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10 Benefits You Get As a QuickBlox Enterprise User – Part 2

Anton Dyachenko
23 Sep 2021
QuickBlox enterprise plan benefits

This blog is a revised version of an article first published in September 2019.

Quickblox is a leading communication platform service provider. We offer feature-rich, real-time communication functionality that can be easily integrated into any mobile app or web platform via a set of ready-to-use and fully customizable SDKs (software development kits) and APIs. Our software and services power enterprise communications.

In our previous blog we shared some of the Benefits you get as a Quickblox Enterprise Customer focusing on SLA and technical support, flexible hosting, and data security and compliance. Now, in Part 2, we elaborate on the advantages QuickBlox enterprise users enjoy, highlighting security and communication enhancements that enrich business communications.

6. Enterprise Security & Application Management

To provide enterprise-grade security for our communication software we offer an array of enhancements that our in-house developers can configure as a part of your dedicated enterprise infrastructure. These add-ons provide virus protection, intrusion detection, log analysis, application debugging, and monitoring amongst other available enhancements.

  • Virus Scanning

Quickblox provides additional functionality for content scanning and virus protection. Protect end users and corporate communication by scanning files. Ensure files shared between users stay safe and suspicious files are embargoed prior to access. Sharing files, photos, and videos is a dynamic part of chat messaging. Create centralized controls if needed.

QuickBlox virus scanner automatically checks all data sent to the storage (like AWS S3). If any file contains a virus, it will be immediately removed from storage after uploading. Virus database registries are automatically updated. Available for Enterprise subscribers only.

  • Intrusion Detection

Hackers attempting to enter your systems via your chat can be detected with OSSEC on your QuickBlox instance. OSSEC is an open-source, host-based intrusion detection software to monitor file integrity. It enhances the security monitoring platform by combining its HIDS monitoring features with Security Incident Management (SIM) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities. OSSEC helps customers to meet specific compliance requirements such as PCI and HIPAA.

  • Extended Monitoring

We also can enable extended monitoring tools like Graylog to your communication software. Graylog’s log management solution provides a comprehensive set of tools for collecting, indexing, and analysing both structured and unstructured data for almost any source. Graylog allows the capture and visualisation of log data in one centralized space, enabling real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data.

  • Application Monitoring

How can you optimise your mobile and web communications to minimise excessive load on the server with too frequent requests or bandwidth consumption? How do you determine peak activity intervals, debug the application, notice minor bugs and monitor compliance with key activity indicators for your end-users within your video and messaging communication within your application and website services? We can add tools like NewRelic to your communication application infrastructures to help resolve all these and other questions.

7. Robust Voice & Video Calling Capabilities

Our dedicated calling infrastructure, available only to enterprise customers, enables high quality peer-to-peer and voice and video conference calls. Benefits to business enterprise users include scalability, cost-efficiency, failure resilience, and easy integration. Components of this communication infrastructure include:

  • TURN Server

Peer to Peer voice and video calls work on a direct connection between end users – application to application, a TURN server is sometimes required to initiate connections between applications in cases when security settings limit direct connections. A dedicated TURN server enhances call connectivity and lowers call connection time latency.

  • Video Conferencing Server

A dedicated video conference server enables you to offer multi-participant group calls through the QuickBlox platform. QuickBlox provides ready SDKs for video conference calling and cross platform support for iOS & Android devices, and for web & mobile browsers which powers video conferencing using any platform. We offer you a powerful, high-quality, and highly secured video-conferencing software server.

  • Video Conference Call Recording

With your dedicated video conferencing server you can also add call recording functionality. Store, access, and share video call recordings securely in your QuickBlox content storage through your chosen cloud provider.

8. Chat Moderation and User Management Capabilities

Chat services and app stores may require you to moderate your user base. Moderate chat messaging in real-time with our additional trust and safety feature (TnS). We provide profanity scans to detect and mask unwanted content. You can customize this software to mask or block unwanted content according to your specifications. Whenever a user sends a message to the chat dialog, the functionality blocks potentially offensive messages from being delivered to the recipient or masks profanity or sensitive information such as social security numbers, addresses, names, and phone numbers, which helps prevent the loss of sensitive data. Users who generate objectionable content or who violate your network’s rules can be banned from using services that are covered by TnS functionality.

9. Custom Data Retention & Storage

At QuickBlox we understand that information retention might be a key feature for your chat messaging application, especially if you’re dealing with key commercial, financial, healthcare or other sensitive data. That’s why with the Enterprise plan, QuickBlox enables you to have your own content and data retention settings in place to save all messages and content for an indefinite period of time. Unlike a shared cloud plan which follows a specific data retention policy regarding the storage of messages and content, Enterprise users set their own data retention policy.

10. High Availability / Disaster Recovery (HA/DR)

While equipment may fail – services don’t need to. We understand the need for business enterprises to ensure that their communications remain safe and available at all times. That’s why we provide a set of High Available and Disaster Recovery solutions to keep services live and to maintain your real-time communications.

  • High Availability (HA)

HA is a solution to ensure continuous operation of communication services. By replicating your communication infrastructure, HA means constant availability, allowing your system to perform without interruption for a long period of time.

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)

Unfortunately–although rare–it is sometimes the case that failures cannot be prevented through HA measures (for instance in the total loss of internet connection to your cloud provider). As a result, there is a slow down or complete termination of all processes. This is when Disaster Recovery (DR) matters. Disaster Recovery involves a set of measures that enable the recovery of services. QuickBlox’ s DR solution involves frequent and continuous backup of mission critical data and activities to restore your communication.


The QuickBlox Enterprise Plan takes an integrated approach to delivering robust communication functionality, technical support, security and compliance, and flexible hosting making QuickBlox an ideal choice of partner. Our wide range of enhanced services and robust SDKs and APIs that enable real-time communication features, empower you to build dynamic communication apps for the benefit of your customers and ultimately, your business. We offer far more flexibility than other CPaaS providers, as our Enterprise Plan can be customized to meet each client’s unique business requirements. To find out more, please contact a member of our Enterprise team today.

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