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Product Update: Open Source Video Chat Integrated with AI

Gail M.
20 Jun 2023
Open Source Video Chat Integrated with AI

Harnessing the Power of OpenAI for Online Video Consultations

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to our open source video chat software. Q-Consultation Lite has been integrating with OpenAI models (like GPT-3, a powerful Large Language Model) to provide a range of robust AI functionalities, including AI answer assistance, and transcription and summarization. By integrating AI technology into our live video chat open source app we have enhanced the user experience and unlocked new possibilities for seamless, efficient, and productive virtual consultations. With these powerful AI-driven features, Q-Consultation Lite can greatly enhance the way professionals connect with clients and provide expert guidance remotely.

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AI Enhanced Live Video Chat Open Source Code

Q-Consultation Lite is already freely available for developers to run and customize to create a modern online consultation app. The open source video software, built with QuickBlox robust chat SDKs can work on Android, iOS and web platforms. The software provides video chat, instant messaging, virtual meeting rooms and more. We have now integrated OpenAI models to elevate the source code to the next level. Developers can now access a wide array of enhanced AI features and functionality. Let’s explore these new features:

AI Answer Assist: Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency

A game-changing addition to Q-Consultation Lite is the integration of AI Assist. This intelligent feature acts as a virtual assistant, supporting consultants throughout their video and chat appointment. With AI Answer Assist, consultants can forward clients questions to the AI model, which provides accurate answers and suggestions in real-time. Consultants have the flexibility to edit and refine the AI-generated responses, ensuring that the information shared with clients is tailored to their unique needs. This collaborative approach allows for more efficient consultations, saving time and empowering consultants to deliver personalized and accurate advice.

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Transcription: Creating a Documented Record

Q-Consultation Lite’s new AI capabilities will extend beyond the video call itself. With the ability to transcribe the entire video recording, the platform will be able to generate a detailed text transcript, capturing every word spoken during the consultation. This transcript becomes a valuable resource, enabling consultants to revisit the conversation at any time, ensuring that no crucial details are missed or forgotten. They can also share the transcript with the client.

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Summary Notes and Action Points: Capturing Crucial Details

Moreover, the AI system will also be able to summarize the conversation, providing a concise overview of the key points covered, which can be shared with the client. This feature minimizes the chances of miscommunication and provides a concise reference for follow-up meetings. Furthermore, AI can also analyze the text to generate a clear list of actionable items. This list provides a structured and organized overview of tasks and recommendations, which helps both the consultant and the client to stay on track, ensuring that no important actions are overlooked or forgotten after the consultation.

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Smart Recommendation: Finding the Perfect Match

Another AI feature soon to be released with this software is Smart Recommendation. This innovative functionality leverages advanced AI algorithms to match users with the most suitable consultants based on their specific requirements. By considering factors such as expertise, experience, and client needs, Smart Recommendation ensures that every user is paired with the right professional, streamlining the consultation process and improving outcomes.

Benefits of the Updated Q-Consultation Lite:

Our React JavaScript open source code offers significant advantages for developers wanting to build a live video chat messaging app with AI features. Here’s a summary of some of the key benefits:

Time Optimization: Smart Recommendation swiftly connects users with the most relevant consultants, eliminating the need for manually scrolling through profiles and saving valuable time.

Personalization: AI Assistance allows consultants to provide tailored information to clients, ensuring a personalized and customized consultation experience.

Improved Collaboration: The AI model assists consultants by offering real-time answers, facilitating seamless collaboration between consultants and the AI system, resulting in more accurate and comprehensive responses.

Enhanced Documentation: Transcriptions and summary notes offer a detailed record of the consultation, ensuring clarity and minimizing the risk of misinterpretation or omission of crucial information.

Greater Accessibility: With Q-Consultation Lite, geographical limitations are overcome, enabling professionals and clients to connect from anywhere in the world, promoting inclusivity and expanding opportunities for consultation.

Open Source Video Chat API

Alongside the OpenAI integration we have also released a new Q-Consultation API, which allows developers to perform several steps with one API request only. The purpose of the API is to simplify and speed up the integration process by minimizing cooperation with the QuickBlox API/SDK and number of necessary API calls to complete tasks.


The upgraded Q-Consultation Lite, powered by OpenAI models, revolutionizes the virtual consultation experience, empowering professionals to provide high-quality guidance and support remotely. With AI Answer Assist, and transcription and summarization features, the app offers unmatched convenience, efficiency, and personalization. Embrace the future of remote consultations with Q-Consultation Lite and experience the transformative power of AI in professional services.

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