Quickblox IOS framework v2.17 & components have been released!

Posted by Anton on May 18, 2018

We are happy to announce release of Quickblox IOS framework v2.17 and components. A lot of changes and fixes come with this release, please refer to changelog:

Quickblox.framework 2.17


  • Added lastMessageID property for the QBChatDialog model.
  • Added – [QBChat connectWithUserID:password:completion:] and – [QBChat connectWithUserID:password:resource:completion:] methods for connecting to the chat.


  • [QBChat connectWithUser:completion:] and -[QBChat connectWithUser:resource:completion:] – methods for connecting to the chat with QBUUser.


  • Deprecated login method using Twitter Digits : +[QBRequest logInWithTwitterDigitsAuthHeaders:successBlock:errorBlock].
  • Deprecated property twitterDigitsID of the  QBUUser model and QBUpdateUserParameters class.
  • Removed unused -chatDidNotSetActivePrivacyListWithName: method of the QBChatDelegateprotocol.
  • Removed unused methods + [QBMSubscription notificationChannelFromString:] and + [QBMSubscription notificationChannelToString:].
  • BBPS (Blackberry pushes).
  • Deprecated property isTokenValid of the QBSession class.
  • Deprecated property data of the  QBChatAttachment model.
  • Deprecated content module methods:  + [QBRequest blobsWithSuccessBlock:], + [QBRequest taggedBlobsWithSuccessBlock:] and + [QBRequest taggedBlobsForPage:successBlock:errorBlock:].


  • GitHub issue: The method of QBRequest  +updateCurrentUser:sucessBlock:errorBlock returns nil for the field tags of the updated user. Thanks to RubenBenBen.


QMServices v 0.6.2


  • Added support for  use_frameworks! for development podspec.
  • Implemented isEmpty method of QMMemoryStorage protocol for all dependencies.


  • Removed deprecated login method through Twitter Digits


  • GitHub issue: _CDAttachment duplicated class, which conflicts with system library. Thanks to Serproger.
  • GitHub issue: – [QMAttachmentStoreService method cachedImageForAttachment:] always returns nil. Thanks to haarj.
  • Warnings: Block implicitly retains ‘self'; explicitly mention ‘self’ to indicate this is intended behavior [-Wimplicit-retain-self].
  • Renamed – [QMChatCache deleteMessageWithDialogID:] with – [QMChatCache deleteMessagesWithDialogID:].


QMChatViewController 0.6.6

  • Fixed all warnings
  • Removed deprecated methods of the QMInputToolbarDelegate

Shared instance update

Posted by Anton on April 30, 2018

We would like to let our Starter/Advanced/Pro plans account’s owners know that server has been updated to a new version. In this release outdated functionality was removed and numerous bug fixes were implemented.

Please find the changelog:

API and Dashboard changelog

  1. API
    • New
      • Removed Blackberry push notifications
      • User: removed ‘owner_id’, ‘twitter_digits_id’ fields from API output
      • ChatDialog: added ‘last_message_id’ field
    • Fixed
      • Added DB index to search users by ‘twitter_id’ field
      • Speed up API request for retrieve users by ids
      • Optimized user selection query in API for login via Custom Identity Provider.
      • Optimized DB query in create new push subscription API
  2. Dashboard
    • New
      • Removed Blackberry push notifications
      • APNS push certificates: allow to upload only universal or non universal cert
    • Fixed
      • Chat: history export not working sometimes
      • Dictionary upload for TnS sometimes not working
  3. Other
    • New
      • ChatAlerts: include ‘message_id’ param into push payload if %body% tag is in push template
    • Fixed
      • Recurring error in ‘period_date’ push notifications.

Real-time Chat API changelog

    • New
      • ChatDialog: added last_message_id field
    • Fixed
      • Chat alerts. Offline user gets a few push-notifications about one message in chat if opponent lost internet connection during message sending


You can find changelog for previous versions here.


Q-municate v.2.7 for Android has been released

Posted by Anton on April 30, 2018

We are happy to announce that Q-municate v.2.7 has been released!

There are pretty much changes come with new version.

Please refer to changelog:

  • updated Android Plugin for Gradle 3.1.1
  • added support for cross platform calls with iOS
  • fixed call screen isn’t closed when user tries to end incoming call
  • fixed when the user sets image avatar from the camera app either crash or image is not set as an avatar
  • fixed App crash for user if he opened app without internet connection and turns on internet connection
  • fixed restore session when was logged in via Firebase
  • minor bugs fixes

Application could be downloaded from Google Play, source code is available on GitHub.

Nate Macleitch

JavaScript SDK 2.11.0

Posted by Nate Macleitch on April 13, 2018

New QuickBlox JavaScript SDK is ready



Main features:

  • Updated and simplified WebRTC stats reports
  • Optimized and universalized chat.muc.join method so now you can join a chat room by passing chat dialog ID only (do not need to build chat dialog jid)
  • Additional parameters and body encode of all API requests
  • Add header ‘QB-OS’ in all API requests for improving analytics


Use QuickBlox Javascript main hub to get more information and for getting started