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Hitesh GargFlutter Software Engineer and DevRel

Hitesh Garg is a Flutter software engineer and a dedicated DevRel advocate at Quickblox. With a remarkable track record of delivering high-quality mobile applications, deep knowledge of Firebase and other technologies, and a commitment to fostering developer communities, Hitesh has played a pivotal role in elevating QuickBlox’s developer offerings to new heights.

As an expert in Flutter development, Hitesh possesses extensive proficiency in leveraging the Flutter framework to craft visually stunning and dynamic applications. His dedication to writing clean, modular, and maintainable code, coupled with a consistent code style, ensures the delivery of top-notch solutions. With a comprehensive understanding of Firebase’s capabilities, including Authentication, Cloud Firestore, and more, he harnesses the power of this platform to create seamless and efficient app experiences. A versatile technologist, Hitesh is well-versed in various programming languages. His proficiency in C/C++, JavaScript, and Python allows him to tackle challenges across diverse domains. With a firm grasp of object-oriented and asynchronous programming, he possesses the skills necessary to architect robust and scalable solutions.

Hitesh has authored a series of tutorials on Medium, Hashnode, and Hackernoon, empowering developers to effectively leverage the QuickBlox Flutter SDK and code samples to build exceptional applications.

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