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Enable convenient and secure communication between care providers and clients with Q-Consultation, a custom telehealth software solution.

Now with AI-powered functionality.

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Why Opt for a White Label Telemedicine App?

Q‑Consultation provides modern chat and video calling for healthcare. Our telehealth application, integrated with OpenAI, is HIPAA compliant, compatible with all major platforms, and built on QuickBlox’s powerful communication platform to ensure high performance and security.

Whether you’re building a telemedicine app for doctors, therapists, or home healthcare professionals, Q‑Consultation offers a range of features designed to improve the delivery of healthcare services.

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How Can AI-powered Communication Supercharge Your Healthcare Practice?

  • Intelligent Patient-Doctor Matchmaking

    Match patients with the most appropriate doctors based on their medical needs, specialities, and preferences. Say goodbye to random selection and hello to AI-optimized patient-doctor pairings.

  • AI Assistant for Instant Answers

    Doctors can leverage the vast knowledge base of AI to provide accurate and reliable information in real-time. Utilize the integrated AI assistant to access a wealth of medical expertise at your fingertips, enhancing the quality of care and decision-making during consultations.

  • AI-Powered Transcription

    Q-Consultation's AI-powered transcription feature transcribes video recordings, generating accurate and detailed records. This saves valuable time and allows you to focus on active listening and engaging with your patients.

Why Q-Consultation is the best white label telemedicine app for your practice

QuickBlox integrate

Seamless Integration

Integrate into you existing EHR software system, website, or HealthTech application, or use as a stand-alone app.

QuickBlox patient care

Personalized Care

Provide direct and personal communication and build trust and rapport with those under your care through the intimacy of visual communication.

QuickBlox video-calling

Better Health Outcomes

Stay connected with patients throughout their healthcare journey, from initial diagnosis to post‑treatment monitoring, no matter where they are.

QuickBlox save time

Efficiency and Productivity

Maximize time and resources by managing patients in a virtual waiting room and consulting with them remotely.

QuickBlox baa

HIPAA Compliance

Be confident of secure patient data and communications with HIPAA compliant hosting, which includes secured connections, encrypted databases, and the provision of a BAA.

QuickBlox customizable


Customize the UI to fit your company brand and desired customer experience and host the app in a domain of your choosing.


We offer a range of flexible pricing packages depending on the level of support and features needed. Our open source code for Q-Consultation Lite can be used to build a telemedicine app for free, while managed plans begin at $299. Speak to our team to find the best plan for your business needs.

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  • Open Source Q‑Consultation Lite
  • As‑a‑Service Q‑Consultation Premium
  • Free tier
  • Paid tier
  • Enterprise tier
  • Cost
  • Free
  • Free
  • Monthly subscription starting at $299
  • Features
  • Standard
  • Standard
  • Premium features:
    • - Scheduling module
    • - Webhooks
    • - Single & multi‑tenant architecture
    • - Support
  • Hosting
  • QuickBlox Shared Cloud
  • QuickBlox Shared Cloud
  • On your own dedicated cloud
  • Support
  • None
  • None
  • 24/7 fully‑managed service with SLA for App and backend
  • Updates
  • Ltd
  • Ltd
  • Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • No
  • Yes, with HIPAA Paid tier
  • Yes, with HIPAA Enterprise tier

Looking for a free telehealth app?

Q-Consultation Lite, our slimmed down version of the premier app, is offered as free open source code.

How does our telehealth software solution enhance workflow efficiency?

Virtual Queue & Waiting room

Streamline patient management, reduce wait times, and enhance overall satisfaction.

  • Patients can join a virtual waiting room from the comfort of their own homes, providing information while they wait via customizable online forms.
  • Healthcare professionals can perform triage via chat, prioritizing patients in the queue based on need.
  • Doctors can easily transfer patients from one virtual room to another, ensuring smooth transitions and continuous care delivery.
  • Patients can receive real-time updates regarding their appointment status while they wait, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the process.

Telehealth Video Calling

Provide meaningful face-to-face interactions, fostering a personal connection between healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Visual examinations add an extra layer of diagnostic accuracy and treatment monitoring, contributing to improved patient outcomes.
  • The ability to record and archive video appointments ensures accurate documentation, mitigates legal risks, supports education, and enhances quality of care.
  • AI generated summaries and action points empowers healthcare professionals with efficient insights, time-saving benefits, and standardized documentation.
  • Screen sharing, file exchange, and in-chat features facilitates seamless collaboration and improves overall video call experience.

Administrative Tools

Optimize workflow, streamline practice management, and enhance communication and collaboration within the healthcare team.

  • Doctors can easily view, schedule, and reschedule appointments within the app, eliminating the need for separate scheduling systems.
  • Note-taking feature allows doctors to capture key patient information before, during, and after the call and sync notes with their EHR system or forward to their patient.
  • Care providers can easily access chat history to review instructions and track doctor-patient interactions.
  • Doctors can share documents, medical reports, lab results, or images securely within the app, allowing them to collaborate in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a white label telemedicine app?

A white label telemedicine app is a customizable software application designed for healthcare and healthtech providers, to offer telemedicine services under their own branding and identity. Instead of developing a telemedicine app from scratch, organizations can utilize Q-Consultation and customize it to suit their particular use case and branding.

What coding languages are supported by white label telemedicine apps?

The coding languages used to develop white label telemedicine apps vary. Q-Consultation is built as a web application using JavaScript, offering the advantage of cross-platform adaptability. This approach ensures that the application seamlessly functions on both iOS and Android mobile web browsers, providing users with accessibility and flexibility across a variety of devices and operating systems.

Is technical expertise required to launch a white label telemedicine app?

QuickBlox offers a versatile range of options designed to cater to various levels of technical expertise, ensuring that launching a white label telemedicine app can be accessible and efficient for all users. The software is offered as a fully managed service with ample support and documentation, as well as open source code for developers with more advanced technical skills and specific customization requirements.

Is patient data security ensured in white label telemedicine apps?

Q-Consultation is a HIPAA compliant solution. It can be configured and hosted in such a way to adhere to the strict security and privacy standards mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Additionally, QuickBlox provides a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that outlines their commitment to safeguarding patient data in compliance with healthcare regulations.

Can the QuickBlox’s telemedicine app integrate with existing healthcare systems?

QuickBlox provides robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and developer-friendly tools that allow for seamless integration with various healthcare systems and electronic health records (EHR) platforms. This integration capability enables healthcare providers to leverage their current infrastructure and workflows while incorporating telemedicine features to enhance patient care and remote consultations.

How can a chat API enhance a white label telemedicine app?

A chat API enhances a white label telemedicine app by enabling instant messaging alongside video consultations, further enhancing secure, real-time communication between healthcare providers and patients. It can support appointment scheduling, encrypted file sharing, and generally promotes the overall effectiveness of telehealth services.

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