Build a Video Consultation App Fast using our Open Source Software and API

Q-Consultation Lite is offered free to developers wanting to create a virtual meeting room application with video calling, live chat, user management features, and integrated with OpenAI.

QuickBlox Q-Consultation Lite
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Q-Consultation Lite is an open source teleconsultation web app adaptable to mobile web browsers so that it can work on iOS and Android.

Enhanced with OpenAI models
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Open Source Software to Support a Multitude of Video Consultation Use Cases

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Open source video chat and virtual meeting rooms to support a variety of business needs.

QuickBlox scalable

Plug & Play

No need to build from scratch. Our source code is available to start using today.

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Our free video chat api means you don’t have to invest in expensive software.

QuickBlox embeddable


Q-Consultation Lite can be embedded into your existing software platform.

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Modify the look, flow, and content of the screens.

QuickBlox integrate


Q-Consultation API makes it effortless for developers to integrate the source code.

Take advantage of OpenAI integration to add enhanced functionality

Smart search

AI can match your clients to the best specialist for their needs or map to relevant information based on the client’s input.

Automatic summary

AI will generate a conversation summary with action points from a video recording.

Response assistance

AI can assist a specialist to provide detailed answers to clients in a timely manner through analysis of the conversation.

QuickBlox open-ai-integration

Our fully customizable React JS source code allows you to create the user experience you want

Use your preferred authentication method

  • via phone number verification;
  • via email and password;
  • via API (may work with client or provider session token or API key);
  • via Custom Identity Provider* (customer's own authentication system or third party auth services can be integrated).

*will require Enterpise QuickBlox plan

QuickBlox authentication-method

Modify UX to suit your use case

  • re-organise app screens and user flows.
  • add and delete screens as required.
  • insert videos, data forms, advertisement, or links.
QuickBlox modify-ux

Choose how deeply to integrate the source code into your existing system

  • control sign-ins
  • manage users
  • create appointments
  • retrieve appointment history
  • integrate chat functionality
  • integrate video calls
QuickBlox choose-how-intagrate

Embed into your existing platform and company website

  • host in your own domain with your company brand.
  • we provide sample integration screens to get you started.
QuickBlox embed-platform

Modify the UI to reflect your company brand

QuickBlox modify-ui


Brand the Q-Consultation app with your own business logo throughout, as well as with the favicon icon associated with the URL.

Color, Font, and Borders

Choose a look that best reflects your business branding through color, borders, and font style.

Select your own color theme for the entire app including backdrop color of modal dialogs.


Choose icons for action/functions that best suit your preference.

Action Buttons

Color buttons to indicate low, medium, and high priority. Change the size or shape to make sure action buttons are not missed.

Change the language and text fields to say what needs to be said


The Q-Consultation app can be rendered in your native language.

QuickBlox change-language

Text & Fields

The content of standard text throughout the app can be modified. Choose what needs to be said and how.

You can also add or remove fields to ensure you collect the data you need.

QuickBlox text-fields

Developer resources for Q‑Consultation Lite

QuickBlox GuideGuide

QuickStart Guide

Provides easy-to-follow written instructions to run the source code.

QuickBlox DocumentDocument

Q-Consultation API Documentation

Speed up development and easily integrate external services and data.

QuickBlox VideoVideo

Application Launch Video Tutorial

Offers visual step-by-step guide to launch your project.

Are you in need of a white-label video consultation solution with instant messaging?

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Share your details to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Q-Consultation Lite cost?

The source code of the Q-Consultation Lite app is open and free forever.

To launch your Q-Consultation project, you can start with QuickBlox Basic Plan (https://quickblox.com/pricing/).

We provide a three months free trial for QuickBlox backend to launch your project at no cost.

Are there any usage limits with Q-Consultation Lite?

The Q-Consultation Lite app itself doesn’t have any limits and the source code is open.

However, since the app is built using certain backend functions (e.g. video calling, live chat, file sharing, and storage) powered by QuickBlox SDKs and there are some limits related to use of the QuickBlox platform.

Depending on your chosen plan, limits for total number of users and file size will vary. You can find the detailed information here: https://quickblox.com/pricing/

How do I increase file limits with Q-Consultation Lite?

In the usage of Q-consultation you may wish to record video calls between participants. If you wish to store these files on the cloud you will need a paid plan with QuickBlox.

How many users can I have with Q-Consultation Lite?

The users limit will depend on your QuickBlox plan.

During the three month free trial, you will be able to have up to 500 total users per platform.

How can I increase the user limit for my account?

You can increase user limits for your account at any time by upgrading your QuickBlox plan.

Find more information about user limits per a plan here: https://quickblox.com/pricing/.

Is there a Q-Consultation Lite mobile app version?

Q-Consultation Lite is a responsive web application and has a user interface optimized for mobile devices when using the application via mobile web browser. The application is compatible with QuickBlox native SDKs for use of the application with mobile devices and applications.

Where can I host the Q-Consultation Lite application?

When you download the source code you can run the application from whatever machine you choose. When your application is ready to be released to production, we recommend you use a dedicated web server. This is available from any hosting provider. QuickBlox can also host the application for a monthly fee.

Make sure that your web server uses HTTPS connection as WebRTC enabled connections can only be established over a secure internet connection.

What QuickBlox hosting plan do I need to use with Q-Consultation Lite and how much does it cost?

You can start using Q-Consultation Lite with a Basic (Free) plan. We provide a three month free trial to allow you to launch your Q-Consultation project (https://quickblox.com/pricing/).

When your application starts growing, it’s a quick and easy process to scale/upgrade your QuickBlox plan as needed.

What if I need help integrating the software?

We are always glad to help you integrate the Q-Consultation Lite software.

You can send your questions to our enterprise@quickblox.com email address and/or join our QuickBlox Developer Discord Channel to be in touch with our community, post your questions and find tips from us for different use cases, application launch, integration, troubleshooting, etc.

Which internet browsers work with Q-Consultation Lite?

Q-Consultation Lite is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers for desktop, and Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox for mobile.

We support the current stable version of a browser and the version that preceded it. For example, if the current version of the browser is 24.x, we support the 24.x and 23.x versions.

Q-Consultation Lite may work on other browsers but these are not tested nor officially supported at this time.

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