Vadim Khmyrov

Shared instance maintenance on 29th January at 2PM GMT+3

Posted by Vadim Khmyrov on January 29, 2019

Dear QuickBlox Shared instance account owners,


Please be informed that there is scheduled a maintenance of QuickBlox Shared instance (

on 29th January 2019 at 14:00-14:30 GMT+3

There is no downtime expected but you can experience short interruptions.


What will be added:

– database performance improvements;

– minor internal fixes.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Anton Dyachenko

Shared instance service degradation

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on January 28, 2019

Dear QuickBlox Shared instance account owners,


We are writing to let you know that there was resolved an intermittent issue with service degradation on QuickBlox Shared instance (

This issue was caused by a spike of usage on Mongo DB and its overloading and this is now resolved.


Please feel free to give us your feedback via customer portal (


Thank you for detailed issue reports and your patience!

Anton Dyachenko

News Year’s Greetings

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on January 8, 2019



  As we begin the New Year, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped shape our business. It’s been quite a year for us all with both challenges and opportunities. We hope that 2018 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues, and your loved ones.

  At QuickBlox we truly value our relationship with you and appreciate working together with businesses like yours to ensure mutual growth and success.

  We would like to share a short recap of changes at QuickBlox in 2018:


  • On July 1st 2018 company Founder Nate MacLeitch became the sole CEO of QuickBlox. Under his directorship QuickBlox is more focused than ever before on improving the platform and our quality of service.
  • We opened a new development hub in Bangalore, India to provide faster support to customers in the APAC region. The technical head is highly experienced in building HIPAA compliant healthcare and telemedicine messaging apps having worked for large a US healthcare provider Athena Health and innovative healthcare startups.
  • We expanded our team of developers dedicated to contributing to the client and server software. We are happy to welcome the New Year with them!
  • We also welcome back to the team some of the original architects of QuickBlox software!


  • At QuickBlox we made it our goal to implement a number of software changes for GDPR compliance. Now all customers (account owners) can use our EU ready product right out of the box! See here for yet another GDPR link:
  • We implemented several improvements for HIPAA and HA/DR instance configurations and compliance. We are fully HIPAA compliant to enable you to build your telemedicine software.


  • We released a new and improved version of our backend software that leverages greater stability and performance.
  • In addition to our default AWS instance setup and our Azure hosting options, we now support GCP hosting (
  • For faster instance deployment, better security, and greater ease for software updates, our team implemented containerisation software.
  • We added Minio content storage support to the backend to support virtual private cloud and on-premise installations (in addition to previously supported OpenStackSwift storage) and made other improvements related to content storage, so that this functionality is supported as before (in AWS S3 content storage).

Solutions – Software Releases / Updates

  • We released new versions of our SDKs for iOS and Android. The latest iOS framework is v2.17.1 and the latest Android framework is v3.9. You can now provide a more fully functional WebRTC experience with cool features like screen sharing for video calls.
  • If you like code samples and SDK updates, you can check out the demos in Kotlin or Swift that we published together with these releases.
  • In addition to the updates for mobile SDKs, we also released a brand new version of our JavaScript SDK, the latest is v2.12.2, with improved support for multiple browsers.
  • For Q-municate iOS we added support for Apple’s CallKit and Share Extensions for images, audio, video, and location.  We now also support layouts iPhone X so now you can easily utilize the standard iOS calling functionality and UI to do video / audio calls and you can share different file types for images, audio and video directly from your phone’s gallery. It’s available at the Apple App Store and the open source code is downloadable from GitHub.  
  • We also released a new version of Q-municate for Android. Try it out at Google Play or take a look at its source code on GitHub.
  • In addition to these mobile updates, we also improved our Q-Municate web application which is live right now.

Coming Soon

In the upcoming months we plan to make additional releases and announcements with the following technology developments:

  • Xamarin
  • Cordova
  • React Native
  • Angular
  • Desktop support with Electron
  • Native Script
  • Conference-Video Calling with secure group video chat

QuickBlox is there for your quality messaging app needs!


  • As we continue to reinvest in the company to improve the platform and the quality of service, we welcome your constructive feedback and participation. Contact
  • Please expect significant improvements in our communication channels in 2019. With more blogging, twittering, FB postings, newsletters, and a revamped website planned, we are committed to improving our efforts of keeping you up-to-date with the latest QuickBlox news.

Here at QuickBlox we understand the value of our customers and the developer community who use our product. Thank you for your support and loyalty. As we begin the New Year want to wish you, your team members, and families the very best for 2019 and to let you all know how much we appreciate doing business with you!

Best wishes,

The Team at QuickBlox

Vadim Khmyrov

Shared instance maintenance on 3th October at 11AM GMT+3

Posted by Vadim Khmyrov on October 2, 2018

Dear QuickBlox Shared instance account owners,


Please be informed that there is scheduled a maintenance of QuickBlox Shared instance (

on 3th October 2018 at 11am-12pm GMT+3

There is no downtime expected but you can experience short interruptions.


What will be added: email validation logic for application users.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.