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Apple to close the WebRTC circle with new Safari 11 for iOS and macOS

Posted by Nate Macleitch on June 6, 2017

Apple is closing the WebRTC circle with new Safari 11 for iOS and macOS!

Safari and WebRTC

Starting from Safari 11 you will be able to build QuickBlox video calling applications for Safari on iOS and macOS without any 3rd party plugins – just vanilla JavaScript!

So now you can use WebRTC natively on the following browsers/platforms:

  • Chrome (both desktop & mobile)
  • Firefox (both desktop & mobile)
  • Safari (both desktop & mobile)
  • iOS native
  • Android native

We are excited about it and going to do first tests once Safari 11 is shipped to public.

More WebRTC details from the Safari release notes: 

Nate Macleitch

JavaScript SDK 2.5.4 with brand new Chat code sample

Posted by Nate Macleitch on May 25, 2017

New version of JavaScript SDK 2.5.4 is ready.

It contains a very few stability changes, but the main feature here is brand new Chat code sample



SDK releases page

New chat code sample

Check it out!



Nate Macleitch

Android SDK 3.3.2 with Video calling (WebRTC) updates

Posted by Nate Macleitch on April 11, 2017

Yesterday we released new QuickBlox Android SDK – 3.3.2


  • Added new “quickblox-android-sdk-conference” module for video conference as an enterprise solution. Added classes: ConferenceClient, ConferenceSession for conference session management. We will share more info about this feature in later blog post.
  • Reworked “quickblox-android-sdk-videochat-webrtc” module (internal improvements)

Also, starting from SDK v3.3.2 we moved changelog to GitHub: Check out Github Releases page.