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Kirill TolmachevAndroid and Flutter Developer

With a profound passion for gaming and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Kirill Tolmachev has been an invaluable member of the QuickBlox development team as lead Android developer since 2018. In addition to his proficiency in Android Kotlin development, Kirill has demonstrated a deep zeal for promoting Flutter as a robust framework for app creation. Kirill has played a pivotal role in building the QuickBlox Flutter SDK and chat sample app, with regular contributions on the QuickBlox GitHub repository. He is currently active in the innovation hub at QuickBlox, where he explores ways to integrate AI functionality into real-time communication apps.

Kirill’s knowledge and proficiency extend beyond the realm of code. He has authored a plethora of articles that delve into various facets of Android and Flutter development. You can also find his blogs on Medium and Hashnode, popular platforms for tech enthusiasts, where he reports on recent updates to Flutter, and adding push notification to Android apps.

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Kirill Tolmachev
19 Oct 2021
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