White Label Video Consultation Solution for Your Business

Your virtual room application with private messaging, integrated with OpenAI.

Q-Consultation is an AI enhanced video calling solution that provides a secure means to hold private meetings via video and chat. With file sharing, scheduling, and a host of user management features.

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How does our customizable video software adapt to different use cases?

  • Healthcare and HealthTech

    Manage patient appointments remotely, exchange secure messages, share photos & videos, and provide HIPAA compliant video visits.

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  • HR & Recruitment

    Interview large numbers of candidates with queue management tools and private video consultation and hire people remotely.

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  • Banking & Finance

    Consult with clients on a secure video consultation platform hosted within your own cloud infrastructure to ensure the highest level of data security.

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  • Customer Support

    Offer customers a personal touch by providing technical support and customer care via private online consultation.

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  • Operator Driven Chat

    Enable operators to seamlessly connect with multiple online participants in private chat rooms.

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  • E-Commerce

    Effortlessly guide customers through a purchase with in‑person sales and product demonstrations via remote video consultation.

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  • Education & Coaching

    Use a fully‑featured virtual appointment room to consult with students any time you want.

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What our Customers Say

What sets our AI-enhanced white label video platform apart?

Q-Consultation takes your business consultations to the next level by integrating Open AI models including ChatGPT, the powerful AI assistant. Unlock a range of advanced features that revolutionize the way you connect with your clients.

QuickBlox Contextual-assistance

Contextual assistance

AI provides real-time contextual assistance during online video consultations. It can help users find relevant information, answer frequently asked questions, or offer suggestions based on the ongoing conversation.

QuickBlox Local Knowledge Expert

Local Knowledge Expert

Upload company documents and URLs into the SmartChat Assistant and create an in-app knowledge bot that knows everything about your specific your case.

QuickBlox Call-summary

Call summary

Saving time & resources, AI can create an automatic summary from a video recording, highlighting a list of action points and serving as a valuable virtual assistant.

QuickBlox hero_chatgpt

Why do businesses choose our online video platform?

Ready to Go!

Ready to Go!

Developing applications from scratch is costly & time consuming. License our ready application now.



Can be integrated into your existing software platform, embedded into your website or app, and hosted in your preferred domain.



Compatible by design with most compliance regulations including HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR.



Built on the QuickBlox platform, our solution is fully scalable to adapt to your changing business needs.



Customize the app to suit your company brand and specific use case to create the user experience you want.



Customer data and communication is encrypted and secure. Our solution can be deployed in your own cloud infrastructure for added control.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform

A web application that is adaptable to mobile web browsers so that it can work on iOS and Android.

AI Integrated

AI Integrated

Stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge technology. AI enhanced video consultation demonstrates your commitment to innovation.

Flexible Pricing & Support

Flexible Pricing & Support

We offer several pricing models based on usage and business needs. Q‑Consultation is offered as a managed service and is bundled with QuickBlox support and services.

Looking for a free white label video solution?

We offer Q-Consultation Lite, open-source code that is freely available to implement and customize today at no cost.

Create a virtual meeting room experience that works on any mobile device and the web.

Communication features

Communication features

  • Real-time Chat & Messaging
  • Video & audio calling
  • File sharing
  • Call recording
  • Camera Input selection
  • Customizable data capture forms
  • Private chat rooms
User management features

User management features

  • User authentication
  • Real-time customer queue
  • Virtual waiting & meeting rooms
  • Customer and provider profiles
  • Invitation sharing by link & text
  • Capture user data, add, share, send notes, and share files
  • Message and call history
  • Appointment scheduler

Interested in an enterprise-ready white-label video consultation solution?

Supercharge your client consultations with these additional services for Enterprise

Professional Services

Professional Services

Custom functionality modifications are available by the Quickblox professional services team.

Service Management & DevOps

Service Management & DevOps

Hybrid, on‑premise and internal deployment can also be managed by the QuickBlox team, if needed.

System Integration

System Integration

Backend API & 3rd‑party integrations can be developed for your use case to enable seamless interoperability.

Are you in need of a white-label video consultation solution with instant messaging?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is white label video conferencing?

White label video conferencing refers to a software solution that is developed by one company but is rebranded and offered by another company as if it were their own product. While QuickBlox has built the underlying technology and infrastructure of Q-Consultation, we invite our customers to offer our video conferencing services to their own customers under their own brand name and logo.

What are the benefits of using a white label video conferencing solution with a Chat API?

A Chat API allows users to engage in real-time text-based conversations alongside video consultations. This can be valuable for sending text messages, sharing links or documents, asking quick questions, or providing additional context during the consultation.

Do I need technical expertise to set up and manage a white label video conferencing platform?

QuickBlox’s white label video consultation solution is designed to accommodate different levels of technical expertise by offering a range of options, from open source code that allows for extensive customization to a more turnkey and fully managed system.

Is white label video conferencing secure?

Q-Consultation is built on QuickBlox’s robust communication platform and offers a secure white label video conferencing solution. All customer data and communication is encrypted and secure, and the solution can be deployed in your own cloud infrastructure for added control.

Is white label video conferencing suitable for remote work?

White label video conferencing is well-suited for remote work. Q-Consultation enables remote teams to conduct seamless virtual meetings, share screens and documents, and maintain secure communication, fostering collaboration regardless of physical location.

Can I customize the white label video conferencing solution to match my brand?

Q-Consultation offers extensive customization options to align the platform with your brand and your specific needs. You can alter the name and logo, the UI colors and fonts, and customize the text throughout, ensuring that the platform carries your brand identity. QuickBlox allows you to use a custom domain, reinforcing your brand’s presence by incorporating it into the platform’s web address.

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