QuickBlox SDKs and APIs

We build out‑of‑the‑box, easy‑to‑integrate real‑time communication software, so that you don’t have to

Build stunning chat apps in no time at all

It’s easy to add chat messaging, voice & video calling, and multiparty video conferencing with our easy‑to‑use SDKs and APIs.

Why QuickBlox?

Quickblox Multi-platform


Our software is designed for multi‑platform use including iOS, Android, and the Web, ensuring that your QuickBlox messenger app will run with the same high performance on any device and in any browser.

QuickBlox Scalable


We offer a fully scalable infrastructure so that as your number of active users increases we can scale your dedicated software instance alongside.

QuickBlox Secure


Built on an encrypted platform to prevent your valuable data from being hacked, our SDKs and APIs benefit from additional security enhancements like data encryption at rest and in transit, virus scanning, intrusion detection, and more.

QuickBlox Host Anywhere

Host Anywhere

Apps built with QuickBlox software can be hosted on the QuickBlox cloud or in your own cloud hosting environment including on‑premises, either way we offer a fully managed service.

QuickBlox Chat and Video Calling SDKs

Whatever your preferred computing language or intended platform, we’ve got you covered. Robust feature rich SDKs that equip you to build awesome applications.

QuickBlox APIs

QuickBlox Chat API powers real time communication.

Use our APIs to integrate QuickBlox communication functionality directly into your application or website. Whether you need to manage chat dialogs, enable push notifications, sync contact lists, or initiate a video call, our APIs make it possible.

API Documentation

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