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Enhance customer experience with QuickBlox Integration with CRM

Hamza Mousa
9 Apr 2021
Integrate QuickBlox with CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a solution for managing customers’ records and activities, and the relationship between them and the company.

It’s specifically designed to improve the revenue by managing customers, leads, communication channels with customers, and improving customer experience which leads to a better outcome.

In this article, we will explain how QuickBlox can enhance the basic CRM functionalities by extending its features as well as build CRM-powered tools to increase engagements for a better outcome.

But first, let’s talk a bit about CRM solutions.

What does the CRM solution do?

Let’s first summarize the basic functionalities of CRM solution:

  1. Contact management;
  2. Leads management;
  3. Document management;
  4. Quotes and proposal management;
  5. Email integration;
  6. Customer-specific communication channels management;
  7. Messaging integration and management;
  8. History and records management;

Types of CRM solutions

There are 5 basic categories that all CRMs fall under. There are general-purpose CRM programs and specific-purpose CRM solutions, but both categories share one basic functionality: customer records management. Here is a quick look at the emerging new specific-uses CRMs.

  1. Collaborative CRMs;
  2. Operation CRMs;
  3. Campaign and Sales management CRMs;
  4. Analytical CRMs;
  5. Strategic CRMs;

QuickBlox can integrate and work seamlessly with all types of CRM solutions.

Benefits of using CRM for the enterprise

Time-saving, Cost reduction

As the current or potential customer number increases there is also an increase in activities and records which is very difficult to manage on papers or with Excel files. CRM solutions are built to save a huge deal of time and resources to manage such massive records. Additionally, they are packed with a set of usability tools (search, connect, history, report, …etc) that make it effortless to work with.

Enhanced Collaboration between teams

Collaboration among company teams is essential for the company’s success, especially for sales and marketing activities. With a dynamic CRM solution that supports multi-department, users, and user groups and of course multiple communication channels.

Timely action

An informed decision on the right time is an immense success factor for today’s business. CRM helps the sales and marketing teams to build reactive responses to significant events, especially when working on important leads. The right answers and campaigns, or a successful plan that executed at the right time will eventually result in a better customer experience and outcome.

Timely action at the right time positively affects the customer experience.

Improve customer experience

The CRM solution plays a massive role in enhancing the customer experience and increasing their satisfaction, not just because of its included features, but also because it improves the quality of the customer engagement process and facilitates enterprise workflow.

Better customer experience leads to customer retention.

Increase customer retention

When a customer gets a good experience, the company gains his trust, and he becomes loyal to the service/ product. Loyal customers return, and they become ambassadors of the service/ product among their communities which ends up with a significant increase in revenues and profitability.

Obstacles and drawbacks of CRM solution

There are many drawbacks when implementing a CRM solution in a company, the main problem is it requires a progressive business culture, collaborative teams, good communication infrastructure (that’s where QuickBlox comes in), and costs of implementation, scaling, and extending it with new features.

While some of these drawbacks are a must that the company should face and solve, others are solved by implementing an elegant solution like QuickBlox, In the next following section, we will explain why.

How can you use QuickBlox to improve the CRM functionalities?

QuickBlox is CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) which comes packed with dozens of features aimed to enrich the communication experience for the company employee and customers.

Beyond QuickBlox functionalities, The developers can use its rich software development kits (SDKs) to build or integrate messaging functionalities in any enterprise application especially with CRM solutions.

QuickBlox developers with the collaboration of the CRM primary users, can extend CRM features or build custom customer engagement applications that improve their customer experience and increase the company revenues.

As an example, a messaging (chat) web widget that can be built on top of QuickBlox with full CRM integration is a very useful implementation. That widget can be added to a website, mobile apps, or desktop app to provide an instant communication channel for the customers. The CRM integration will ensure a timely response and rich experience as well as a useful engagement.

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