10 Benefits You Get As a QuickBlox Enterprise User – Part 2

Anton Dyachenko
17 Sep 2019

Last time we shared 10 benefits you get as a QuickBlox Enterprise User Part 1 and what custom-tailored solutions and technical assistance you get with it. In Part 2, we continue to elaborate on the advantages QuickBlox offers to its clients, and how the Enterprise Plan helps you to get more out of your business.

6. Extended monitoring/debugging and security/vulnerability measures

QuickBlox takes software monitoring seriously. Our mission involves collecting externally observable signals that help to measure a company’s IT security posture and provide information that enterprises need to manage and improve their own security performance and address security issues throughout their extended business ecosystem. In some cases, these are the vulnerabilities that pose significant risks to the companies which impact is easily observed.


Graylog is one of the complex solutions for the management of both structured and unstructured data along with debugging applications. It is a tool for centralized collection, storage, and analysis of the log data on various events on the servers of the local network.

Graylog has a main server that  receives data from its clients installed on different servers, and a web interface that visualizes the data and allows working with logs aggregated on the main server. It gives a clear picture of how the whole system and its separate components work in every given time period.

Virus Scanner

Quickblox solution also has the functionality for content scanning. It’s mainly used to prevent certain companies and individuals from sending viruses via our chat solutions.

QuickBlox virus scanner automatically checks all the data sent to the AWS S3. If any file contains a virus, it will be immediately terminated from S3 after the uploading. Also, database known viruses are automatically updated every 3 hours. For now, the virus scanner is implemented for AWS content and available for Enterprise subscribers only.


OSSEC is an open-source, host-based intrusion detection software to monitor and control your systems. It enhances the security monitoring platform by combining its HIDS monitoring features with Security Incident Management (SIM)/Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities. OSSEC helps customers to meet specific compliance requirements such as PCI and HIPAA.


How can you tell for sure that you haven’t found a weak spot and that mobile users do not create excessive load on the server with too frequent requests? How do you determine peak activity intervals, debug the application, notice minor bugs and monitor compliance with key activity indicators for your end-users? If you don’t have an answer to these questions, we have because NewRelic is specifically made to solve all these and many other similar developers’ questions and tasks.


It is an open-source error tracking that provides visibility across your entire stack giving you the details you need to fix your bugs. A developer can use Sentry to resolve issues well before their users encounter them. Sentry lets users track, prioritize, identify, reproduce, and fix production errors across every application in their stack.

7. Dedicated calling infrastructure

Dedicated calling infrastructure is your personal safety solution for peer-to-peer and group calls. It provides a slew of benefits to the users including cost-effectiveness, failure resilience, and accessibility. The infrastructure itself is ensured through the following services.

Conference call server

With the conference call server, you can host your own conference calls. QuickBlox provides support for iOS, Android, and web browsers which essentially means that you can make conference calls using any platform. We offer you a powerful, high-quality, and highly secured video-conferencing software server.


In VoIP applications, communication through a central server does not only slows down the connection but is also rather expensive. On the other hand, if you consider dynamic address allocation, highly restrictive firewalls, and shifting network configurations, direct communication becomes complex as well. In this case, ICE, or Interactive Connectivity Establishment, is a promising solution.

ICE allows traffic to pass through various NAT (network address traversal) devices. It facilitates the use of VoIP telephony when you need to connect remote users in peer-to-peer networking as directly as possible. With ICE support, when clients want to connect with other devices, they first collect information about available IP addresses using STUN and TURN protocols, as well as information about configured IP addresses on its network interfaces where they can receive network traffic. And that is where ICE is valuable with its ability to combine the information received on the available IPs and, accordingly, build the most convenient routes to these IP addresses.

STUN servers

STUN is a set of tools that allows you to use NAT with network protocols working behind the UDP. STUN enables applications that work through NAT to detect the fact of address traversal and find out the Internet-side port to which a specific local port has been assigned via NAT.

Dedicated TURN server(s)

Dedicated TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT) server prevents from sharing your cloud resources. TURN extends STUN capabilities to make media traversal possible even if clients are behind symmetric NATs. But that means that the whole traffic will flow through the TURN server because it serves as a relay. Therefore, our TURN servers use credentials or shared secret mechanisms to authenticate clients.

8. On-premise installation option

You can have a QuickBlox solution in your secure zone of your own hosting infrastructure (your own data center). Our SiteOps team has extensive experience in the installation and support of the customers on their personal infrastructure, thus, don’t fret!

QuickBlox SiteOps team will:

  • prepare a list of questions for your quick onboarding and understanding your needs;
  • prepare the list of software requirements;
  • create a schema and suggest network topology and hardware requirements;
  • provide you with practical advice on installation and ensure you with further support.

9. Custom data retention

At QuickBlox we understand that information retention might be a key feature for your chat application especially if you’re dealing with patients or sensitive accounting data. That’s why with the Enterprise plan, QuickBlox enables you to have your own retention settings in place and save all messages and content for a definite period of time. Following the general retention policy, QuickBlox automatically deletes any messages and content on your workspace that reach the maximum retention period. Being an Enterprise user, though, means that you can set your own data retention policy.

10. Perpetual license

A perpetual license grants you as a QuickBlox customer the right to use source code and add communication features to your applications as well as to modify our SDKs and APIs to your needs. In this way, you can be sure that you gain full control over your solution from both security and technical perspectives. Our development team constantly updates our chat APIs and SDKs and we always stay in touch with you. Thus, you can sync up with us and ask any questions you have.

Conclusion Best match of provided services and cost

Responding directly to customer demand, The QuickBlox Enterprise Plan takes an integrated approach to deliver a valuable product and appropriate technical support. And Enterprise is specifically made customizable to meet each Client’s unique requirements. Explore how the digital transformation can help you accelerate yours by contacting our Sales Department at sales@quickblox.com.

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