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Cloud Hosting

QuickBlox software can be deployed in a dedicated cloud managed by QuickBlox, or in your own virtual cloud managed by yourself and hosted by a cloud provider of your choosing. Both options come with various benefits including data security, DevOps support, GDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, and more.



Premium support from our DevOps team

Our DevOps team provides server monitoring, configuration management, and service issue resolution. The team maintains and supports your communication infrastructure with uptime guaranteed under a Software Level Agreement (SLA). We assist with integration, scalability, and security providing you with your own Account Manager who will ensure that you get the most out of your cloud communication infrastructure.


Security and data protection guaranteed

Secure GDPR-compliant and HIPAA-compliant communication solutions for ecommerce, financial, healthcare, and regulated enterprises. We support customers with sensitive information or regulated data that have specific hosting requirements. We can strengthen the security of your system, configuring your system according to the requirements of your own security team and the best international security practices.

Hassle-free hosting on the QuickBlox cloud

If you don’t want to have the bother of server management then let us run our communication software in a dedicated instance set up within our own QuickBlox cloud. Default hosting is by Amazon Web Services but other cloud providers are supported.

Key features


Quick installation and free data migration


No technical involvement necessary as the QuickBlox DevOps team will take care of server maintenance and updates


No need to pay a separate set of fees to a third party cloud provider each month


Option to integrate additional security addons

More choice & control with your own preferred Cloud provider

If you want more control over where your data is hosted, how it is managed, and who has access to it then opt to have QuickBlox install software within your own cloud account.

Installing our software in your own business environment means less worries about business continuity.

Key features


Choose where to host

At QuickBlox we don’t restrict where you host your data. Choose the best location for your dedicated server among several providers. This flexibility allows you to get close to your customer base while adhering to the specific data regulations in a given geographical area.


Public, Private, or Hybrid cloud hosting

Your budget, technical needs, and security requirements determine who you host with, not our company policy. Whether you choose a public or private cloud provider, or opt for a hybrid hosting environment, QuickBlox can support you.


Better visibility of used resources inside your cloud provider

By deploying software within your own cloud environment you enjoy more transparency of resources running your services. Maximise server resources to your advantage. QuickBlox can work with you to determine the most efficient means to process traffic and data consumption to save hosting costs especially in high bandwidth use cases.


Flexible levels of monitoring and access

As a default QuickBlox manages servers in your environment so that you are not required to provide any technical involvement. But if you have security compliance needs we can work with your DevOps and info security teams to determine the appropriate level of QuickBlox access and management of your infrastructure.

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