Custom Development

Create high‑quality communication chat apps and websites on time and within budget.

QuickBlox’s professional services team delivers custom communication experiences for your business that satisfy your detailed and varied requirements.


QuickBlox powers communication solutions

QuickBlox Powers

Whether you are adding video calling to a medical application, or private chat to your iOS app, group chat to your social networking site, or collaboration tools for business, our professional services team can help deliver your solution.

We deliver communication apps and websites with smooth software integration into your existing IT infrastructure, assist with UI & UX to enable successful adoption of communication functions by your users, and provide dedicated resources, expertise, uptime guarantees (via QuickBlox), and SLA to support your on‑going operations.


The QuickBlox team, comprising project managers, solutions architects, software developers, and operations professionals, are communication experts with a wide set of capabilities. Our client‑side development team has deep experience with mobile and web frameworks and technologies required to design solutions to meet your business needs.

We are here to listen, learn, and discuss your requirements and use cases across verticals (like social networking, education, finance, healthcare, e‑commerce, & more) to see how we can help.

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Custom Software Development

We provide end‑to‑end design, development, and delivery to get your ideas into production and your users’ hands.

The QuickBlox custom software development team delivers a range of services, including app development across platforms, server‑side solutions, data migration, bespoke client‑side and server‑side integration, secure hosting, and on‑going service operations.

We have a dedicated quality assurance team to make sure what is delivered is delivered right.

Software Integration Services

We have deep experience in the creation of Software Development Kit (SDKs), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and code samples used by thousands of applications worldwide — so needless to say, our team has experience with complex and bespoke software integrations challenges. We support your software development requirements including mobile chat app development whether you are building for iOS or Android. We have direct experience with APIs across a variety of leading technology providers.

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App Store & Software Deployment

QuickBlox’s team works closely with customers who have sensitive data and regulatory requirements to make sure communication solutions meet your specific needs. We work with regulated industries in government, finance, and health. Our architects and software engineers and operations personnel work closely with your team to deploy applications to all the major app stores and deliver communication services suited to your organization’s unique requirements and your info security team.

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