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Meet Q-Consultation: Virtual Rooms White-label Solution from QuickBlox

Hamza Mousa
26 Jun 2020
Q-consultation from QuickBlox

We are very happy today to announce the availability of Q-Consultation; Our newest white-label solution that is designed to address business use cases where virtual private rooms are needed.

Say you want to launch a system for remote doctor-patient communication, where a number of patients need to wait in line to be viewed by a set of doctors, along with high-quality video/audio capabilities and a built-in chat app between stakeholders. That would be basically what Q-Consultation provides. Many similar use cases are possible to be implemented too.

It comes in the form of 3 applications that work on iOS, Android and Web devices that can be customized and deployed to provide a fully-featured virtual room experience, and you can use that to solve any business problem you are facing in your company or organization that requires rich video/audio and private chatting app capabilities with a queue of people.

Q-Consultation is built on top of the QuickBlox platform, so in this way, both your backend and frontend will be provided using the same similar technologies and by the same development team.

What are the possible use cases of Q-Consultation?

Q-Consultation is your digital implementation of private interviewing/meeting rooms in real life. It was designed to be as much help as possible for a large number of use cases. Below are some of them:

  1. Telemedicine & Teletherapy: With the Covid-19 global pandemic, many private clinics and hospitals were forced to prevent physical contact or at least limit it between patients and doctors in order to reduce the pressure on the health system. Using Q-Consultation, you can convert your traditional doctor-patient medical examination of the non-critical sectors into a virtual one, helping you to minimize costs and also protect your medical staff yet reduce stress on your medical infrastructure. Your patients will be able to meet with their doctors remotely using a waiting queue.
  2. Education: Since many universities and schools are switching to distance learning because of the pandemic, Q-Consultation could be quite helpful in turning students’ oral examinations into virtual ones, linking both teachers and students in an easy manner. IT can also be used to create recurring-meetings between them.
  3. Businesses: A huge number of possibilities exist for using Q-Consultation in businesses. You can, for example, use it as a feedback system for your customers or as a possible method to implement by your sales department to communicate with your new users.
  4. Recruitment: Are you in need of remotely hiring some people for a position in your company or organization, but you were overwhelmed by a large number of candidates? Q-Consultation can help you solve this issue by using it as a waiting queue for the online interview you’ll be doing for each of them.

Many other possible use cases exist too, but these are just some ideas to give you a glance about what the software can do.

Why Q-Consultation and not something else?

Here’s why using Q-Consultation would be better than developing your own solution:

  1. Time: Developing a new virtual room application for iOS, Android, and Web devices would take at least a couple of months from your development team.
  2. Cost: Since the process would take a long time, the cost of development would also be way more than the price tag we are offering.
  3. We offer Q-Consultation both as a managed service and also as a software license. So you are free to choose the best scenario that is suitable for you.
  4. Q-Consultation is built on the top of QuickBlox and can be used with any subscription plan. This means that you can also enjoy the features of QuickBlox in your backend.
  5. Our client applications are built to support many possible use cases, but can also be customized to your requirements by our professional service team if you desire to.
  6. Flexible pricing option means you can pay for Q-consultation in the form of a per-seat subscription model or monthly as a SaaS license.
  7. You can also choose the platforms you want to target. E.g., if you just want to have the android platform support, then your price tag would be one third the overall initial price.
  8. Q-Consultation is a HIPAA compliant app, and QuickBlox also provides HIPAA compliant cloud services, so the full stack is capable of working under any environment that legally requires a HIPAA compliance software.
  9. It is also GDPR-compatible by design for customers in the EU.
  10. The instant messaging app/private chatting app built inside Q-Consultation provides amazing quality compared to other solutions in the market. So your stakeholders would never be bothered by lags or bugs. It employs the WebRTC technology.
  11. The Web messenger (Which works anywhere inside just a web browser) is fully encrypted with end-to-end encryption to secure your stakeholders’ communications. The same goes for sure for the mobile apps (iOS and android).
  12. It provides beautiful user interfaces for all the 3 targeted platforms.

Additional Services for Enterprise Customers of Q-Consultation

Only small UI modifications, localization, and rebranding of Q-Consultation is included in the initial price tag.

However, our development team can provide additional enterprise services:

  1. The solution can be deployed on-premise or in your private cloud.
  2. Bigger custom functionality modifications are available for customers who are willing to use the QuickBlox team experience to do it for them.
  3. Deployment for each platform can also be managed by the QuickBlox team, if needed.
  4. Extra add-ons and 3rd-party integrations can be developed for your use case.
  5. A special HIPAA configuration is also possible.

You can contact our development team later if you have any further requests to discuss the matter.

How to Get

We offer different packages for Q-consultation to meet your budget expectations. The packages differ in the number of doctors – from 5 to 20 with the ability to add more if needed. And in hosting options:

  • Shared Q-consultation server
  • Shared HIPAA CLOUD
  • Dedicated cloud located anywhere
  • Dedicated HIPAA compliant cloud located anywhere

Contact our technical consultants, and they will help you choose the best package to meet all your requirements.


Q-Consultation is a great value/price white-label product, and with the fact that it is built on the top of the QuickBlox platform, you can be sure that you’ll be getting enterprise-ready quality when you start using the software for your own use cases.

If you have any further comments or questions about Q-Consultation and what it can provide, you may contact us using the following form.

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