Connecting remote parties in real-time communication

Our Mission: Connecting remote parties in real-time communication

QuickBlox Our Mission

QuickBlox was one of the first communication solution providers on the marketplace to offer chat API, recognizing an emerging need for remote real-time communication between parties.

Since our founding, the trend toward digital communication in all areas of life--hastened by the current pandemic--has only deepened our commitment to developing more personal, immediate, and ultimately satisfying means to communicate. Whether it’s a doctor consulting with a patient, an educator teaching their student, a retailer negotiating a sale, or a community of individuals conversing on a shared topic of interest, we understand the common need for responsive real-time connection.

QuickBlox is dedicated to delivering easy-to-use, affordable, secure, and feature rich communication solutions that enhance your user experience.

Feature rich real-time communication

QuickBlox Custom software

QuickBlox offers a complete communication backend with instant messaging and group chat, peer to peer and multiparty video calling, streaming, file sharing and other functions accessible through SDKs and APIs.

Our easy-to-integrate software provided with documentation enables developers to add communication features into their pre-existing apps, without having to incur the time and cost involved building the entire infrastructure.

Committed to facilitating real-time communications for businesses, communities, and individuals around the world, our software is scalable and designed for multi-platform use.

Secure communication

QuickBlox secure communication

Understanding the importance of data security we invest heavily in providing secure hosting options.

Today we are the go-to provider for tightly regulated countries and industries like healthcare and finance because we offer on-premise and private cloud hosting options. Our GDPR and HIPAA compliant offerings can be directly installed into our customer’s own private cloud or physical servers, guaranteeing optimal security when it comes to the storage and transfer of customer data.

A customer centric company

QuickBlox company

We take the time to understand our customer’s needs. By listening to the challenges they face, the use cases they wish to build, or the regulatory requirements they operate under, we provide personalized consultation and determine the nature of our products and services accordingly.

We offer 24-hour support no matter where our customer is based. With offices in the UK, Ukraine, India, and USA there is always someone on hand to offer support or consultation.

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