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Tried & tested

QuickBlox communication solutions have been tried and tested by various industries and non-profit organizations including health and fitness, social networking and gaming, e-commerce and banking. These services have successfully employed our reliable SDKs and APIs to enhance communication experiences for their users across platforms.


Feature rich

Integrate customizable communication features to effortlessly connect your customers and employees worldwide. Whether you require real-time chat to provide immediate contact, video-conferencing to visually demonstrate a product or service, or secure file-sharing capabilities to exchange important documents, QuickBlox can help.


Flexible hosting

We offer different types of software deployment to suit your industry specific needs. Government agencies and tightly regulated industries such as finance and banking benefit from our secure and flexible hosting options which include on-premise installation and private clouds.


Industry standards

Large hospitals, smaller clinics, and health insurance companies rely on us for HIPAA compliance and data protection. European businesses can be sure of the highest standards of privacy and security with our GDPR compliant solutions.


Our advanced communication solutions are highly flexible, customizable, scalable, and allow for easy integration. Use QuickBlox to increase efficiency in your business by delivering a richer, more personal and secure communication experience.

Discover the benefits you gain by choosing QuickBlox as your communication service provider


QuickBlox HIPAA‑compliant chat, voice, and video-calling solutions are specially built for your healthcare communication needs. Integrate our reliable API into existing healthcare EHR platform, adding instant messaging and a host of other functionality to elevate your performance as a responsive service provider. Our flexible communication solutions can be used for a variety of use cases including remote doctor-patient consultation and internal f ile-sharing and real-time chat between healthcare practitioners.

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QuickBlox healthcare
QuickBlox finance

Finance & Banking

QuickBlox offers secure and compliant communication solutions for finance and banking. Our customizable APIs and SDKs allow you to utilize a host of communication features including real-time chat and high quality video-calling that personalise and improve the customer experience. Our on-premise and private cloud hosting solutions means that software can be deployed wherever you want including your own web server, thus ensuring total control and protection of your data.

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Reach a broad audience with our global communication solutions. Customized live chat API that can be integrated into any type of online store or e-commerce marketplace platform. QuickBlox communication solutions enable you to connect buyers with sellers, share product information, provide immediate customer support, convert website visitors in purchasers, and drive sales.

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QuickBlox Social Networking

Social Networking

Social networking and dating apps are turning to QuickBlox because our rich communication features can be effortlessly integrated into your platform. Engage users and drive retention by building dynamic and secure messenger apps using QuickBlox calling and chat API. We understand the need for privacy and data protection. Our in-built safety features ensure social networking can flourish in a safe and secure environment.

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Education & Coaching

Our growing need for remote teaching is made possible with QuickBlox chat API and voice and video calling functionality. Teachers can connect with students via private one-to-one audio/video calls, or recordable video conferencing solution. Fitness instructors rely on QuickBlox to facilitate one-to-one fitness sessions, and for push notifications to remind clients of work-out schedules and appointments. Our communication system solutions can be tailored to meet a variety of interactive learning needs.

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