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Build a feature‑rich mobile chat app for Android with instant messaging, voice & video calling and much more.

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What is an Android SDK?

Android of course is one the world’s largest operating systems for mobile devices. Android SDKs are toolkits that allow developers to build apps for Android mobile phones and tablets. QuickBlox ready‑to‑use Android SDK, suitable for applications written in either Java or Kotlin, provides real‑time communication features that can be easily integrated into any Android app. Beautifully crafted and with detailed documentation, our Android SDK makes adding chat or video calling to your app quick and easy.

Why use QuickBlox Android SDK?

QuickBlox feature rich

Feature rich chat

Our SDK is packed with Android chat features and functionalities (like user presence, typing indicators, file sharing, and much more) so that you can build high‑quality apps. Use our live chat Android SDK to create powerful real‑time chat experiences that will captivate your end users.

QuickBlox scalable

Accessible & Scalable

We support both Java and Kotlin programming languages making our SDK extremely convenient for Android developers. Plus, our SDK can be used to build any size of application, just choose the right plan and scale up and down as you require.

QuickBlox save time


Our versatile Android SDK means that you don’t have to limit your app to chat messaging only. Add peer‑to‑peer voice & video calling or multiparty video conferencing to build applications for any number of use cases.

QuickBlox chat-integration


We provide detailed documentation and sample codes to get you started. Our free video and free chat SDK for Android is available to install and trial today. Why not try it now?

Add real time communications to any Android application with ease and speed with our ready‑to‑use Android SDK

QuickBlox Android Chat SDK for video chat and instant messaging enables the integration of a wide range of communication features for Android mobile apps, making it one of the best chat SDKs for Android available.

How to Create an Android Chat Application?

It’s easy to build Android chat and video calling with our ready‑to‑use Android Chat SDK

QuickBlox install sdk


QuickBlox SDKs are available for Android, iOS, JavaScript, React Native and Flutter. Cross‑platform is easy to set‑up as they all work together.

QuickBlox connect


Before using our SDK you’ll need to initialize it with QuickBlox application credentials. You can copy & paste them from the dashboard.

QuickBlox customizable


Use QuickBlox SDK to create your desired chat experience. You can refer to our sample apps to check out integration best practices.

Run our Code Samples

Our Android chat code samples provide a great way for developers using the QuickBlox platform to learn the main features of our Android SDK. Just clone the repository you need, conveniently stored in GitHub, and modify the Android source code for your chat application.

QuickBlox Run
  • Android Chat sample (Kotlin/Java)
  • Android Video Chat sample (Kotlin/Java)
  • Android Video Conference sample (Kotlin/Java)
  • Android Push Notification sample (Kotlin/Java)

Set up a free QuickBlox account, select the sample code you want, and go!

Android Sample Apps

Read our Documentation and Quick Start Guide

Our detailed documentation provides clear guidance on how to install and configure the QuickBlox SDK to enable powerful Android chat features for your app.

Use our Quick Start guide to jump start your app building journey today.

Android Quick Start Documentation

App building made easy

Ready to get started?

Built for Developers

QuickBlox software integration

We strive to build easy‑to‑use developer‑friendly SDKs that can be effortlessly integrated into your app to produce stunning real‑time communication features.

We depend on developer feedback to constantly improve our product and documentation.

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