Nate Macleitch

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Posted by Nate Macleitch on July 10, 2018

We are currently updating our registration page. Apologies for the inconvenience. If you wish to register for our services please send registration details directly to:

Please include company email address, phone number, and contact person, We will be in touch very shortly.

Anton Dyachenko

Quickblox IOS framework v2.17 & components have been released!

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on May 18, 2018

We are happy to announce release of Quickblox IOS framework v2.17 and components. A lot of changes and fixes come with this release, please refer to changelog:

Quickblox.framework 2.17


  • Added lastMessageID property for the QBChatDialog model.
  • Added – [QBChat connectWithUserID:password:completion:] and – [QBChat connectWithUserID:password:resource:completion:] methods for connecting to the chat.


  • [QBChat connectWithUser:completion:] and -[QBChat connectWithUser:resource:completion:] – methods for connecting to the chat with QBUUser.


  • Deprecated login method using Twitter Digits : +[QBRequest logInWithTwitterDigitsAuthHeaders:successBlock:errorBlock].
  • Deprecated property twitterDigitsID of the  QBUUser model and QBUpdateUserParameters class.
  • Removed unused -chatDidNotSetActivePrivacyListWithName: method of the QBChatDelegateprotocol.
  • Removed unused methods + [QBMSubscription notificationChannelFromString:] and + [QBMSubscription notificationChannelToString:].
  • BBPS (Blackberry pushes).
  • Deprecated property isTokenValid of the QBSession class.
  • Deprecated property data of the  QBChatAttachment model.
  • Deprecated content module methods:  + [QBRequest blobsWithSuccessBlock:], + [QBRequest taggedBlobsWithSuccessBlock:] and + [QBRequest taggedBlobsForPage:successBlock:errorBlock:].


  • GitHub issue: The method of QBRequest  +updateCurrentUser:sucessBlock:errorBlock returns nil for the field tags of the updated user. Thanks to RubenBenBen.


QMServices v 0.6.2


  • Added support for  use_frameworks! for development podspec.
  • Implemented isEmpty method of QMMemoryStorage protocol for all dependencies.


  • Removed deprecated login method through Twitter Digits


  • GitHub issue: _CDAttachment duplicated class, which conflicts with system library. Thanks to Serproger.
  • GitHub issue: – [QMAttachmentStoreService method cachedImageForAttachment:] always returns nil. Thanks to haarj.
  • Warnings: Block implicitly retains ‘self’; explicitly mention ‘self’ to indicate this is intended behavior [-Wimplicit-retain-self].
  • Renamed – [QMChatCache deleteMessageWithDialogID:] with – [QMChatCache deleteMessagesWithDialogID:].


QMChatViewController 0.6.6

  • Fixed all warnings
  • Removed deprecated methods of the QMInputToolbarDelegate