Empower Finance Accessibility with Video Banking Solutions

Add secure video chat functionality to your banking software with our customizable and AI-enhanced embeddable solution.

QuickBlox Q-Finance

Why Use a Customizable Banking & Finance Consultation App?

Q‑Consultation is a white label virtual meeting room with teleconsultation ideally suited for finance and banking. The software enables financial advisors and relationship managers to communicate privately with their clients via instant messaging and video chat, supported by a range of user management features and AI enhancements.

Q‑Consultation is a ready‑to‑use business offering built on top of the QuickBlox platform. The banking solution is hosted in a secure, scalable and GDPR compliant cloud together with support and enterprise‑ready features.

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How Does OpenAI make Video Banking Software Smarter?

  • Intelligent Customer Matching

    Enable your clients to find the most suitable financial advisor based on needs, preferences, and expertise. This intelligent customer matching ensures that every interaction is personalized, efficient, and maximizes customer satisfaction.

  • AI Assistant for Instant Answers

    Ask the AI-powered assistant to answer client queries, common banking questions, and requests for product details. Provide accurate information and efficient customer support in real-time.

  • Accurate and Detailed Transcriptions

    AI converts recorded video interviews into accurate written transcripts, ensuring that every spoken word is captured with high precision, preserving important details, financial terminology, and client insights.

  • Actionable Action Points

    The inbuilt AI assistant extracts actions points from the transcript, identifying recommendations, tasks, and followups, allowing banking staff to ensure important client needs are addressed promptly and effectively.

Why our video banking solution is the right platform for you

QuickBlox video-calling

Exceed Customer Expectations

Customers can schedule appointments, video chat, message, send and receive files, all from the convenience of their phone within one app.

QuickBlox save time

Facilitate Banking Transactions

Banking staff can consult with customers in real-time regardless of where they are and complete tasks in a timely manner.

QuickBlox security

Enjoy Private Conversations

Built on an encrypted platform, our software can be hosted in your own cloud infrastructure, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

QuickBlox save time

Save Time & Costs

Q‑Consultation means you can add AI-enhanced communication features to your finance and banking software today instead of waiting months to build your own.

QuickBlox customizable

White Label

Modify the UI to suit your specific use case and company brand and host on your company domain.

QuickBlox integrate

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Q-Consultation into your existing banking platform, application or website, enhancing your services without disrupting your workflow.


Our video banking solution offers flexible pricing to cater for diverse needs, from free-to-use open source code, to a comprehensive managed plan offering support, priority access to updates, advanced security, and ongoing maintenance.

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  • Open Source Q‑Consultation Lite
  • As‑a‑Service Q‑Consultation Premium
  • Free tier
  • Paid tier
  • Enterprise tier
  • Cost
  • Free
  • Free
  • Monthly subscription starting at $299
  • Features
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Premium features:
    • - Scheduling module
    • - Webhooks
    • - Single & multi‑tenant architecture
    • - Support
  • Hosting
  • QuickBlox Shared Cloud
  • QuickBlox Shared Cloud
  • On your own dedicated cloud
  • Support
  • None
  • None
  • 24/7 fully‑managed service with SLA for App and backend
  • Updates
  • Ltd
  • Ltd
  • Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • No
  • Yes, with HIPAA Paid tier
  • Yes, with HIPAA Enterprise tier

Looking for a free video banking solution?

We provide open-source software that developers can run and customize at no cost. Try Q-Consultation Lite.

How do our banking software features empower professionals?

  • Flexible Authentication System

    Ensure that your banking software remains secure & conversations stay private.

    • Q-Consultation can be configured with your preferred user authentication system.
    • Send secure invitation links from within the app.
    QuickBlox Q-Finance
  • Queue Management & Scheduling

    Create greater efficiency and reduce the burden of no-shows.

    • Hold clients in multiple virtual waiting rooms & move seamlessly between video appointments without leaving the platform.
    • Make and track appointments within the app.
    • Collect client data through online forms and note‑taking. Access data (via API), download (in several formats) and transfer (to other software systems).
    QuickBlox Q-Finance
  • Secure Instant Messaging & Immersive Video Chat

    Engage your clients with high quality communication channels.

    QuickBlox Q-Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video banking solution and how does it work?

A video banking solution is a digital service that enables customers to remotely interact with their bank via live video communication. Customers access the platform through their bank’s website or app, where they can schedule video appointments or initiate video sessions with bank representatives. During these sessions, customers can conduct various transactions, seek assistance, and share documents, all in real time.

How does the Chat API facilitate real-time communication in video banking solutions?

A Chat API enhances real-time communication in video banking solutions by offering instant messaging, transaction capabilities, document sharing, visual aids, multi-platform accessibility, and archival features. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring that customers and bank representatives can engage in efficient and secure real-time communication while conducting various banking tasks during video sessions.

Is a video banking solution secure for sensitive financial transactions?

Q-Consultation prioritizes security for sensitive financial transactions. It employs robust encryption protocols to safeguard video and chat communications, ensuring that customer data remains confidential during sessions. Users can implement their preferred authentication system and the solution can be hosted within the bank’s own cloud infrastructure for additional data control and security.

Can a video banking solution be integrated into existing banking systems?

Q-Consultation can be integrated into existing banking systems. QuickBlox offers a range of developer-friendly tools, including APIs and SDKs, to facilitate smooth integration with a bank’s existing infrastructure, CRM platform, and other software systems.

Can video banking solutions support multilingual customer interactions?

Q-Consultation offers the flexibility to support multilingual customer interactions effectively. Users can customize the text and language throughout the user interface to align with the specific language requirements of their organization. This customization allows banks to offer a personalized and language-friendly experience to their diverse customer base.

Is technical expertise required for customers to use the Quickblox video banking solution?

Extensive technical expertise is not required for customers to use the QuickBlox video banking solution. Q-Consultation is designed to provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience for both customers and bank representatives. The platform is straightforward to access and navigate, allowing users to initiate video banking sessions with ease.

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