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15 Reasons to consider QuickBlox for your Messaging Infrastructure

Hamza Mousa
27 Nov 2020
QuickBlox - messaging infrastructure

Building an enterprise chat software is a challenge, especially when it comes to building infrastructure. Developing it from scratch takes time, effort, and cost. But QuickBlox has a solution. Providing a complete communication platform as a service (CPaaS), QuickBlox can help developers build messaging and communication apps without worrying about wasting time designing a complete infrastructure.

Messaging, especially real-time communication, is required in all sorts of businesses nowadays. However, it has a significant value in some industries more than others such as healthcare, financing, legal consultation, and of course education.

As the COVID-19 epidemic poses a threat to the traditional workflow, remote messaging, communication, and file-sharing services need to be developed to support the growing trend to work remotely.

In this article we will view why QuickBlox is a perfect choice for enterprises to build or integrate a messaging functionality into working apps.

15 Reasons: Why do Enterprises Choose QuickBlox?

  1. Swiss knife messaging (a rich toolset):
  2. QuickBlox offers more than a messaging infrastructure, it also offers file sharing, data storage, video calls, and push notification services which comes with full support for iOS and Android devices. Developers can choose which features to integrate into their application, with all the tools being supported by the released SDK packages for various languages.

  3. Real-time video communication:
  4. Video conferencing is an important service of QuickBlox. It uses WebRTC, which offers high-quality video and audio callings out-of-the-box. Video is essential today in education, doctor-patient communication, legal consultation, as well as team communication. With QuickBlox Video conferencing API support, enterprises can integrate video calling into any of their applications with ease.

  5. Speed:
  6. Speed is an important factor when building apps or integrating new functionalities into an existing one. With QuickBlox, enterprises can choose to build a complete communication system or integrate messaging functionalities into their platforms to enjoy robust performance in both data transfer and data processing.

  7. Developer tools:
  8. There are many development tools for QuickBlox to build apps or integrate them into existing applications. These include native iOS SDK, Android SDK, JavaScript SDK, React Native SDK, Flutter SDK, and Server REST-API.

    Flutter is gaining popularity especially as it provides full support for desktop apps and server applications as well. While Server API ensures seamless integration into existing applications, many developers may prefer using it with hybrid mobile apps or python applications, which is possible with QuickBlox since it supports it too.

  9. Compliance:
  10. QuickBlox complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with minimal customizations. GDPR/HIPAA QuickBlox-based instances are already used for messaging infrastructure by many firms in the EU and USA.

  11. Battle-tested:
  12. QuickBlox has been tested and used with hundreds of developers and enterprises around the world to create their messaging applications and platforms. With QuickBlox free-tier, developers can sign-up and start working on their application freely, without worrying about losing time or money, until their application reaches a production state, after which they can upgrade to the premium plans seamlessly.

  13. Customer support:
  14. QuickBlox service offers two types of support: full enterprise support for larger customers and free community support for free-tier applications. QuickBlox has a dedicated team of developers who provide support through its channels besides GitHub issues. Enterprise support is also available 24/7 with a guaranteed SLA.

  15. Cost-effective:
  16. Compared to many competitors, QuickBlox is highly cost-effective both in terms of pricing, which starts from a free-tier for developers and small companies, and also in terms of what it actually provides. Using the Quickbox infrastructure saves developers time and money as they no longer have to allocate thousands of hours for development, debugging, testing, deployment, implementation, integration, and scaling. QuickBlox provides all of this with enterprise-grade quality. Get rid of the overhead and just focus on your own product.

  17. Multi-deployment options:
  18. Flexible deployment options is one of the biggest advantages of using QuickBlox. Enterprises can choose their preferred cloud option to host their QuickBlox instance. QuickBlox deployment options include Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and other dedicated clouds. Private on-premise deployments are also supported.

  19. Ready to scale:
  20. As an enterprise grows complex it requires a scale-ready infrastructure, which QuickBlox already offers out-of-the-box. QuickBlox was built to scale so that developers and enterprises should not worry about scaling and its cost. QuickBlox can scale smoothly without any headaches like the other systems in the market.

  21. Sector specific setup:
  22. QuickBlox offers custom setup and services for the healthcare and finance sectors. HIPAA cloud is one sector-specific service that targets hospitals, healthcare facilities, and medical insurance companies. The legal sector is also supported by QuickBlox as many legal firms require GDPR compliant systems.

  23. Implementation:
  24. An experienced developer can easily implement QuickBlox messaging functionality into his/her application by using available SDKs of their preferred framework or language. With the help of well-written documentation, it takes no time to get a real-time messaging solution up and ready.

  25. Security:
  26. All conversations are secure within a centralized encrypted system with highly sophisticated protection. Login sessions are not permanent as they have timeout settings and all actions are continuously logged and monitored. Security in QuickBlox is a necessity to ensure all users’ data is safe. QuickBlox team provides enterprise support for cloud and on-premise installations as well as client-side application structuring and layout to make sure the end-user is secure and the application is protected by design.

  27. Private:

    Some privacy features are available in QuickBlox such as disabling users from sending messages, not saving messages on the server, and so on. Hence, QuickBlox has a fixable API and more privacy features can be implemented with the design.

  28. White-Label Solutions:
  29. In addition to its comprehensive toolset QuickBox also offers some white-label solutions. Rather than developing an instant messaging app from scratch, you may prefer to customize a ready solution offered by QuickBlox in the form of Q-Consultation or Q-Municate messenger app.


QuickBlox is a powerful, time and cost-effective service for all enterprises, starting from small and medium enterprises to large ones. It offers a rich communication toolset with a highly flexible easy-to-use API and multiple languages/ framework SDKs for enterprise developers to use.

Moreover, it comes with a dedicated team that offers support for enterprise developers and customers whenever needed.

For more about QuickBlox and the services it offers, visit the official website.

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