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How to Launch a Flutter Chat Sample

Kirill Tolmachev
17 Jan 2022

Flutter is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for cross-platform app development. Easy-to-use with ample official documentation and an active developer community, Flutter allows you to build apps for both Android and iOS with a single source code. We outline why Flutter is a game changer in an earlier blog. In this article we offer a helpful guide to get you started building with Flutter.

QuickBlox offers a robust feature-rich video-calling and chat Flutter SDK that enables you to effortlessly add real-time communication to any application. Before you download our Flutter SDK, sign-up for a free account and run our Flutter code samples.

Our easy step-by-step guide below, outlines how to run our Flutter chat sample so that you can discover how easy it is to build with QuickBlox.

Running a Flutter Chat Sample

  1. First, you need to Login on the homepage of the QuickBlox dashboard. If you don’t have an account yet, sign-up for an account now.
  2. QuickBlox sign-in page

    After signing onto the admin panel, create a new project by selecting the “New app” button.

    Select New App Button

    To configure the app, type in the information about your organization into the corresponding fields and select the “Create app” button.

    create app button

  3. Next, we’re going to download samples from GitHub.
  4. GitHub – QuickBlox Flutter Samples. To download samples, click on the button “Code” and select the format you need.

    select code button

    The best ways to download samples from GitHub are:

    – HTTPS

    – Download ZIP

    Also, you can clone a repository by using Android Studio:

    Android Studio 1
    Android Studio 2
    or using VS Code:
    VS Code
    VS Code 2

  5. Open the sample in Android Studio, or VS Code. If you don’t have it installed – install one of them first. Pay attention – if you want to deploy the sample onto an iOS device you should install the latest Xcode version.
  6. We recommend opening the sample using:

    – Android Studio 4.2.2 or higher,

    – VS Code 1.61 or higher,

    For example, in Android Studio – Press “Open an Existing Project”

    Android Studio 3

    And then select the sample you downloaded.

    Android Studio 4

  7. Then you need to add the application credentials from the admin panel to the main.dart file inside the project.

  8. All that remains is to launch an emulator or a mobile device with Android OS. Select a device in the list of running devices and press the “Run” button.
  9. Wait until the Sample application is launched:

Use QuickBlox Flutter SDK today

We provide detailed documentation for all our SDKs including a Quick Start guide for Flutter.
For technical queries about using our SDK or recommendations for our product or documentation please submit a ticket to our support team.
Contact us if you want to learn more about how QuickBlox can support your communication needs.

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