Connect adults in private communication with our operator-driven chat solution

Enable operators to interact with multiple customers simultaneously in private virtual rooms, offering secure live chat and video calling.

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Why use a white label solution for creating a social engagement app?

Q‑Consultation offers a convenient tool to enable adults to meet, chat, and connect in private virtual rooms. With Q‑Consultation, adults can engage in audio and video calls, send chat messages, share files, and videostream. Our adult chat software allows the operator to communicate with multiple participants in real‑time, and provides several administrative features to manage users.

Q‑Consultation is a customizable adult video chat solution that is hosted in a GDPR compliant cloud, and built on the Quickblox communication platform guaranteeing security and scalability.

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Why our embeddable chat solution is the right one for you

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High‑Quality Video Communication

Video calling functionality built on WebRTC technology means high performance, low‑latency calls.

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Chat Moderation and User Management Tools

Have engaging conversations with others all the while you can regulate contact and manage users.

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Privacy Guaranteed

Q‑Consultation is built on the QuickBlox communication platform which is encrypted for security. All chat, video call, and participant data remains private and in your control.

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Easy Integration

Our ready solution can be easily embedded into any website or app and hosted at a domain of your choosing.

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Both UX and UI can be modified to fit the needs of your use case. Change the colors, look, and feel to suit your preferences.

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Ready to go!

No need to wait months to build your own social engagement app — Q‑Consultation is ready to be integrated into your website today.


Our operator-driven chat solution, provides adaptable pricing, ranging from free-to-use open source code to an all-encompassing managed plan.

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  • Open Source Q‑Consultation Lite
  • As‑a‑Service Q‑Consultation Premium
  • Free tier
  • Paid tier
  • Enterprise tier
  • Cost
  • Free
  • Free
  • Monthly subscription starting at $299
  • Features
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Premium features:
    • - Scheduling module
    • - Webhooks
    • - Single & multi‑tenant architecture
    • - Support
  • Hosting
  • QuickBlox Shared Cloud
  • QuickBlox Shared Cloud
  • On your own dedicated cloud
  • Support
  • None
  • None
  • 24/7 fully‑managed service with SLA for App and backend
  • Updates
  • Ltd
  • Ltd
  • Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • No
  • Yes, with HIPAA Paid tier
  • Yes, with HIPAA Enterprise tier

Looking for a free chat solution?

Try Q-Consultation Lite, our free-to-run open source code.

How does our operator-driven chat solution facilitate meaningful connections?

  • Dynamic Communication

    Empower chat Operators with convenient and varied ways to connect. Operators can:

    • Move seamlessly between several chat rooms, & participate in multiple chats simultaneously.
    • Engage in one‑to‑one dynamic video calls or video stream to multiple Participants at once.
    • Chat or send pictures to other Participants while on a video call.
    • Share screen and files (video, audio, photos) throughout a session.
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  • Effective User Management

    Enable Operators to complete administrative tasks with ease so that they can focus their efforts on making conversations. Operators can:

    • Invite multiple participants to a private chat or video call via a secure personalized link.
    • Collect personal Participant data via online forms and note‑taking.
    • Assign priority to Participants, re‑assign to another Operator or, block and remove.
    QuickBlox Q-Connect
  • Enhanced User Engagement

    Offer Participants a seamless experience through an integrated platform. Participants can:

    • Provide a personalized & engaging communication experience with face-to-face video calls and real-time instant messaging.

    • Access a private virtual room by invitation via a button, link, or SMS message.
    • Chat with the Operator, watch an Operator’s videostream, or join a private one‑to‑one voice or video call initiated by the Operator.
    • Send and receive media rich files (including video, audio and photos) while in the chat room or during a video call.
    • Send and receive media rich files (including video, audio and photos) while in the chat room or during a video call.
    QuickBlox Q-Connect

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