Building

AI Assistant Only

Suitable for people looking to integrate AI Assistants with their applications or websites.

Includes SmartChat Assistant only. Coming Soon*

Who needs a customizable chat service?


SmartChat Assistant can instantly access your product catalog, FAQs, and even shipping guidelines to provide accurate and up-to-date responses to customers.



Empower your smart chatbot to offer personalized medical insights, treatment information, and wellness advice by uploading it with medical guidelines, drug databases, and patient education materials.



SmartChat Assistant can access course catalogs, academic calendars, student handbooks, and enrollment procedures to help students with course registration, class schedules, academic advising, and more.



SmartChat Assistant can swiftly scour legal documents, aiding lawyers in finding relevant case precedents and information.


Customer Support

Enable support agents to access powerful AI chat assistance so that they can provide instant and accurate responses to customer inquiries.


Upgrade your App from Ordinary to Extraordinary with SmartChat AI

Instant Support

Provide users with swift responses to their queries, enhancing their experience and reducing wait times.

Personalized Interactions

Create more engaging and relevant conversations as SmartChat Assistants understand user preferences and tailor responses.

24/7 Availability

Provide round-the-clock assistance to your app users. SmartChat Assistants means your app remains responsive even outside office hours.

Task Automation

Automate routine tasks, freeing up human resources for more complex interactions.

Enhanced User Engagement

Engage users in intelligent and informative conversations, making them more likely to return.


Scale SmartChat Assistants to handle multiple conversations simultaneously and improve efficiency.

Why QuickBlox SmartChat Assistant?

Time and Resource Efficiency QuickBlox

Time and Resource Efficiency

Save valuable development time and resources using SmartChat Assistant, eliminating the need to build from scratch.

Flexibility and Customization QuickBlox

Flexibility and Customization

Tailor your SmartChat Assistant's behavior, personality, and responses to align with your app's unique brand.

Seamless API and SDK Integration QuickBlox

Seamless API and SDK Integration

Effortlessly integrate using QuickBlox APIs and SDKs, or SmartChat widget, ensuring smooth implementation within your existing application.

Scalability and Reliability QuickBlox

Scalability and Reliability

Supported by QuickBlox's robust infrastructure to ensure scalability and reliable performance, even under high user loads.

Plug-and-Play Integration QuickBlox

Plug-and-Play Integration

Adding SmartChat Assistant to your application takes seconds, not hours. Our platform streamlines integration, facilitating a seamless user experience.

No Complex Coding QuickBlox

No Complex Coding

Enjoy hassle-free chatbot creation – no need for intricate coding skills. Our intuitive dashboard simplifies the process.

AI Integration Made Easy

  • Connect to OpenAI or your own local knowledge base
  • Available for every platform
  • Intuitive dashboard interface to streamline building process
  • Minimal coding required
  • Free to trial
Get Started
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SmartChat Assistant handle knowledge base integration?

Users can integrate SmartChat Assistant with their own knowledge base to create industry-specific expertise. A diverse data source can be uploaded including PDFs, DOCXs, weblinks, and more.

Is SmartChat Assistant customizable for specific business needs?

Yes, indeed. SmartChat Assistant is highly customizable. Its no-code dashboard allows users to tailor the chatbot’s responses, tone, and style, ensuring a personalized and brand-aligned experience for users. Furthermore you can customize it’s knowledge base to suit your specific business needs.

Where can developers find resources to get started with integrating SmartChat Assistant?

We offer developers comprehensive resources, including official documentation and helpful video tutorials. We also provide a Discord community for developers to share ideas and request support.

Can SmartChat Assistant be integrated into existing chat applications?

Absolutely. SmartChat Assistant is designed for seamless integration into existing chat applications built on the QuickBlox platform. Plus, our new widget allows SmartChat Assistants to be integrated into ANY website.

What benefits does SmartChat Assistant bring to apps and user interactions?

SmartChat Assistant elevates user interactions by providing instant responses, personalized experiences, and efficient support. It enhances user engagement, streamlines processes, and empowers businesses to deliver a more satisfying and user-centric app experience.

How does QuickBlox secure company-specific data handled by SmartChat Assistant?

QuickBlox prioritizes the security of company-specific data handled by the SmartChat Assistant. Employing robust encryption measures and ensuring compliance with industry standards, including HIPAA for healthcare applications, QuickBlox guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information, instilling confidence in the secure handling of company-specific data.

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