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Announcing the Launch of Q-Consultation Lite! Free, Open Source Software

Gail M.
7 Mar 2023
Q-Consultation Lite, Open Source Code

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Q-Consultation Lite, our free, open source software for video consultation and chat. Designed to address any number of business use cases where virtual private rooms are needed, Q-Consultation Lite offers high-quality, secure video calling and chat messaging. What’s more, it’s completely free to copy and run from our GitHub repository!

Introducing Q-Consultation Lite

You may already be familiar with Q-Consultation. We launched our premium version during the height of Covid-19 to meet the growing demand for secure remote video consultation across a variety of industries, but especially healthcare. This white-label premium version is a fully managed service packed with additional features like a scheduler.

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Given the on-going demand for teleconsultation software we have decided to release a free “lite” version to make it as accessible as possible. Now anyone can visit our repository to run the source code and access detailed documentation to plug in and play.

“Q-Consultation was originally built to meet the extraordinary demand from QuickBlox’s customers for digital and remote communication solutions during COVID-19. After trialing the software with several healthcare organizations, we saw the firsthand benefits, such as reducing the cost of no-show appointments and pressure on clinical resources,” Nate MacLeitch, CEO of QuickBlox.

The software is easily integrable with existing company platforms and is a web-and mobile-responsive application compatible with iOS, Android, and the Web. Developers can also modify the software’s code to enhance features such as language, icons, and data capture fields while adapting the user interface to fit the identities and branding of specific companies. And if companies choose to use the free app with the paid QuickBlox HIPAA cloud plan, they would also be HIPAA-compliant with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

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Q-Consultation Lite

Q-Consultation Lite for every Industry

Q-Consultation Lite provides countless industry-specific use cases with the option to ‘hold’ participants in virtual, real-time queues or waiting rooms before private video appointments. Healthcare professionals, financial advisors, HR recruiters, and other users can leverage this technology for virtual private consultations, coaching, product demos, tutorials, training sessions, and at-home monitoring.

Q-Consultation Lite for Healthcare

Q-Consultation Lite allows patients to receive medical attention from anywhere. Reducing the need for patients to travel to medical facilities, this software saves time and money and allows physicians to see more patients in a shorter amount of time.

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Q-Consultation Lite for E-Commerce

Using our software can help increase sales by allowing customers to interact with sales representatives in a more engaging way. Customers can connect with sales representatives in real-time and receive detailed information about products or services, which can help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Q-Consultation Lite for HR & Recruitment

If you’re looking for a convenient and efficient way to conduct job interviews, especially for remote candidates, Q-Consultation Lite can help. Utilize this software as a cost-effective way to conduct interviews and assessments, especially for large companies that have a high volume of candidates.

Q-Consultation for Professional Services

Q-Consultation Lite can provide a secure way to conduct consultations and exchange sensitive information, which is critical for professions such as law and finance. It can help professionals work together more effectively and provide clients with access to a broader range of expertise.

Q-Consultation Lite for Customer Support

Customer support agents can use Q-Consultation Lite to provide real-time assistance and answer questions, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction. The app can help increase efficiency for customer support agents by allowing them to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously. It can also help reduce wait times and improve response times for customers.

Feature-Rich Video Consultation & Chat

Q-Consultation Lite offers a range of useful features.

Virtual meeting rooms

The Q-Consultation Lite virtual meeting room allows people to join meetings from anywhere, at any time, using any device with an internet connection. This can save time and eliminate the need for travel, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

While clients or patients are waiting for a provider, you can chat, collect data from online forms, show a video, display an advert or a notice, and more. Customize the virtual waiting room to suit your business needs.

Learn more about: Making a Virtual Meeting Room Application with Q-Consultation

In-App Chat

The availability of in-app chat means that all communication can happen within one platform. A Provider can chat with a client/patient before, during, and after a video consultation. They can send secure messages, share media rich files, and review their chat history with multiple participants.

High-Quality Video Calls

Our high-quality video calling functionality provides a powerful communication channel between participants. Encourage more active participation and better collaboration by providing a personalized and engaging experience for your users.

A provider can turn on or off their microphone and camera, share their screen, and adjust their screen size. Furthermore, during a video call, a provider can collect data with the in-app note-taking feature, share files, and communicate through the chat panel. They can even send and respond to chat messages with other clients waiting in a virtual queue.

User Management Features

With Q-Consultation Lite, a provider can manage several online users at once, creating greater work efficiency and contributing to a positive user experience. Providers can:

  • Manage a live queue of participants, assigning priority and re-assiging to other providers if needed.
  • Communicate with participants in a live queue, whilst on a live video consultation with another participant.
  • Implement user authentication via login screens.
  • Create provider profiles.
  • Collect data from users while they wait for the video call to begin.

Why you need to try Q-Consultation Lite now

There are countless benefits of using our open-source code, from the ease and convenience of using a ready solution, to offering your patients/customers a seamless experience communicating securely online. If you’re still in doubt, here are three more reasons why you should try Q-Consultation Lite today.


There’s no need to invest in expensive proprietary software. Q-Consultation Lite source code is free to use. Just visit our GitHub repository and run the code today. To make it even easier to use, we provide detail documentation and a helpful video tutorial to get your app, up and running.

All we ask in return is for you to:

  1. Spread the word – please tell others about this amazing free product.
  2. Contribute to improving the code – we provide clear guidelines on the best way to do this.
  3. Tell us about your creation – we want to hear about how you are using the product. You can add comments below or join our QuickBlox Developer Community on Discord. Your app innovation could be featured in our follow-up blog.


The great thing about the source code is that you are able to modify the application to suit your needs. We provide guidelines on how to change the colors, logo, and other style settings. But why stop there. You can change the flow of the screens or add and enhance features. It’s up to you. And don’t forget we have a professional services team on hand should you need assistance.

Enhanced Security

If you are interested in secure communication then here’s another compelling reason for using Q-Consultation Lite – direct access to the source code means improved security of your app. with open source code you can verify for yourself whether the code is secure and you are free to add and enhance all the security features that you need.

Where can I find Q-Consultation Lite?

It’s easy to start using Q-Consultation Lite today. Just follow this link to receive details of the source code and supporting documentation.

Got any questions or what to see a demo? Speak to a member of our team. We’re ready to help!

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