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Illia ChemolosoviOS Developer

Illia Chemolosov, an iOS developer at QuickBlox, specializes in developing powerful chat applications as evidenced by his contributions to GitHub. As a lead developer, Illia’s expertise is instrumental in creating QuickBlox’s iOS Chat SDK and UI Kit, providing developers with efficient tools to build exceptional chat experiences. With a relentless drive to stay at the forefront of Apple’s latest innovations and technologies, Illia is always on the cutting edge of iOS development. With over 10 years of experience in the field, he possesses a trove of knowledge in areas such as data structure, design patterns, and architecture.

His helpful insights are shared through tutorials and articles on several popular platforms. From practical tutorials on how to add push notifications to iOS apps, to exploring Apple’s latest innovations and their impact on real-time communication, Illia’s posts empower developers. Currently Illia plays a vital role in developing new software for iOS app development that integrates AI technology.

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