10 Benefits You Get As a QuickBlox Enterprise User – Part 1

Anton Dyachenko
5 Sep 2019

There are a lot of industry-specific business challenges that you must tackle to make a business successful. And no matter what field you’re covering, Healthcare, Finance, Marketplace or any other one, sooner or later you face a need in communication with your customers. Sometimes your prompt response or heads-up can help your clients to set up a deal or save someone’s life.

We at QuickBlox understand this. And with Enterprise Plan, we offer you our chat APIs and SDKs with fully customizable features to power your reliable messaging solution so that you could achieve the best possible business results, have effective resource utilization and reduce costs. But let’s not mince words.

Why Choose Enterprise Plan? Key Highlights

QuickBlox Enterprise Plan is a suite of fully-managed features for your businesses. It is specially created for those who want more control over data and security and suits best for professionals and enterprises requiring a lot of customization, high-quality technical support, SLA, as well as HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

1. Software Level Agreement

Software Level Agreement covers your back by stating that QuickBlox provides you with a quality product and ensures you with prompt priority support and technical assistance. That said, your servers are maintained and monitored by the QuickBlox SiteOps team with uptime guaranteed hereunder. Our experts are ready to assist you with integration, security, and scalability issues. Your dedicated QuickBlox Support Manager ensures that you get the most of your cloud communication infrastructure.

Basically, this agreement guarantees that QuickBlox is your trusted partner that takes over all the backend and maintenance work and provides you with assistance and guidance throughout our cooperation.

2. Best location for your Enterprise solution

Choose the closest location for your Enterprise solution to your audience to reduce backend response time and fit government regulations. Hosting options are various and include AWS, GCP, Alibaba, DigitalOcean, and Azure. We are also ready to help you with the on-premise setup of software systems to your cloud hosting instances as well as its maintenance.

What things should you consider when picking a location for your data center?

  1. First, define your target audience. It is important to determine where your end users are located. If you are serving customers across Europe, most likely you need a data center in or close to Europe to ensure optimal performance and fit GDPR.
  2. Second, research web hosts before selecting a new service. Most of them include all the necessary information on their websites, but you may also have a good look around.
  3. And finally, check the data center performance. There are multiple resources for these. Having a clear understanding of data center capabilities will make it easier for you to make up your mind.

3. Prioritized Support with Personal Account / Support Manager

Personal Account / Support Managers are hands-on professionals with experience across all aspects of the QuickBlox backend platform and its integration with your applications. They provide you with quick responses to your tickets for maximum efficiency and performance.

Your designated QuickBlox Support Manager will:

  • provide you with prioritized support sharing the best practice and recommendations;
  • analyze and resolve root causes of complex implementation and logical issues if any;
  • ensure you with advanced hands-on technical activities;
  • guide you through backend software updates and maintenance.

4. Data security and HIPAA-compliant encryption

Quickblox offers tools to help you meet national, regional and industry standards for the collection and use of personal data. Security and data protection is no empty boast. And alarming statistics of breaches just proves it. That’s why we take GDPR compliance seriously. And by GDPR compliance we mean protection of any personal data of our customers that we process and manage including names, addresses, ID numbers, as well as web data.

QuickBlox also provides to the companies HIPAA-compliant encryption as requested to protect data of healthcare data solutions across devices, processes, platforms, and environments.

5. Backend clusterization

In the course of work, server failures are inevitable. Even though many components are duplicated (like power supplies or cooling systems), it is impossible to guarantee 100% reliability of equipment. Each failure leads to losses. Risks increase with virtualization. In case of a hardware failure, several virtual servers may crash at once.

To avoid such problems, it is necessary to increase the reliability of equipment by magnitude, while maintaining the high availability of parameters of the terminal server. Since it is impossible to do at the server component level, we decided to introduce server clusterization.

A cluster is a group of servers connected through hardware, networks, and software and work as if they were one single server. The result is a fault-tolerant scheme where the failure of one or more of them does not affect the availability of services. To avoid this kind of issue, at QuickBlox, we opted for HA/DR (High Availability and Disaster Recovery) Configuration.

HA/DR Configuration

High Availability is a business solution to ensure its own continuous operation. It allows the system to perform its functions continuously (without interruption) for a long period of time. HA is most often achieved through failure tolerance.

Still, there are failures that could not be prevented through a set of HA measures and, as a result, they slow down or completely terminate all business processes. It is when disaster recovery gets into a game. Disaster recovery involves a set of measures that enable to recover services, functions, and systems in case of an outage or other interruption. QuickBlox disaster recovery solutions typically involve manual activities. These are not all the benefits QuickBlox offers to its customers. Check out Enterprise Plan Benefits Part 2 in our next blog post.

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