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Our versatile software development kit that can elevate any web app with engaging communication features.

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What is a JavaScript SDK?

JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular programming languages that allows you to build countless applications and websites. Our Javascript SDK provides a comprehensive software kit to add stunning real time communication to your website and applications. Whether you add video conferencing functionality on your e‑Learning web platform, or build chat using JavaScript for patient‑doctor communication, the QuickBlox JavaScript SDK provides a complete toolkit for everything you need.

Why use QuickBlox JavaScript SDK?

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Our extensive JavaScript chat library allows for faster app development with less likelihood of errors. It’s easy to build video calling and chat in JavaScript with our detailed documentation.

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Time & money efficient

No need to build from scratch, our secure and stable JavaScript SDK is ready‑to‑use today. Install and trial our free Javascript Chat and Video SDK today and see for yourself how well it performs.

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Our JavaScript SDK can be used while developing web applications with vanilla JavaScript or with the use of frameworks like React or Angular, for developing backend services using NodeJS, and for mobile development using Ionic / Capacitor, making it a great resource.

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Multiple use‑cases

Add instant messaging, peer‑to‑peer audio and video calling, or video conferencing with QuickBlox Javascript SDK. The options are endless. You can even build your own live chat JavaScript API so that you can add JavaScript live chat to your website.

Integrate Dynamic Communications into your web app with JavaScript SDK

Exceed your customer’s expectations for immediate and direct communication by adding exciting video calling and chat in JavaScript to your web applications to create a truly engaging user experience.

How to Create a JavaScript Chat Application?

It’s easy to build JavaScript chat and video calling with our ready‑to‑use JavaScript SDK.

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QuickBlox SDKs are available for Android, iOS, JavaScript, React Native and Flutter. Cross‑platform is easy to set‑up as they all work together.

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Before using our SDK you’ll need to initialize it with QuickBlox application credentials. You can copy & paste them from the dashboard.

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Use QuickBlox SDK to create your desired chat experience. You can refer to our sample apps to check out integration best practices.

Run our Code Samples

We provide free JavaScript sample apps available on our GitHub repository along with easy‑to‑follow instructions to help you get your application off the ground. Whether you are building chat messaging, voice & video chat, or need to implement a chatbot, simply copy and customize the relevant JavaScript chat code sample.

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  • JavaScript Chat sample code
  • JavaScript Video Chat sample code
  • JavaScript Video Conferencing sample code
  • JavaScript ChatBot sample apps

JavaScript Sample Apps

Read our Documentation and Quick Start Guide

We provide a Quick Start guide to teach you how to set‑up the QuickBlox SDK easily and send your first message. Check out our easy‑to‑follow developer documentation to guide you through the process of building powerful communication apps with ready‑built JavaScript software, but configured to your unique requirements.

JavaScript Quick Start Documentation

App building made easy

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