The difference between Shared server account vs Enterprise cloud-hosted vs On-premise hosting

Anton Dyachenko
12 Jun 2020
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QuickBlox provides instant messaging APIs and SDKs that allow real-time chat and messaging as well as related rich functionality to be added to any Android, iOS, or Web applications. Our product is used in a number of applications, including healthcare, marketplaces, fintech, e-commerce, enhancing user experience to its best. QuickBlox offers ready-made back-end solutions for enterprise-level communication, customer-focused business communication, e-commerce chat, and personal chat. This ensures that the application meets modern demands and businesses stay competitive in today’s technology world. We offer our customers managed and self-managed shared, private, and on-premise hosting for their chat application to help businesses with any type of deployment while ensuring their data is secure.

Shared cloud plans overview and limits comparison

QuickBlox Shared Cloud offers flexible scalability, allowing your business to scale up as needed to meet demand, without having to wait for delivery of new hardware. QuickBlox team provides a complete administration system and takes care of all the features related to the hosting system (update, security, maintenance, backups, software installation). Shared hosting is the best option for startups that don’t use many bandwidth resources.

Using our Basic, Startup, and Growth plans, you get an account on our AWS-hosted instance with community and ticket support.

Basic Plan provides you:

Users: up to 1 000 total users.

Data Retention: 1 month.

Storage and traffic: 0.5 GB (how much space you have for user attachments to store on your account).

Concurrent connections: 25 (Concurrent connection is a single device connected to QuickBlox backend. This parameter means how many user devices are connected to the application at the same time.)

File size limit: 10 MB.

Startup Plan provides you:

Users: up to 10,000 total users.

Data Retention: 3 Months.

Storage and traffic: 5 GB.

Concurrent connections: 100.

File size limit: 25.

Growth Plan provides you:

Users: up to 25,000 total users.

Data Retention: 6 Months.

Storage and traffic: 50 GB.

Concurrent connections: 250.

File size limit: 50 MB.

Please note that:

  • Speed and quality issues on the Shared Cloud might occur due to having many applications being developed and tested;
  • The server is located in Virginia, which is another factor for possible slow response time from distant locations if the server is not at your nearest location;
  • You can’t track any of the back-end processes – as everything is shared between you and other users like you.

Enterprise plan capabilities and advantages over Shared cloud

With Enterprise Plan, you get our chat APIs and SDKs with fully customizable features to manage your secure messaging solution, achieving the best possible business results with effective resource utilization and reduced costs. It is specially created for those who want more control over data and security. Enterprise Plan suits best for businesses and enterprises requiring customization, high-quality technical support, SLA, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance.

We offer a communication suite of fully-managed features across platforms in client-side SDK’s, REST API to Server-side deployment, integration on AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and On-Premise. QuickBlox cross-platform functionality and infinite cloud infrastructure make it one of the best chat API for Android, iOS, and Web applications, ensuring easy infrastructure management and effective automation of selected workflows. It allows you to automate a range of tasks and customize our services to your needs. It is also embedded with WebRTC that enables HD quality video interaction and a robust VoIP that gives a dynamic voice experience. QuickBlox uses XMPP Protocol, which is appropriate for real-time solutions.

We are also a developers-friendly company with client-side source code sample available to promote quick and seamless integration, here is a link to our documentation.

Our team will install QuickBlox infrastructure to your Cloud Hosting Account and support it, taking complete responsibility for 24/7 security and operational functionality. We will quickly fix issues, if any, to fit SLA. For us, this approach is preferable as we have all the required automated tools to reduce resources for supporting our solution.

Our Enterprise customers get:

  1. Dedicated AWS / GCP / Azure / Alibaba Cloud;
  2. Flexible chat customization: number of users, devices, data retention, storage and traffic, attachment size;
  3. Add configurations according to your needs (HIPAA/GDPR compliance, HA/DR, advanced security, and monitoring);
  4. Possibility to use software add-ons (conference call server, dedicated TURN server, custom identity provider, API integration);
  5. Personal account manager, web admin panel, and prioritized support.

Additionally, we offer the following features:

  1. Virus scanner;
  2. OSSEC – Intrusion Detection System;
  3. Graylog – advanced logging and monitoring;
  4. CIDP (Custom Identity Provider) – manage your users securely.

On-Premise hosting

With the on-premise installation, you are fully responsible for setting up and managing your server infrastructure. You have your physical servers located within the walls of your organization or in any data center. You are also responsible for server configuration and administration. The on-premise solution provides the benefit of using your own data center to be located wherever you need. You don’t have to choose from the provider’s options.

On-premise installation guarantees the highest security level since no third parties (including the hosting vendors) have physical and remote access to your servers. That’s why the industries such as healthcare and financial services companies, dealing with sensitive data, are required to have their infrastructure hosted locally. For such companies, on-premises storage may be a preferred option.

Compared with the default Cloud hosting installation, there are specific support and troubleshooting processes. The QuickBlox team is limited with access to this server after the installation. In this case, our DevOps team will not recover the instance, but we can help with troubleshooting via tickets, email, and chat. Also, we are limited by monitoring and protecting our intellectual property. We recommend using a Dedicated Instance by providing access to our team. Please note that this option will be the most expensive.


The best hosting choice for you depends on your needs and your workloads. QuickBlox has a range of ready-made hosting solutions to ensure that our customers have the highest quality, fastest-growing, and most innovative cloud toolsets available. Discover our cloud infrastructure options today.

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