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Enable convenient and secure communication between care providers and their clients with our customizable HIPAA‑Compliant telehealth solution

A Modern TeleHealth App from QuickBlox

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Q‑Consultation provides modern chat and video calling for the benefit of healthcare technology providers and industry professionals. Our telehealth software is HIPAA compliant, compatible with all major platforms, and built on QuickBlox’s powerful communication platform ensuring security and high performance.

Whether you’re building a digital communication solution for teletherapy, telemedicine, or home healthcare, Q‑Consultation offers a range of features designed to improve the delivery of healthcare services whatever the use case.

Our embeddable app provides private chat capabilities, file sharing, virtual queue management, a ‘waiting room’, data collection features all customized to customer requirements, together with live audio and video calling in a private, secure, and recordable tele‑consultation session.

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Benefits of Q‑Consultation for Healthcare

QuickBlox Integrate

Enjoy all the functionality of your current software with the addition of embedded communication features. Q‑Consultation can be used as a stand‑alone app or integrated into your existing EHR software system or healthtech application. No need to build communication features from scratch when you use our embeddable ready solution.

QuickBlox video-calling

Create a personal connection with patients through the intimacy of visual communication. Video consultation provides the opportunity for direct and personal communication with patients and their family members, building trust and relationships with those under your care.

QuickBlox patient-data

Enhance patient health outcomes by ensuring ongoing care no matter where your patient is located. Remote video consultation tools enable healthcare professionals to stay in contact with their patients throughout their healthcare journey, from initial diagnosis of symptoms to post‑treatment monitoring.

QuickBlox save time

Improve efficiency and productivity with remote digital communication tools. Avoid the cost involved with in‑person visits and maximize time and resource efficiency by managing patients in a virtual waiting room and consulting with them remotely.

QuickBlox baa

Rely on HIPAA compliant communication. Our telemedicine solution is built on an encrypted platform ensuring that all communications and patient data is secure. We offer HIPAA compliant hosting which includes secured connections, encrypted databases, and the provision of a BAA.

QuickBlox customizable

Take advantage of a ready solution that can still be customized to fit your company brand and desired customer experience. Not only can Q‑Consultation be embedded into your own app or website and hosted at a domain of your choosing, you can also customize the UI to fully reflect the look and feel of your company and brand.

Key Features

QuickBlox waiting-room
QuickBlox waiting-room

Virtual Queue & Waiting room

Our telemedicine platform enables you to manage users according to your existing workflows.

  • Invite patient via a secure personalized link to a private chat or video call
  • Collect information from them while they wait via customizable online forms or chat.
  • Customize the onboarding experience with your own text, videos, or other information
  • Provide administrators & care providers with real‑time queue management of clients with the ability to triage via chat and assign clients to available providers

QuickBlox telehealth
QuickBlox video-calling

Telehealth Video Calling

Provide private consultations via audio and video consultation. Our HIPAA compliant telemedicine video calling software enables you to:

  • Record video consultation sessions for educational or auditing purposes
  • Share your screen
  • Switch between audio and video
  • Chat and share files in a video call
  • Be confident of secure and confident communication
  • Mute yourself during sessions for additional privacy

QuickBlox Administrative
QuickBlox user-management

Administrative Tools

Our telemedicine software is packed with features to help manage the administrative details of remote doctor-patient consultation:

  • Easily manage patients within a queue by assigning priority, providing updates of wait times, and assigning to specific healthcare providers
  • Makes notes before, during, and after the session which can be synced with your own EHR system and/or forwarded to the patient
  • User friendly UI and UX allows providers to easily move between screens to review chat history, patient’s notes, video recordings, or current patient queues
  • Provide patients with the option to select their health provider via button / embedded or a drop‑down menu or (re)assign automatically
  • Retrieve and access all data by API and integrate with existing systems and databases
  • Make and track appointments with the in‑built scheduler module

QuickBlox securely-authenticate
QuickBlox access

Securely Authenticate

Authenticate providers & patients through a variety of means including your existing user management authentication system. Or use Q‑Consultation’s in‑built authentication tools.

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