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Android SDK 3.7.0

Posted by Nate Macleitch on February 13, 2018

Hi team,
Happy to inform we’ve released  Android SDK v 3.7.0

Change log:

* Updated WebRTC revision to 21217;
* Integrated native libs to QuickBlox Android SDK (now there is no need to add them to your app manually). There is simple guide How to exclude native libs from apk;
* Replaced method parameter from type VideoCapturerAndroid.CameraEventsHandler to CameraVideoCapturer.CameraEventsHandler for
method QBRTCClient#setCameraErrorHandler(CameraVideoCapturer.CameraEventsHandler);
* Increased minSdkVersion to 16 (does not apply to other modules);

* Fixed issue when QBIncomingMessagesManager didn’t catch error messages;
* Fixed issue when QBSystemMessagesManager didn’t catch error messages;

* Fixed issue of deserialization fields type;

* Removed deprecated view-class RTCGLVideoView.

* Migrated to Java version 1.8


New SDK version is available on GitHub releases page

Also, Android code sample repo is updated

Android SDK main page



Nate Macleitch

NativeScript SDK support is ready for apps

Posted by Nate Macleitch on January 29, 2018

Hi everybody,

we’re happy to announce that the QuickBlox Javascript SDK now fully supports NativeScript environment and can be used in your cross-platform applications!


Thousands of developers use NativeScript to build cross-platform mobile applications. You can check all the NativeScript showcases.

So now the QuickBlox Javascript SDK enables the power of messaging and video calling in almost every web application.

Start your integration today – go to QuickBlox Javascript main hub and connect JS SDK 2.8 and above. With this update you do not need to change anything in your code – the same Javascript API is supported under NativeScript, Browser and Node.js

Full change log

Good luck!

Nate Macleitch

Android SDK 3.6.0

Posted by Nate Macleitch on January 29, 2018

QuickBlox team releases new version of its Android SDK 3.6.0.

Main changes:

  • Updated Android Plugin for Gradle to 3.0.1 version
  • Privacy Lists API simplification
  • New option for automatic push notifications subscription: SubscribePushStrategy.MANUAL. Now you can use SubscribeService.subscribeToPushes whenever you need.
  • Chat API and CustomObjects API stability fixes

Full change log:

QuickBlox Android SDK main page:

Nate Macleitch

Latest iOS SDK updates

Posted by Nate Macleitch on January 25, 2018

Hi guys,

Happy to inform you, all QuickBlox customers, about latest iOS team updates we made along with Q-municate 2.7 app release:


#QuickBlox framework 2.15

Removed deprecated methods:

  • +[QBSettings setApiEndpoint: chatEndpoint:forServiceZone:]
  • +[QBSettings setServiceZone:]
  • +[QBSettings currentServiceZone]


  • GitHub Issue , Thanks to sin2.
  • Problem with saving Firebase project ID (Session restoration)
  • Overlapping logs between Chat & REST
  • Issue with blob size in completion block
  • Message – Skip retrieve endpoints


  • Umbrella Headers
  • + [QBRequest uploadWithUrl:blobWithWriteAccess:successBlock:statusBlock:errorBlock:] – Public method for uploading file with File URL
  • QBChat property manualInitialPresence – After establishing a session, a client should send initial presence to the server in order to signal its availability for communications. By default NO (Automatically)
  • + [QBRequest cancelAllRequests:] Cancel all running requests


  • Updated inline documentation
  • Added chat errors suggestions


#ChatViewController 0.6

  • Deployment target 9.0
  • iPhone X support
  • Progress View
  • Enabled safe area
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed memory warning for old devices


#QMServices 0.6.1

  • Deployment target 9.0
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements
  • New CoreData logs


#Quickblox Samples

  • Bugfixes and improvements
  • Deployment target 9.0


You can download new SDK and services on QuickBlox iOS SDK main page

Good luck!

Nate Macleitch

Q-municate 2.7 for iOS with Apple Call Kit, Share Extensions and iPhone X support

Posted by Nate Macleitch on January 25, 2018

Lot’s of updates are coming today with new version of Q-municate 2.7 for iOS:

So now you can easily use standard iOS calls functionality and UI to do video/audio calls in Q-municate.

You also now can share Images, Audio, Video files via Q-municate directly from your phone Gallery.

We also added full support of brand new iPhone X!



While new features are always here, we also did lots of performance improvements and minor fixes to make the app even better and easier in use.

You can install new version directly from the App Store.

Source code is available on GitHub master branch.