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Build a powerful chat solution with QuickBlox real‑time chat SDK & chat API for your web and mobile app. Benefit from advanced features and combine with our voice and video calling, or video conferencing solutions to create a truly immersive user experience.

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Gain and retain a growing customer base with a modern instant messaging app powered by QuickBlox

Real‑time chat

Enhance business communication and user engagement with real‑time messaging. Drive conversions and sales through live‑chat. Improve your customer service and build trust by providing responsive communication via real‑time technology. Effective communication enriches customer experience and boosts customer retention.

GDPR compliant chat

To ensure your app is fully GDPR compliant we provide you with tools to manage customer data in accordance with GDPR legislation, this includes functionality to remove users with their associated information and sensitive data shared by your customers.

Feature rich chat

Customize a modern chat platform tailored for your unique enterprise business needs with feature enhancements designed to improve customer satisfaction. You can add and customize push notifications, share videos, audio files and documents of any type, and even integrate chatbot functionality for specific tasks. Drive user engagement by personalizing your app chat experience with extendable fields including user profiles, content & images, history, and more.

Multi‑Platform chat

Build chat solutions that work seamlessly across devices, whether you are on a phone, tablet, or desktop. Our developers have built software for multi‑platforms, so that you don’t have to. We have a chat SDK for Android, iOS, and Javascript (web), as well as a Flutter SDK and React Native SDK.

Public and private chat

Our complete chat API enables multiple configurations including one‑to‑one and both private and public group conversations. Our versatile functionality can support concurrent users in a variety of use cases including private one‑to‑one consultations with healthcare professionals or financial advisors, collaborative team discussions among work colleagues, or within online communities and public group chats in open forums.

HIPAA compliant chat

Our chat API is fully HIPAA compliant and we provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to our customers who are required to meet HIPAA compliance.

Secure chat

Feel confident in a messaging service that is safe and secure for your business. Built on an encrypted platform to prevent your valuable data from being hacked, our chat API benefits from additional security enhancements like virus scanning and intrusion detection. Furthermore, we can install our software directly into your own cloud hosting environment to ensure that you retain complete control over your data.

Saved chat

Save, store, and access your message history so that important conversations are never lost. Easy message retrieval and safe storage bolsters customer confidence. QuickBlox offers a variety of secure storage options for your data and chat history, including the use of dedicated servers for optimal security.

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Key features

  • One‑to‑one chat: Enjoy private one‑to‑one conversations.

  • Private group chat: Engage multiple users in a group conversations. You can add users to an existing group chat or create a multi‑user chat from scratch.

  • Public group chat: Create public community chats where anyone can join without an invitation. Supports hundreds of concurrent users.

  • Enhanced security: In addition to basic security protocol, Enterprise customers can also choose to implement end‑to‑end encryption on top of our solution to ensure that all communication remains private and secure.

  • Typing indicators: Provide visibility to those waiting for a response by letting them see when messages are being typed in real‑time.

  • Offline messages: Use push notifications to notify users when new messages are available even when they are offline.

  • Extended messaging: Create dynamic messages with meta‑data by adding links and buttons.

  • Message history: Store and retrieve history messages on the server.

  • Presence: Track online/offline user status. Trigger real‑time updates to your own presence status to let people know when you are online.

  • Chat moderation tools: Keep communication safe with advanced moderation tools, like ban user and message masking for profanity & unwanted sharing.

  • Message read & message delivery receipts: Stay informed about when messages have been delivered and/or read.

  • Multimedia sharing: Our file sharing feature allows you to send your customers attachments in a wide range of file formats, including text, picture, video and audio in real‑time to boost their messaging experience.

  • Unread message count: Don’t miss any messages. Show the number of unread messages in a chat.

  • Chatbot integration: Add chatbot functionality via third‑party integration to provide additional features for your users including personalized recommendations, artificial intelligence (AI) scheduling, online help, and more.

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FAQ: Chat

What is a chat SDK?

A SDK is a software development kit that comprises a set of tools (including documentation, code samples, code libraries, debugger, and guides) that is organized as one installable package. A chat SDK provides all the functionality needed to build a feature rich chat app.

What is a chat API?

An API (application programming interface) serves as intermediary software, facilitating communication between two platforms or applications. It can exist as a standalone solution, but is often included within an SDK. Chat API makes live chat and instant messaging possible in any mobile app or website by connecting your client-side application to an entire backend communication platform.

Does QuickBlox chat work on web and mobile?

Yes. We offer a range of cross-platform software including a chat SDK for mobile (Android & iOS) and a chat API for websites, plus chat SDKs for Flutter and React Native so that you can build applications accessible by smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

How many concurrent users can use my QuickBlox chat service?

QuickBlox can support thousands of concurrent users. The limit on user numbers depends on which QuickBlox Plan you subscribe to. To find out more, speak with one of our enterprise consultants.

What is the retention period of chat message history?

Data retention limits depend on which plan you sign up for. Check our pricing page and speak to one of our enterprise consultants now for more information.

What if I need help integrating my chat solution?

We provide comprehensive documentation on our chat solution. Please also check out our help center for a list of FAQs and to get support. The level of technical support you are entitled to depends on which plan you have subscribed to. If you need additional support outside of your monthly quota, or if you need assistance with more complex customizations please contact our customer success manager csm@quickblox.com.

Is QuickBlox chat encrypted?

Yes, our chat solution is built on an encrypted platform.

Is QuickBlox chat HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Quickblox chat is HIPAA compliant. As well as encrypting your database server, we offer an array of additional security add-ons, plus you can deploy our software in your own data center or private cloud so that you control and manage all your data. Check out our HIPAA compliant hosting solutions.

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