Modernize Your Hiring Process with a Video Recruitment Platform

Conduct candidate interviews and employee appraisals anytime, anywhere, with our AI enhanced video interview platform for iOS, Android, and Desktop.

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Why choose embeddable video interviewing software?

Q‑Consultation conveniently provides a private chat & virtual meeting room where employers can communicate with candidates and employees. The app enables real‑time chat & messaging, voice & video calling , file & screen sharing, appointment scheduling, and additional OpenAI powered features.

Q‑Consultation is built on the QuickBlox platform ensuring that it provides stable, scalable, and secure video chat for recruitment and HR. It can be used as a stand‑alone app or embedded into your existing recruitment software or website.

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How can OpenAI enhance a video interviewing platform?

  • Intelligent Candidate Matching

    Candidates can harness the power of AI to match their capabilities and interests with the most appropriate job position or recruiter.

  • Time-Saving Transcription

    AI can transcribe recorded video interviews so that you can easily search, review, and analyze interview content in a timely manner.

  • Actionable Summary Notes

    Use the in-built AI assistant to generate concise summaries and action points from the transcribed recordings. These notes capture essential points, key qualifications, and standout attributes of each candidate facilitating efficient candidate comparison and selection.

  • AI Assistant for Smart Responses

    HR professionals can rely on the AI assistant to provide accurate information for common HR inquiries, such as leave policies, employee benefits, training programs, onboarding procedures, performance evaluations, and more.

Why our video hiring platform is right for you

QuickBlox video-calling


Connect organizations with workers in real‑time. Conducts interviews, annual reviews, onboarding sessions and much more with private remote consultations from any location.

QuickBlox save time


Hire amazing talent and keep current employees content with responsive real‑time communication. More intimate than email, video chat builds connection and trust.

QuickBlox sla


Save time and costs while still enjoying the benefits of an SLA. Q‑Consultation is offered as a turnkey CPaaS solution making it ideal recruitment software for small businesses.

QuickBlox save time


Avoid the expense of in‑person meetings. Hire people remotely or interview a large number of candidates at the same time.

QuickBlox integrate


Integrate Q‑Consultation into your existing HR software. Rebrand to fit your company look, embed within your own website or app, and host on your domain.

QuickBlox gdpr


Q-Consultation is built on a GDPR encrypted platform and can be hosted within your own cloud infrastructure, giving you control of all communication and user data.


We understand that every business has unique needs, that's why we offer flexible pricing options to accommodate your specific circumstances. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a comprehensive managed plan, we have a pricing plan for you.

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  • Open Source Q‑Consultation Lite
  • As‑a‑Service Q‑Consultation Premium
  • Free tier
  • Paid tier
  • Enterprise tier
  • Cost
  • Free
  • Free
  • Monthly subscription starting at $299
  • Features
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Premium features:
    • - Scheduling module
    • - Webhooks
    • - Single & multi‑tenant architecture
    • - Support
  • Hosting
  • QuickBlox Shared Cloud
  • QuickBlox Shared Cloud
  • On your own dedicated cloud
  • Support
  • None
  • None
  • 24/7 fully‑managed service with SLA for App and backend
  • Updates
  • Ltd
  • Ltd
  • Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • No
  • Yes, with HIPAA Paid tier
  • Yes, with HIPAA Enterprise tier

Looking for a cost free video recruitment platform?

Introducing Q-Consultation Lite, our streamlined version of the leading app, available as open-source code at absolutely no cost to you.

How does our video recruitment software streamline interviewing and hiring?

  • Virtual Queue & Waiting room

    Efficiently manage interviews and promote a seamless experience for both recruiters and candidates.

    • Hold candidates in a virtual meeting room until the recruiter is ready.
    • Collect information via online forms or in-app chat while candidates wait.
    • Organize candidates in a virtual queue, determining priority & assigning to interviewers.
    • Conveniently move from one interview to the next.
    QuickBlox Q-HR
  • Versatile Interview Video Software

    Provide an accessible and convenient means for candidates and recruiters to meet.

    • Eliminate geographical limitations & expand your talent pool with high-quality video interviews.
    • Record video interviews for future reference and review.
    • Effortlessly transcribe and summarize video content with in-built AI tools.
    QuickBlox Q-HR
  • User Management & Administrative Features

    Engage users with feature-rich tools that mean they never have to leave your platform.

    • Provide a personalized & engaging communication experience with face-to-face video calls and real-time instant messaging.

    • Recruiters send invitations directly from the app. Candidates select their recruiter and time slot.
    • Implement your preferred authentication method to verify the identity of app users.
    • Multi-task during calls. Take notes, share files or your screen, and chat with waiting candidates.
    • Multi-task during calls. Take notes, share files or your screen, and chat with waiting candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video recruitment platform and how does it work?

A video recruitment platform is a digital tool that facilitates the hiring process by allowing employers to conduct video interviews and assessments with job candidates remotely. It works by enabling employers to invite candidates to online interviews, which can be recorded. These recorded interviews are then evaluated by hiring teams, helping them assess a candidate’s qualifications, communication skills, and cultural fit, making the hiring process more efficient and accessible, especially for remote or global recruitment.

Is technical expertise required to implement and manage a video recruitment platform?

Extensive technical expertise is not required to implement and manage QuickBlox’s video recruitment platform. QuickBlox offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform that simplifies the process of conducting video interviews and assessments. QuickBlox provides comprehensive support and guidance to ensure that users can effectively set up and manage their video recruitment processes, making it a user-centric and accessible solution for organizations of varying technical expertise levels.

How secure is a video recruitment platform in terms of protecting sensitive candidate information?

QuickBlox places a strong emphasis on candidate information security in its video recruitment platform by incorporating stringent measures, such as encryption for data both during transmission and while at rest. Additionally, the platform offers the flexibility to be deployed within your own cloud infrastructure, providing users with enhanced control over their data and system management.

Is QuickBlox’s video recruitment platform scalable for businesses of different sizes and industries?

QuickBlox’s video recruitment platform is designed with scalability in mind, making it suitable for businesses of varying sizes and industries. With cloud-based deployment options and tiered pricing plans, QuickBlox accommodates both small and large enterprises, allowing them to adjust resources and costs as they grow. Its robust APIs and integrations enable businesses to expand their tech stack, while maintaining high security standards and compliance measures, ensuring suitability for industries with stringent regulatory requirements.

Which programming languages are video recruitment platforms commonly built with?

Programming languages can vary, however, QuickBlox’s video recruitment platform is built using JavaScript as a core web application language. This choice of JavaScript ensures versatility and adaptability, making the platform accessible not only on web browsers but also on mobile web browsers, including iOS and Android devices. This approach allows for a seamless and consistent user experience across various platforms and devices, making it easier for both recruiters and candidates to engage with the platform regardless of their preferred device or operating system.

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