Anton Dyachenko

Maintenance on Customer Portal on December 26th (Monday)

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on December 23, 2016
Hi Dear QuickBlox customers,
Please be notified, that Technical Operations team scheduled maintenance for server side improvements
 on Customer Portal  instance (
The maintenance is planned for 09:00-11:00 (EET) – 26th December 2016. 

Server side changes :

Virtual machine shape upscaling.


During maintenance you won’t be able to submit a ticket.

For Enterprise clients there is an option to reach SO team in case of critical issue.

(You can find contact details in SLA agreement).


Thank you in advance for understanding and patience.
Anton Dyachenko

Maintenance on Shared instance on December 21st (Wednesday)

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on December 20, 2016
Hello Shared instance account owners!
Please be aware, that Technical Operations team scheduled maintenance for software updateon December 21st (Wednesday), 2016 on Shared instance (


The maintenance is planned for 16:00-17:00 (EEST) – 21st December.


Server side changes :

QuickBlox application bug fixes and admin panel performance improvements.

During maintenance you may notice  downtime 15 min and short interruptions.

Thank you in advance for understanding and patience.
Igor Khomenko

JavaScript SDK 2.5: no more jQuery dependency!

Posted by Igor Khomenko on December 5, 2016

We are happy to announce the new version of JavaScript SDK 2.5, with no more jQuery dependency!

So, now you just need to connect QuickBlox JavaScript SDK, only that single dependency and start development.

With that big update we also have some more cool features:


Happy JavaScript coding!

Igor Khomenko

Android SDK 3.2.0 release

Posted by Igor Khomenko on November 29, 2016

Hi everybody!

we are happy to inform that we’ve released Android SDK 3.2.0 version

This release contains some big features we would like to present you:



  • Chat functionality:
    • Added methods to send all type of messages asynchronously.



  • Content functionality:
    • Fixed SSLHandshakeException while uploading files on android devices prior to 4.3.
    • module size was reduced in several times.

You definitely should give it a try!
Check out full changelog:

Taras Filatov

Service restored

Posted by Taras Filatov on November 25, 2016

As of now the Shared cluster issues have been fixed and the system is mainly back to normal, including group chats functionality.

Only issue remaining is group chats will not automatically initiate push notification alerts to offline users. This is due to a change in architecture which we had to urgently implement.

Please bear with us until we restore this functionality.

Enterprise users were not affected by these issues.

We apologise for the inconveniences caused to the user of our shared plans, over years we have kept our uptime for all user tiers over 99.5% and this is a first time we experienced service failure for a prolonged period of time. We are committed to improving the stability of the service going forward.