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New Project will Integrate AI into Real-Time Communication Apps

New AI-enabling Quick-Bot tools that enable developers to add conversational AI into real-time messaging and video chat apps will be launched this summer.

24 May 2023
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How QuickBlox Is Poised To Capitalize From The $45 Billion CPaaS Market

An interview with QuickBlox CEO, Nate Macleitch on where QuickBlox is heading.

21 Apr 2023
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Europe Voice Chat API Market

QuickBlox named as “key player” in 2023 “Voice Chat API” market which is set to surge significantly between 2023-2030.

4 Apr 2023
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Unleashing the Potential of Generative AI with CPaaS

Businesses are turning to AI to enhance the capabilities of chatbots on CPaaS platforms, but why?

31 Mar 2023
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15 European Startups working to build a Stronger Economy

Find out why QuickBlox has been highlighted as a key startup in Europe.

23 Mar 2023
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ChatGPT reemplazará a los chatbots?

QuickBlox CEO, Nate MacLeitch, comments on the promise of combining ChatGPT, chatbots, and real-time communication apps.

21 Mar 2023
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The Future of Communication Technology

Nate Macleitch of Quickblox, on How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up How We Connect and Communicate With Each Other.

20 Mar 2023
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Backend as a Service Market Report

QuickBlox named as a “key player” in 2023 market report on backend-as-a-service.

13 Mar 2023
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Announcing the Launch of Q-Consultation Lite!

Find out more about our exciting white label video consultation app. The open source code is free to use and customize today.

7 Mar 2023
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QuickBlox Offering to Make Video Teleconsultation Software Accessible to All

Yahoo releases details about QuickBlox’s new open-source software, Q-Consultation.

7 Mar 2023
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QuickBlox introduces Q-Consultation Lite

Q-Consultation Lite enables developers to integrate a virtual meeting room plugin with existing platforms and websites, including electronic health record systems.

7 Mar 2023
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The Best Video Calling APIs: Features and Benefits

QuickBlox highlighted as “an easy-to-use communication platform that helps you stay connected with high quality video and audio.”

21 Feb 2023
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Interview with Nate MacLeitch, CEO and Founder of QuickBlox

SafetyDetectives spoke with Nate MacLeitch, founder and CEO of QuickBlox, about his motivation to start a company focused on digital communication and some of the security protocols they use.

18 Dec 2022
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