Why is video communication important for your business today?

Anton Dyachenko
7 Apr 2020
Video conferencing software for business

Thousands of companies around the world are switching to remote work. This can bring some challenges for managers and business leaders, especially if the business used to work offline. The situation may get even more challenging if an organization didn’t have enough time to prepare.

So, how to coordinate the team and monitor its effectiveness in case the company didn’t have enough time to prepare the infrastructure for the remote work? QuickBlox can assist with setting up a video conference call app remote work software, keeping your business running smoothly and safely.

How to adapt your business to remote working

Under the recent conditions, the businesses have to rely on group video conferencing to hold meetings with teams and clients. We want to share examples of business practices that will help continue and actively manage your business despite the different crisis conditions.


One of our clients is a law firm that wanted to implement video calling to provide distant support to their customers. Expanding their communication means, they wanted to solve several challenges.

Inability to meet face-to-face

Being away from the office can be hard for people working in the law field. It might be harder to convey professional goals when you can’t physically meet with a client. So, the client wanted to set up a reliable app for video conferencing, so that nothing could disturb the parties from the negotiations.

QuickBlox helped them to organize an e-platform for group video conferencing with clients and colleagues. The video conference functionality was embedded right into their website, so it takes much less time to arrange a consultation with a lawyer.

Inability to personally work with documents

p>When our client switched to distant work, it got harder to work with the documents – there was quite a lot of them, and they contained sensitive customer information.

Having applied QuickBlox, they got a dedicated AWS cloud protected with the latest security practices. They connected it with their CRM system and enabled multi-factor authentication. So, now the lawyers can work with the documents and share them with the customers without the risk of compromising.

Time management

Time is the most valuable capacity for lawyers. Working remotely also means there needs to be a level of self-sufficiency and the ability to get a quick reply from colleagues.

With QuickBlox, the client integrated the communication functionality to their CRM system. Using conference video calling, they can quickly discuss some tricky issues or hold daily & weekly meetings. This helped them to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.


The biggest challenge in running a law firm is getting quality clients in your practice area. The use of video conference software can improve the market presence level for attorney firms, which enhances competitiveness. Clear and timely communication lets your target audience evaluate you based on reviews, case results, videos, and articles.

If a law firm clearly implements a conference video call app, even in times of crisis they will provide customers with quality services and gain an advantage over those competitors who did not manage to adapt to changing conditions.


Education is moving toward online learning. Video learning provides many benefits for students who want flexibility while studying. Reduced costs, a convenient time, and the ability to train thousands of people all over the globe at the same time. Teachers can collaborate with other members of the e-learning team, host interactive virtual events, or offer students a way to communicate. However, some of them may face serious challenges that prevent them from completing their courses successfully. Now we will tell, how another client – an online school – coped with them.

Education is a social process. E-Learning requires dedication and motivation to complete tasks, stay engaged, and make progress. Studying online can make students bored and fail if there is a lack of engagement and motivation.

To motivate their students, our client used QuickBlox API to interact video conferencing app right to their LMS (Learning Management System). The students now can complete the tasks in pairs or groups and get the teacher’s feedback. Group video conference apps provide personal face-to-face interactions that make the learning process seem more real-time.

Time Management

Online education offers flexibility to organize your studies around your private and professional life. But, so much flexibility often results in stagnation. Online video courses are as detailed and demanding as working in a face-to-face classroom. Keeping a study calendar and using productivity software is a great help.

Our clients integrated the notification system reminding the students about the upcoming deadlines, new lectures, homework, etc. The students can also see their personal progress. The teacher has access to the performance of all students and can identify their weakest points and give extra consultations.


If your company had to shift to a remote work style, but you want to stay available to your clients, QuickBlox has the solution. Online communication is even more important than ever, so we help to ensure excellent accessibility and customer engagement, even while you are working remotely. Contact QuickBlox today for video conferencing implementation. Our dedicated experts are happy to assist your business with remote work software.

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