Taras Filatov

Chat bots for enterprise (on premise supported)

Posted by Taras Filatov on September 29, 2016

Chat bots is a hot topic lately and many businesses would love to benefit from it. Users love to communicate with products and businesses via messaging interface where they can get an immediate response. The major hurdle for enterprises here is data ownership and compliance as many enterprise customers cannot allow for their users profile and messaging to be handled by 3rd party servers of WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Viber etc.

At QuickBlox we have many customers from Healthcare, Finance, Government, Security, E-commerce sectors who asked us whether they could benefit from the rise of Chat Bots in their projects without compromising data ownership and compliance. This means the server-side code needs to be hosted in a separate AWS server or on-premise and client-side code needs to be available to close-source. QuickBlox always had all that except easy way to build your own enterprise grade chat bot.

Now we are resolving that through our Cloud Code and Chat Bots initiative and you can use this simple documentation to build your own chat bots, hosted on your QuickBlox enterprise instance:

enterprise chat bot

This howto piece uses RiveScript and we will continue improving our Cloud Code and Chat Bots offerings to provide more options for building and integration of your own custom logic around OTT communication.

Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox releases Android SDK 3.0

Posted by Igor Khomenko on September 22, 2016

Hello all!

Our Android development team has been working like super men over the past few months, and we are happy to present you our latest update: Android SDK 3.0!

While stability fixes are always super exciting to hear about, the stars of the show here are:

  1. QBChatDialog model – a new easier way to work with Chat API. Now we have the same interface iOS SDK provides, we call it universal platform experience.
  2. Added Performer interface to work with REST API method. Performer may be executed synchronously or asynchronously and canceled at any time.
  3. RxJava support

Full changelog

Download Android SDK 3.0

Check it out, build something great and conquer the world!

Anton Dyachenko

Maintenance on Shared instance on September 12th

Posted by Anton Dyachenko on September 12, 2016

Please be notified, that today Technical Operations team scheduled QuickBlox application release

on September 12th (Monday), 2016 on Shared instance (

The maintenance is planned for 15:00-17:00 (EEST).


Server side changes :

As we announced before – we plan to upgrade our application to new architecture by September 2016

(this task is still in progress and will be finished in October).

Current deployment includes server side script, that is a part of further improvements.


This architecture upgrade doesn’t require any changes in client side application, as we just need to change the way QuickBlox works with application users.


During maintenance you may notice short interruptions.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.


Please follow QuickBlox blog for additional details.

Igor Khomenko

New video calling WebRTC code samples

Posted by Igor Khomenko on September 8, 2016

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce new video calling WebRTC code samples for iOS, Android and Javascript!

We have changed the way how users enter video chat, so now there is no predefined list of users, you just need to enter room name and all users within the same room name will be connected. Easy!

new video chat code samples

You can download and check new samples here:


Also, new SDKs were released along with new samples:


Android SDK 2.6.1

WebRTC calls functionality:

  • Improved WebRTC calls performance and simplified interface.
  • added calling all callbacks on UI main thread.
  • added features – settings fps, changing frame resolution during call, switching between hardware/software AEC, ability to disable audio processing: AEC, noise suppression etc, ability to enable/disable using OpenSL ES for audio playback.
  • added QBRTCSurfaceView to render video frames with ability to use and overlapping multiple views on a screen layout.
  • small bug fixes.

Chat functionality:

  • Added ability to enable/disable TLS mechanism in chat via QBChatService.ConfigurationBuilder.
  • Added ability to set custom SSL context in chat via QBChatService.ConfigurationBuilder.

Content functionality:

  • Fixed SignatureDoesNotMatch exception while uploading file
  • Adopt file upload method to work with different files storages.


  • Reworked building sdk modules and setup sdk dependencies to your project via gradle.

Download it here:


Javascript SDK 2.2.1


  • QB.webrtc.getMediaDevices return all devices (video/audio inputs);
  • Added a parameter to listener onCallStatsReport (session, userId, stats, error);
  • Set statsReportTimeInterval is false by default;
  • Added a new type of login to WebRTC sample.


  • Changed the source folder name from ‘js’ to ‘src';
  • Changed bootstrap version (4.0.0);

Download it here:

Stay with QuickBlox to receive more updates soon!

Igor Khomenko

iOS SDK 2.7.5 release: Dynamic Framework

Posted by Igor Khomenko on August 3, 2016

Hi everybody,

today we announce our new release of iOS SDK 2.7.5 and starting from now we release it as Dynamic Framework.

Dynamic linking is most commonly used on OS X and iOS. When dynamic libraries are linked, none of the library’s code is included directly into the linked target. Instead, the libraries are loaded into memory at runtime prior to having symbols getting resolved. Because the code isn’t statically linked into the executable binary, there are some benefits from loading at runtime.

More info on Dynamic Framework in Apple documentation.

Full changelog:

  • Introducing Quickblox iOS SDK as dynamic framework. See our updated installation guide on this.
    • Dynamic framework is supporting iOS 8+.
    • For iOS 7+ use QuickBlox-static pod as static library.
  • Added framework version as QuickbloxFrameworkVersion extern constant.
  • [FIXES]
    • Fixed possible QBChat issues with IPv6.
    • Fixed QBCOFileUploadInfo not being public class (thanks mskrischke).
    • Fixed leak with QBSession management.

Download new iOS SDK on QuickBlox iOS developers section