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Supercharge your iOS Chat App with OpenAI: Meet AI Answer Assist

answer assist for iOS apps

With recent advances in generative AI, developers are scrambling to find quick and efficient ways to integrate this innovative technology into their applications. We understand the growing demand for seamless AI integration and the desire to create intelligent and interactive user experiences. That’s why we’re thrilled to let you know about our latest update – the AI enhanced iOS Chat UI Kit with OpenAI GPT integration, bringing the power of AI-driven answer assistance to your fingertips. With our easy-to-use UI Kit and iOS AI library that enables you to seamlessly integrate with OpenAI, you can now create an AI Answer Assist similar to SnapChat’s My AI.

In this blog, we’ll demonstrate just how easy it is for developers to implement the AI Answer Assist feature into their iOS chat app so that they can elevate the iOS App user experience to a whole new level!

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Why Your iOS App Needs OpenAI GPT

AI is the future of communication, so if you want to keep up with your competitors you need to find ways to integrate AI-powered features into your apps, and fast.

As a developer, adding an in-app AI Assistant powered by OpenAI GPT can be a game-changer, elevating your user experience to new heights. With this intelligent feature, your app can provide instant and contextually relevant responses to user queries, streamlining interactions and enhancing user satisfaction. By integrating this AI-driven capability, you can offer your users a more engaging, efficient, and personalized experience, leading to increased user retention and loyalty. AI Answer Assistant can transform your app into a smarter and more interactive platform, setting it apart in a competitive market. With the power of AI at your fingertips and our sleek UI Kit, you can create a user-friendly interface that exceeds expectations, making your app a must-have for users seeking intelligent and responsive interactions.

Answer Assist feature for iOS apps

Under the Hood: Technology Stack

The AI Answer Assist feature is made possible by three technologies that ensure reliability, accuracy, and security:

  1. QuickBlox iOS UI Kit: The robust QuickBlox iOS UI Kit serves as the foundation for this AI integration, making the development process smooth and intuitive. But watch this space, in the near future we will be releasing a standalone version of this feature that can be plugged into an iOS app.
  2. GPT-3.5 Turbo: QuickBlox harnesses the incredible language model capabilities of GPT-3.5 Turbo to provide accurate and contextually appropriate responses to user queries.
  3. Proxy Server for Additional Security: QuickBlox employs a secure proxy server to safeguard user data, protecting OpenAI API key from leaking.

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Simplified OpenAI GPT Integration for any iOS Swift Project

QuickBlox is committed to simplifying the developer journey, with a goal to empower developers of all skill levels to harness the power of AI technology without the overwhelm of complex configurations. With our user-friendly solution, you’ll experience instant gratification and more time for creativity and innovation.

It’s easy to implement the AI Answer Assist feature in your iOS Swift projects. With just a few easy steps, you’ll be on your way to a seamless integration that enhances your app’s capabilities.

Ready to Get Started? Follow these two simple steps:

Step 1. Add the “QBAIAnswerAssistant” Swift Package to your project:

  • In Xcode, open your project.
  • Go to “File” > “Swift Packages” > “Add Package Dependency…”
  • Enter the package repository URL: https://github.com/QuickBlox/ios-ai-answer-assistant
  • Choose the package when it appears, and click “Next.”
  • Select the appropriate version rule and click “Next.”
  • Xcode will resolve and fetch the package. Once done, click “Finish.”

Step 2. Call the library method.

a) If you need to use direct operations without a proxy:

import QBAIAnswerAssistant

do {
 let apiKey = "YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY"
    let answer = try await QBAIAnswerAssistant.openAIAnswer(to: messages, secret: apiKey)
 print("Generated Answer: \(answer)")
} catch {
    print("Error: \(error)")

b) If you need to use operations through a proxy:

import QBAIAnswerAssistant

do {
    let proxyURL = "https://your-proxy-server-url"
    let answer = try await QBAIAnswerAssistant.openAIAnswer(to: messages, qbToken: qbToken, proxy: proxyURL)
    print("Generated Answer: \(answer)")
} catch {
    print("Error: \(error)")

For full details see AI Answer Assist Implementation Guide iOS.

AI answer Assist feature for IOS App

Build ChatGPT like functionality for your iOS App with QuickBlox

We’re excited to bring you a future of communication that’s simpler, more efficient, and tailored to your needs. Our AI Answer Assist feature is here to transform the way you engage with your clients, revolutionizing your service offerings and fostering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

But that’s not all! We understand the importance of cohesive design and user experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we will be adding the completed implementation to our UI Kit on GitHub at https://github.com/QuickBlox/ios-ui-kit. This integration will empower you to not only enjoy the power of Answer Assist but also seamlessly incorporate it into your app’s interface.

Stay tuned to learn about upcoming AI feature releases!

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