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Microsoft and WebRTC

Posted by Igor Khomenko on August 21, 2015

As you may know the Microsoft announced it is backing the Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) technology and will be supporting the ORTC API in Internet Explorer and Edge.

Today we tested our WebRTC video calling code sample on Microsoft Edge browser and it’s still far from the working solution.

Here you can see the testing results:


Some good news:  Microsoft Edge now supports media capture functionality, so you can have an access to microphone and camera. Here is a blog post from Microsoft about it.

However, RTCPeerConnection is not supported and looks like Microsoft is going to follow its own way here – ORTC. And it’s not compatible with WebRTC 1.0.

So, where we are going? As we can see this is just the beginning of implementation effort in Microsoft/IE so we should sit and wait for first real results.

Keep you posted, cheers!


Igor Khomenko

Brand-new Javascript Chat code sample and WebRTC/Video calling SDK updates

Posted by Igor Khomenko on August 21, 2015

This month is one of the hardest month for QuickBlox JS team!

We are happy to announce 3(!) new releases of Javascript SDK: 1.10.0, 1.11.0, 1.12.0.  While stability fixes are always super exciting to hear about, the stars of the show here are WebRTC and Chat.


Chat code sample

Chat module is our most popular module and we are happy to open today our brand-new Javascript Chat code sample with conversations list, message history, ‘is typing’ statuses and other cool chat features! Now you can easily build your Web application using this code sample as a basis.

Js_chat_sample1Here is a link to JS chat code sample
And also we have a demo application


WebRTC/Video calling updates

We spent a lot of time for cross-platform issues (Web<->iOS, Web<->Android) and this release contains a lot of stability fixes for cross-platform video calling.

As usual, an updated WebRTC code sample is the part of the release and live demo
Check the release notes of latest JS SDK updates

Download JS SDK 1.12.0



Igor Khomenko

REST API, Chat API and dashboard updates

Posted by Igor Khomenko on July 31, 2015

After the release of Chat 2.0 API we had a time to collect your feedback on this and now QuickBlox team releases some cool REST API and dashboard updates based on your feedback.

Let’s see what we have:

  • Force dialog deletion. Now an owner can completely delete a chat dialog he created.
  • Force message deletion. Now an owner can completely delete a chat message he created.
  • Better management of delivered/read status:
    • Chat message model now has read_ids and delivered_ids fields so you can easily track who received and read a message you sent.
    • Now you don’t need to call a REST API method to mark messages as delivered or read. Now you can just call an appropriate Chat/XMPP method and Chat backend will do other job by itself!
  • GET /Messages API now provides an optional mark_as_read parameter to not to mark retrieved messages as read.
  • Ability to delete multiple dialogs in a single query.
  • API to retrieve unread messages count

And we also have one cool feature on Dashboard called History actions. Now you can track all actions you do in the QuickBlox admin panel. This is to protect you from accidental actions. You can find this log on page.

Have a fun with new features!

Igor Khomenko

JavaScript SDK 1.9.3 with updated Content and CustomObjects code samples

Posted by Igor Khomenko on July 14, 2015

Today QuickBlox team releases a new version JavaScript SDK 1.9.3. This is a small but useful updated for our web developers:

  • added an ability to use user_id as the first parameter in
  • added an ability to use user_id in
  • added an ability to provide the page & per_page parameters in QB.content.list

Also we are excited to show you new web Content and CustomObjects code samples – completely new rewritten code samples that help you to build your amazing web apps with QuickBlox! Check them in our JavaScript dev section.



Demo also are available:

And more Web updates coming soon!


Igor Khomenko

QuickBlox releases iOS SDK 2.3: lots of Chat updates

Posted by Igor Khomenko on June 18, 2015

Awesome news for iOS team today – QuickBlox releases iOS SDK 2.3 with a lot of Chat API updates, that mainly simplify integration and speed up apps development!

Also new iOS samples with latest Apple technologies are developed

Download iOS SDK 2.3

Main updates:

  • General:
    • Removed API 1.x
  • Chat:
    • Models QBAbstractMessage, QBChatMessage, QBChatHistoryMessage are merged into one model QBChatMessage
    • Now you must use QBChatDialog for all chat related operations. Previous methods are deprecated.
    • Added API to send and receive system messages: A method [[QBChat instance] sendSystemMessage:] and delegatechatDidReceiveSystemMessage:
    • Updated XMPPFramework
    • Ability to mark all chat messages as read: [QBRequest markMessagesAsRead:null dialogID:dialogID successBlock:errorBlock:]
    • Added readIds and dialogId properties to QBChatMessage model
    • TLS connection set by default now
    • Added methods to QBChatDelegate to track chat reconnection states
    • Added method to get a number on chat dialogs and messages: [QBRequest countOfDialogsWithExtendedRequest:successBlock:errorBlock:], [QBRequest countOfMessagesForDialogID:extendedRequest:successBlock:errorBlock:]
    • Added 2 delegate methods for Contact List API: chatDidReceiveAcceptContactRequestFromUser:,chatDidReceiveRejectContactRequestFromUser:
  • Content:
    • Simplified API to download files from Content module. Now QBCBlob model has next methods to get an url to file: publicUrl, publicUrlForID:,privateUrl, privateUrlForID:
  • Custom Objects:
    • Added aggregation API
  • Users:
    • New API to update user
    • Now SDK hosts current logged in user: [QBSession currentSession].currentUser
  • Messages:
    • New methods to register and unregister push notifications that take an additional argument to set device udid.
    • Now you can subscribe to push notifications just with single request: [QBRequest createSubscription:successBlock:errorBlock:]

For any support queries, please create a ticket in our helpdesk.

Good luck with your apps development!