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New feature: Address Book API

Posted by Nate Macleitch on September 22, 2017

Today we announce a new QuickBlox feature – Address Book API.

With this new feature, your app users will be notified via push notification where somebody from their phone address book joined an application.

Address Book API demo


All what you need is to upload your phone address book to QuickBlox backend.

The following guides are available:

Then you need to enable the Push feature in QuickBlox Dashboard and set up push template. It’s available via Users module:


These new APIs are shipped with latest SDK updates:

Let us know how it works for you!

Nate Macleitch

Q-municate fresh updates

Posted by Nate Macleitch on August 14, 2017

New Q-municate updates are here:

Q-municate__Your_own_Chat_ copy

Guys did a really great job! A lot of stability improvements plus better app performance.

New features are also here:


  • Shiny new design
  • Video attachments
  • Audio attachments
  • Link attachments


  • Shiny new design
  • Video attachments
  • Audio attachments

New builds are available by the following links:

Source code is also available:

Your feedback is always appreciated!

Nate Macleitch

Firebase phone authentication

Posted by Nate Macleitch on August 11, 2017

As announced at Google I/O, Digits is being replaced with Firebase phone authentication. To continue authenticating users, you need to upgrade to Firebase by September 30, 2017. After this date, your users will be unable to authenticate their device if they try to sign in with Digits. In addition, app backends will not be able to verify existing user tokens using Digits endpoint.

Today we present our new authentication method – via Firebase phone number. It is intended to use it now instead of deprecated Twitter Digits.



Client-side documentation

This is available from iOS SDK 2.9.3 and Android SDK 3.3.5 . For Web you do not need to upgrade, you already have it in your current version.

Do not wait, start your migration today!



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New releases: Q-municate 2.2 for Android and Android SDK 3.3.3

Posted by Nate Macleitch on June 8, 2017

QuickBlox Android team is happy to announce next release of our open-source, cross-platform video calling and instant messaging app – Q-municate 2.2!



– Quickblox Android SDK 3.3.2
– ChatMessageAdapter library v1.1.0
– map preview
– clickable links in messages
– bugs fixing and stability improvements
– doze mode optimizing
– app speed improvement.

This version contains latest SDK updates, but huge stability & speed improvements are the key things here.

New version of Q-municate is available on Google Play

Source code is available on GitHub master branch


Release notes:

Download new version on Android SDK main page

Nate Macleitch

Apple to close the WebRTC circle with new Safari 11 for iOS and macOS

Posted by Nate Macleitch on June 6, 2017

Apple is closing the WebRTC circle with new Safari 11 for iOS and macOS!

Safari and WebRTC

Starting from Safari 11 you will be able to build QuickBlox video calling applications for Safari on iOS and macOS without any 3rd party plugins – just vanilla JavaScript!

So now you can use WebRTC natively on the following browsers/platforms:

  • Chrome (both desktop & mobile)
  • Firefox (both desktop & mobile)
  • Safari (both desktop & mobile)
  • iOS native
  • Android native

We are excited about it and going to do first tests once Safari 11 is shipped to public.

More WebRTC details from the Safari release notes: