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QuickBlox Flutter SDK offers you all you need to build a robust and feature‑rich cross‑platform chat solution.

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What is a Flutter SDK?

Flutter is an increasingly popular cross‑platform UI toolkit created by Google, for building applications. Our Flutter video and chat SDK allows developers to create messenger apps with a single codebase that are compatible across both Android and iOS platforms. This means that when you build your chat solution with the QuickBlox Flutter SDK you can reach a broader audience in less time.

Why use QuickBlox Flutter SDK?

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High performance

Our well‑crafted software development kit allows you to add high‑quality communication features that work well across platforms and devices.

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Time & cost efficient

Our single codebase SDK saves your developers time and money. Build a single app that can be used for both iOS and Android. This also means updates happen simultaneously on both platforms.

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With chat, video calling, and video conferencing available with our Flutter SDK you can build apps to suit any number of use cases.

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Available now

Our Flutter Video and Chat SDK is free to install and comes with helpful documentation for ease of use. Register for a free QuickBlox account today!

Save time building cross‑platform communication solutions with our ready‑to‑use Flutter SDK

Elevate any app with real‑time communication with our Flutter SDK. Compatible with both iOS and Android, our Flutter SDK offers all you need to build a comprehensive messaging, video chat, or video conferencing solution.

How to Create a Flutter Chat Application?

It’s easy to build Flutter chat with our ready‑to‑use Flutter Chat SDK.

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QuickBlox SDKs are available for Android, iOS, JavaScript, React Native and Flutter. Cross‑platform is easy to set‑up as they all work together.

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Before using our SDK you’ll need to initialize it with QuickBlox application credentials. You can copy & paste them from the dashboard.

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Use QuickBlox SDK to create your desired chat experience. You can refer to our sample apps to check out integration best practices.

Read our Documentation and Quick Start Guide

Our SDK comes with detailed documentation so that you can easily configure our Flutter Chat SDK to best fit your brand and desired user experience. Check out our Quick Start guide, the fastest way to learn how to set‑up and install QuickBlox Flutter SDK.

Flutter Quick Start Documentation

App building made easy

Ready to get started?

Built for Developers

QuickBlox software integration

We strive to build easy‑to‑use developer‑friendly SDKs that can be effortlessly integrated into your app to produce stunning real‑time communication features.

We depend on developer feedback to constantly improve our product and documentation.

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    FAQ: Chat API

    What is real time communication?Arrow QuickBlox

    Real time communication is any online interaction and exchange of information between users with little to no latency. Real time communication examples offered by QuickBlox include live chat, instant messaging, peer-to-peer audio & video calls, video conferencing, and video streaming.

    Does your chat API support apps built in JavaScript?Arrow QuickBlox

    We provide real time chat for JavaScript, iOS (Objective-C /Swift), Android (Kotlin/Java), React Native and Flutter. Plus you can access our API directly to integrate QuickBlox functionality with your application if our SDKs do not support your programming language.

    Can I build real time group chat with QuickBlox?Arrow QuickBlox

    Yes. Our SDKs and API allow you to configure three types of chat including 1-on-1, private group chat, and public group chat.

    Can I use your QuickBlox Chat API for real time video communication?Arrow QuickBlox

    QuickBlox video chat and conferencing is built on real time communication with WebRTC. To enable video communication functionality you would need to use one of our SDKs which is built on top of our APIs.

    How does your Chat API work?Arrow QuickBlox

    Our Chat API comprises several APIs, application programming interfaces, that send requests from your app to our backend server as well as other cloud based communication services (e.g. there is an API to send push messages via the Apple Push Notification Service). Furthermore our Chat API is built on essential real time communication protocol XMPP, which enables real time chat messaging.

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